5 Tips to Make Friends Easily in College

Posted June 4, 2020 by in Lifestyle
friends sitting in Brooklyn

Regardless of how many friends you made in high school, you will need to make some more once you enter college. It is because you may not have your friends close by, and the need to make acquaintances is embedded in us. However, making friends may not be as easy as it sounds.

With so many new faces as well as the new college environment, creating friendships may be overwhelming. How, then, can you make friends easily? Here are five pointers to help you transition college life with fewer struggles:

Make Friends Easily

Stick to Your Personality

Most college students want to stand out and may even go to extreme lengths to get noticed. Sadly, to keep up with this fame, they find themselves doing despicable things to please a crowd. You, however, can avoid this trap.

You do not have to change your personality to roll with a crowd. Stick to your principles, and someone will be interested in your true self. As weird as it may seem, outgoing and social people find themselves to cool people. It is because social people love speaking their minds while calm people would rather listen than talk. Additionally, by sticking to your personality, you will not require much energy to keep up with pretense relationships.

Find People With The Same Common Ground as You

Do you love swimming, playing baseball, listening to music, or playing chess? If yes, it will be much more comfortable finding friends who have the same hobbies and interests as you. Once you establish the mutual ground, the next task will be seeing them. 

You may find these friends by the pool if you love swimming or in the field, if you love sports. Besides, finding people with the same life experiences may help you make friends easily. For example, if you find a person who attended a similar music concert like you, striking a conversation will not be difficult. 

Search Through Your Classmates

The main reason you are in college is to learn, but that does not mean you cannot make friends with your classmates. Lecture hall seats may not be the ideal ground to construct meaningful friendships, but you can do this when assigned on a project with your classmates.

Projects can help you discover different traits from your classmates where you can carefully select which friend you would want to keep and whom you would never want to assigned to in a project.

Besides, you can also find a professional service offering essay help, which will assist in handling assignments.

Get Involved in College Activities

As much as you need a friend, it is high time that you went out of your comfort zone and looked for one. College grounds have numerous activities all year round, ranging from music concerts, karaoke nights, charity events, and you can get this information on social media or posters around the premises. Make use of these fun and learning activities to interact with your peers. 

A simple smile on your face and a warm hello will do the trick. Cultivating a friendly and teachable attitude will help draw people to you. Once you have developed acquaintances with several friends, it will be upon you to establish which friendships nurture.

Be Open-Minded and Ready to Learn

You may be wondering what it means to be open-minded while in college as well have the urge to learn. It merely means that you should be interested in learning about what is happening around you. For example, you may not tell which team won the Premier League the previous year, but learning a few tricks about how soccer is played, and the general guidelines of playing it will keep a conversation running.

On the other hand, do not be the know-it-all. Display an eagerness to learn from others who may be well versed in a specific field. Paying attention while someone explains what they are passionate about can draw them to you and vice versa.

Creating Meaningful Relationships in College

To create meaningful friendships, always remember that you do not have to stoop low to make friends. No matter how lovely a person seems, you should not lower your standards to please him. By lowering your principles, you become vulnerable, lower your self-worth while becoming someone’s puppet.

Finally, friendships need to be nurtured. Just like a plant needs watering and manure, a healthy friendship needs to be nurtured too. Once you establish whom you would like as a close friend, spend time with them, be interested in them, learn what they love and hate, and support them.