The 5 Easiest Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment This Fall

Posted October 16, 2014 by

There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into a well decorated home or apartment. It’s even more satisfying when that home or apartment is your own. Don’t think you can afford it? You can! Well designed…

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6 Radder-Than-Rad Fall Nail Color Trends

Posted October 15, 2014 by

Fall is finally here! Now’s the time to indulge in pumpkin spice everything, darker hair, burgundy lips, and stunning new nail hues. Don’t know what will be trending in the land of nail polish this…

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9 Badass Things Your Fall Wardrobe Needs

Posted October 14, 2014 by

Can you believe it’s fall? I’m still in complete shock! I felt the first chill in the air over the weekend and thought it was finally time to have my first Pumpkin Spice Latte of…

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Handmade Hair Care — It Can Be Done!

Posted October 8, 2014 by

I’m not a huge fan of DIY projects. Yes, it would be cool if I could make my own wallpaper or sew a yoga bag, but it ain’t gonna happen! I just don’t have the time….

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Work Appropriate Fall Styles that Work in Any Budget

Posted September 30, 2014 by

Assembling a great work wardrobe is something that professional women struggle with every year. Many of your co-workers often toe the line between work appropriate and typical club wear because they want to work the latest trends…

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Say Yes to the Summer Dress: How to Wear Them in Fall and Winter

Posted September 29, 2014 by

As summer draws to a close and fall arrives, you glance mournfully at your spring and summer dresses and prepare to say goodbye to them for the next six months. But wait — don’t be…

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5 Minutes with the Owners of NYC Hotspot — YGallery Salon

Posted September 26, 2014 by

I’m not going to lie, I have some serious tress game. My hair is long, shiny, and extremely healthy. Since my hair is the apple of my eye, I only let about five different people touch…

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We Finally Found the Perfect Night Cream for You 20-somethings

Posted September 25, 2014 by

I’m 26, and finding the perfect night cream is extremely difficult. Most night creams on the market make my skin extremely oily in the morning, while others are just “too old” for me. I’m not…

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This Face Shape Guide Will Make Shopping for Glasses Way Easier!

Posted September 23, 2014 by

Just like car shopping, eyeglass shopping isn’t that much fun. You walk into a large room filled with hundreds of frames, you then have to try on almost every pair to find something that only…

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