6 Gorgeous Engagement Rings Under $5,000

Posted April 23, 2014 by in Lifestyle

There’s no denying it; engagement rings are pricey. And since “diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” every woman out there wants something sparkly and pretty. But at what cost?

Considering your engagement ring is supposed to have a permanent place on your finger, you want it to be beautiful and sturdy. According to Randy McCollough, the CEO of  Charles & Colvard:

Traditionally, your engagement ring should cost three months of your future husband’s salary.

That means if your current significant other makes $60,000/year, your ring should cost around  $15,000…not too shabby! Of course, your ring can be more or less than that, but that formula is a common standard.

Personally, I still believe $15,000 is a bit much for a ring. If you’re with me on that, look below for six gorgeous rings under $5,000.

1. Hazeline Black Diamond

If you’re an edgy girl who’s never felt a traditional diamond was your style, consider this unique black diamond solitaire from Anna Sheffield. Anna Sheffield is my personal favorite engagement ring designer. All her rings are unique and custom-made. If you don’t see your dream ring on her site, she’ll make it for you!



2. Yellow Diamond Ring

Are you envious of Carrie Underwood’s $150,000 yellow diamond engagement ring? If so, consider this 1.57 carat yellow diamond ring from Diamond Envy. It even looks like Carrie’s ring!



3. Go for Moissanite

If you love bling but don’t have a millionaire’s budget, consider a Forever Brilliant Moissanite ring. In simple terms, moissanite is a man-made diamond. This stone is stronger than sapphire, ruby and emerald and will last for generations.

I recently went to a Forever Brilliant event and got to take a look at these rings…I really couldn’t tell the difference.



4. Search Etsy

There’s a ton of talented jewelry designers on Etsy. My Favorites include Rare Earth, Rosados Box and SAMnSUE. Below is a stunning 18k rose gold morganite engagement ring in a diamond halo setting.



5. Stay Simple

Stay simple with this 0.51 carat princess-cut diamond engagement ring.



6. Go Conflict-Free

Conflict-free diamonds are the best diamonds. This one from Greenwich Jewelers is beyond lovely. It’s a solitaire made with recycled white gold and a 0.80 carat conflict-free diamond. Perfect for the eco-conscious woman.



What’s your dream engagement ring? Let us know in the comments below!