5 Reasons to Try Paddle Board Yoga

Posted May 7, 2019 by in Health + Fitness

Stand up paddle board yoga (SUP) is a growing trend across the globe. The practice was pioneered on the island paradise of Hawaii and took the world by storm.  At first glance, it may seem like a gimmick. Either that or it’s something reserved for expert yogis. 

But, both assumptions fall shy of the truth. Paddle boarding and yoga are actually a match made in heaven. They are amazing workouts in their own right. And when combined, the real magic happens. You get a chance to take a break from all the hustle and bustle. Natural surroundings welcome you in a soothing embrace.

Moreover, there are some profound health and fitness benefits to keep an eye on. On top of that all, SUP yoga is an inclusive activity anyone can take on. So, let’s get down to business. Here’s why you need to consider trading your mat for a paddle board:

  1. You Can Immerse in the Great Outdoors

Doing yoga is a way to escape the vicious loop of routines. People have practiced it since time immemorial. Putting a modern twist on timeless wisdom is a real game-changer. It results in something utterly uplifting.

A body of water forms a perfect backdrop for stand up yoga practice.  You can soak in the sunshine and feel the wind on your skin. It’s not uncommon to encounter some wildlife along the way. The beauty of it is that nature and weather are unpredictable. No two days are quite the same.  You’re mobile and able to explore the surroundings as you please. Dropping all your worries into the deep comes almost naturally.

No yoga studio can match these empowering benefits. And if you decide to take classes, it all becomes a social bonding activity. Just remember to gear up and put on sunscreen. Likewise, wear proper, form-fitting attire. Check out retailers like Hulk Hogan beach shop to embark with some style as well.  

  1. A Heap of Fitness and Health Benefits 

SUP yoga is associated with amazing fitness and health benefits. It recruits the same usual muscle groups like yoga but in different ways. This is because a lot of muscles need to come together to provide stability.

You don’t have solid ground for support beneath you. What’s more, you need to actively navigate the wiggly board. With waves around, this is quite tough to pull off. The result is nothing short of a whole body workout.

Your core stabilizer muscles have to work extra hard, which means you get to strengthen your core.  The same is true for your shoulders, arms, knees, glutes, and quadriceps. You can also count on typical yoga spoils, such as improved flexibility, circulation, and mobility. Circulation is particularly important as it boosts your cardiovascular health. It reduces the risk of serious heart conditions and diseases.  

  1. It’s a Way to Ramp Up the Challenge

SUP yoga is both a mental and a physical challenge. Keeping your foothold on paddle board is tricky already, let alone doing yoga on it. Some moves like Warrior I take a lot of time to master, not to mention the arm balances. In fact, most moves are harder to accomplish than in traditional yoga.

Slight deviations from proper movement make your board lean to one side. That means you receive the immediate “feedback” for improving your techniques. The advancement comes through laser-sharp focus, determination, and concentration.

This journey is a gateway to reaping various cognitive benefits. Namely, hard work and patience pay dividends in the long run. They enable you to refine your breath skills and mindfulness practice.

So, try not to throw in the towel too soon.

  1. Superior Workout for Improving Balance

SUP yoga is a lot different from dry land practice. Right off the bat, you need to get your balance right. If you haven’t done paddle boarding before, you’re in uncharted waters.

You quickly find out that being on a board is an interesting change of pace. It slows things down and forces you to focus on constantly maintaining balance. Every small movement and breath impacts the fragile equilibrium. Like it or not, you cannot rush anything. Distributing weight evenly is a fine art you need to master.

You might be thinking: “Well, the worst thing that can happen is falling into water”. Not so bad, right? Well, on a chilly day, this will motivate you not to make any missteps.

  1. It’s Fun and Accessible

Despite what some people think, SUP practice isn’t the advanced yogi territory. You don’t have to be a seasoned paddle-boarder either. Many newcomers are flocking to coasts to get their share of floating bliss. There are even inland yoga retreats that include SUP yoga in their offers. Therefore, you should be able to find classes for beginners in your area.

Your initial goal clear: you need to stay on top of the floating mat. Once you get the hang of it, you can let the practice take its course. You start feeling those calming and invigorating effects. Indeed, paddle board yoga lets you melt the stress away like no other exercise.

Finally, we have to underline the fun factor. It increases your chances of sticking to your fitness program. It might be the push you need to get in shape.

Push the Boundaries with Paddle Board Yoga

Paddle board yoga is a fun, challenging, and liberating experience. It’s definitely not just some buzz-worthy summer pastime. We have shown you it makes for a great workout infused with relaxation and natural bliss. It’s no wonder this innovative practice making waves around the world.

Amplifying the benefits of conventional yoga, it puts your mind at ease. It also enables you to develop superior body awareness and balance. In the process, you deepen the connection with nature and unwind.  

So, give SUP a try and you will hardly end up disappointed. Check out this blog section for more insights on health and fitness. It’s time to take your yoga practice to a whole new level!