10 Things You Can Reliably Get Cheaper at Goodwill

Posted March 13, 2013 by in Shopping

Your local Goodwill is always a great place to find discount clothing and gently used furniture, but you might be surprised at the other items you can pick up. Along with being budget-friendly, shopping at Goodwill provides a great selection of unique items that you can’t always find at big-box stores.

With a bit of patience (and savvy sense), you can find just about everything on your list at Goodwill. Just check out our list below!


Not just for enjoyable reading, books add instant ambience and fill empty bookshelves when you first move into someplace new. From educational reads to thrilling mystery novels, search the shelves, and even read a couple pages, before taking home cut-rate books.


Instead of buying boring lamps, head to your local Goodwill for really unique lights that will brighten any room. Ask a store representative to plug in and test a light before taking it home, though.

Picture Frames and Art

Cover empty walls with preframed artwork or purchase frames for your favorite pictures at discount prices. Love the price but not the dated gold accents? Spray paint quickly updates frames, transforming them into perfect wall hangings.

Small Appliances

Instead of running to your local big-box store, head to Goodwill and scope out small appliances. From coffee makers to microwave ovens, you can find lots of different small devices that will make your life easier, without paying top dollar. Along with kitchenware, dig around for vacuum cleaners, irons, and clothing steamers, which are often tucked next to linens at Goodwill stores.


Whether looking for a full set or just a couple of accent plates, Goodwill always has a large selection of dishes to select from at wonderfully budget prices. And you can always use white plates, bowls, and mugs for fun sharpie DIYs.

Fancy Stemware

Along with basic glasses, reduced-price stemware can be purchased at your local Goodwill. You’ll dazzle your guests at your next party or fill your empty china cabinet with colorful bling for only dollars.


Not only will you find a large selection of bags perfect for holding all your essentials, but also, you can pick up large discount handbags to use as chic grocery or gym bags.

Throw Pillows

For only a few dollars, you can pick up throw pillows that will transform any room. Pop pillows in the dryer on low heat with a dryer sheet or freshen with a homemade air freshener before tossing on your couch.


From cameras to laptops to televisions, you can always find discount electronics at Goodwill. Just make sure to thoroughly check out the item before purchasing. Most stores allow you to plug in and test out, and may even have tips and input. And most small devices now have instruction manuals online.


Along with totally functional and necessary items, pick up cheap knickknacks that are perfect room accents. From funky ceramics to retro phones (that might even work!), pick up the perfect kitsch to fill an empty corner of your home.

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