5 Tips For Designing Your Dream Home

Posted December 11, 2016 by in Home
how to plan and design your dream home

So you’ve finally decided to get out of the share house and into your own space, it’s a great decision! But now comes the hard part, finding the perfect house and designing your dream home. Nowadays there are tones of options for those hoping to take dream house-hunting into their own hands, as places like Enso Homes in Geelong have got your back throughout the process. These companies take the hard part of finding the perfect location and home out of the process, so all you have to do is move in and get designing!

But where should you start? Designing a home can be an extremely stressful project, especially if it’s your first time. So to save you stress, time, and possibly money, here is a list of tips so help you when designing your new dream home.

Get Inspired

Every good creation starts with some inspiration, why make your home any different? Visit some open houses, and take some walks around furniture stores with your camera to really get inspired by the way things have been set out. The main goal is to take what you like and put your own style to it. Play around with paints and colors in your free time, and get a feel of what you want the inside of your house to look like, you may find something you never thought you would appreciate.

Know Your Style

Whilst getting inspiration is a good place to start, try to not copy everything somebody else has done down to every last detail (unless it’s absolutely perfect for you). Your home must be reminiscent of yourself. It’s your happy place and you want to feel at peace there, so surround yourself with things that you love and that make you feel comfortable. Don’t be afraid to hang up pictures, or decorate the place with memorabilia, as that will add more of your personality to it.

Have a Plan

There is nothing more stressful than getting excited and inspired and jumping into a project only to realise you don’t have a plan and have no idea where to start! Write up a list of how you want the project to move along, a room by room basis can help take the stress out of designing an entire house. Set yourself goals and dates to work towards, to help you keep the stress away and to keep the project flowing smoothly.


What’s worse than rocking up to your project completely unprepared? Going over the budget. When picking out everything you need for your dream home, make sure you’re checking the prices on everything and keeping notes of it all. Set a budget for each room that you cannot exceed, that way each room will have the same amount of attention given to it.

Don’t Settle

With everything happening around you, just remember; this is your house, and you should not settle just because of time, stress, or any other factor for that matter. Your home should be your safe haven, your sanctuary. It’s your dream home and you can do however much or however little you want to it.

Amidst all the craziness that comes with designing a home, try to enjoy the process while it lasts, it’s not everyday you get to create the perfect space for you or your family to live in. Try to keep it as stress free as possible so you can look back on it one day as a happy and fun memory and you can walk down the walls of your new home with pride, knowing that you took action and truly designed the home of your dreams.

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