6 Stylish Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

Posted October 28, 2013 by in Shopping

The months that lead up to dreary winter weather are wonderful — Halloween in October, pumpkin pie in November and gift wrapping in December. Not to mention the delicious apple cider and hot chocolate. Once January hits, we’re just counting the days until spring.

But, the cold months to follow can be fun instead of miserable if we simply prepare for the chill. Below are six items that are warm, cozy and extremely stylish!

1. Parka

A light jacket with a scarf may be working for you now, but the temperatures are preparing to drop. Instead of waiting to buy a warm coat, plan ahead. Coats that are actually warm aren’t going to be cheap. Planning ahead will most likely get you a great coat at a discount.

A coat with a higher price tag will also last you for seasons, saving you money in the end. We’re loving this one from Aritzia.



2. Lined Boots

Ugg has really stepped up their game in recent years; they have different styles that are not only warm, but fashionable as well. These moto boots are cozy Uggs in disguise. Find them at your local Ugg store or Tucci!



The same Uggs you know and love, just with a more stylish exterior!

3. Ice Scraper Mittens

If you drive, you know waking up to a coat of ice on your car is the worst. Ice scrapers are already a genius invention, but Old Navy is coming out with an upgrade. It’s a mitten/ice scraper combo! You’re hands will stay warm and cozy while you scrape that icy wind shield.


They’re under $20 and will be available in stores this November.

4. A Hat

Obvi! But at least get a cute one. To keep the style factor effective while staying warm, consider an ear wrap or a turban style beanie. The one below from RVCA would look great with a hair down look!



5. Ear Muffs

Hate hat hair? If so, at least wear a pair of ear muffs. You’ll thank us later!



6. Rain Boots

Winter snow turns into winter slush. If you’re worried about ruining your favorite boots, consider a pair of warm rain boots. Your spring ones may not be practical for winter temps, but a pair like the ones below from One Stop Plus will work wonders.



What are your favorite ways to stay warm during the winter? Let us know in the comments below!