5 Things Employees Want from Their Workplace and Boss (besides a big salary)

Posted September 6, 2019 by in Career


Many employers assume that offering a hefty pay check to employees is enough. Gone are the days when financial payments meant everything to employees. Things have evolved and employees don’t regard lucrative payments as the only source of happiness. Companies have been deserted by professionals despite paying them well because of not offering certain substantial benefits to employees.

Below are some of the crucial benefits employees look for in the workplace: 

Things Employees Look for Rather Than Salary

A Positive Company Culture 

The attitude, atmosphere, and relationship of workers in an organization is very important to the functioning of employees. A friendly and supportive work culture leads to employee professional comfort and convenience. Once employees understand that a company has a positive work culture where they can trust the people around, it would be easy for those candidates to stay. Employers must therefore reinforce a positive work culture; that’s what will keep employees motivated.  

Approachable and Caring Leadership 

Employees get sick, they get personal issues to solve and sometimes they may need some protocols changed. To make sure you employees are comfortable and work without stress, employers must always be listening and caring. It is good to be strict as an employer but not too much to the extent that you ignore the issues affecting your employees. Even when it comes to forming of duty rota, special requests must be considered to ensure you place employees on the shifts they prefer most. People love to work for managers who are caring and listening at all times. 

Opportunity to Grow in the Work Place 

As time is moving, employees want to also find themselves in top positions. The improvement in authority is a motivation to employees because they feel the essence of their experience being appreciated. Companies that don’t offer professional growth to employees may find themselves with freshers throughout. Employees must evaluate job positions and salaries so as to promote employees every now and then.

Growth could also be done through offering education to employees. Let your employees advance in knowledge through sponsored programs so that they become the most valuable employees. Training employees not makes them competitive but even your company will have outstanding performance. You will always enjoy excellent outcomes in your business or organization

Work/Life Balance 

Every company wants maximum commitment of employees at their work place. That is perfect but sometimes employees need a break from the office and refresh their minds. As an employer, you need to make sure there is a perfect work and life balance so that you increase quality of your outcomes. You need to give employees annual paid leave, holiday breaks and weekly off days so that they relax and have time with their families.

Find a way to make your employees relax as they also work on in your office. Even the coffee breaks, lunch breaks and evening breaks count a lot to the employees so it is important to ensure they are provided.

Employee Recognition 

How often do you take time to thank your employees or even call them and ask them how they are doing? The employee-boss relationship is important but you need to also ensure you improve your recognition to employees. Reward them, appreciate them and let their overtime be compensated with a bonus. That way, you will be able to retain lots of elite professionals.

Salary is not the only determinant of employee satisfaction; it is important to always make sure you include incentives and other benefits for employees. Let them feel they are part of your business like the way thewatchcompany.com does to its employees. 

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