5 Beauty Myths Busted!

Posted July 17, 2013 by in Beauty

There are so many “rules” and “facts” circulating the beauty industry these days. But which are true and which are false? David Pollock, the creator of PUR attitude (my favorite skin care line) is here to tell you which of those popular sayings are myths:


Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline) prevents wrinkles

It’s true that as we age the skin loses moisture. Though petroleum jelly helps retain moisture in the skin it also adds oil and clogs pores because it is oil based. This could likely lead to other skin issues such as rashes and breakouts. Petroleum jelly is NOT the solution to dry skin!

Stretch marks? Just rub cocoa butter on it!

Though cocoa butter is a great moisturizer, it does not eliminate stretch marks! Stretch marks form in the deeper layer of skin (dermis) where topical cocoa butter cannot reach. For a more effective solution, click here. It’ll improve the texture of the skin, which in turn will reduce the appearance of marks.  Furthermore, you may want to visit www.SkinHelpers.com to understand the causes of stretch marks and learn how to effectively remove them.

For every gray hair you pluck, 3 grow in its place

Definitely not! One hair pulled out at the root will always equal one hair that will grow back from the same follicle. You could go au naturel with silver locks or consider a natural or temporary hair color which does not penetrate into the hair shaft. Remember to read your labels for instructions and ALWAYS do a skin test to prevent allergic reactions!

Sweat hydrates your skin

Sweating is the way the body cools down. When you sweat, you are losing electrolytes and drying your skin as a result of the rapid evaporation of the moisture in your skin. So, make sure that you always have a water bottle handy and keep hydrated throughout the day… especially if you are out on the beach!

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