11 Affordable Cosmetic Bags That’ll Make Your Life WAY Easier

Posted April 9, 2014 by in Beauty

Are you a makeup junkie? If you are, your bathroom is likely covered in cosmetics. Some you use daily, some you use often, and some you use so rarely you don’t know why you haven’t chucked the lot.


No matter your makeup habits, organization is key. I keep my daily favorites in a cosmetic bag that rarely leaves the bathroom, a smaller cosmetic bag for my gym bag that contains the basics: BB cream, eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara and highlighter, and a large case for all the cosmetics that don’t get used often. My morning routine is so much less stressful now.

If you’d like to organize your makeup collection, consider purchasing a cosmetic bag or two! Below are 11 cosmetic bags/cases that are cute, stylish and practical for your obsessive makeup habit:


What’s your favorite cosmetic bag? Let us know in the comments below!