7 Best Swimsuit Coverups for Your Trip to the Beach

Posted August 3, 2020 by in Fashion
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The number 1 type of vacation Americans like to take are beach ones. With your toes in the sand, hair in the wind, and the sun in your face, it’s no wonder why the beach is somewhere Americans flock to.

Maybe you’ve got your own little beach trip coming up soon. You already have the perfect swimsuits picked out, but what about your coverups? Have you forgotten about that? Then you might be panicking. Not to worry though…

Here are 7 of the best swimsuit coverups for your next trips to the beach:

  1. Slip Dress Coverup

If you want something simple to throw on at the end of your day by the ocean, then you should get a slip dress. Most are made with cotton or linen, which are lightweight materials that won’t weigh you down when they get wet.

Once you’ve dried up, the slip dress basically looks like a normal dress you’d wear on an everyday basis. This means you’ll be able to continue your festivities with your friends, all without having to change into something different. Simply put on some cute sandals and you’re ready to go barhopping with them!

  1. Kimono Coverup

Perhaps you want a coverup that still displays your bikini bod. You worked hard for it, after all, so you should take every chance you get to show it off!

A kimono coverup is perfect for this. Just loosely tie it at your stomach and little peaks of your bikini will still show through.

It’s great for those scorching days where you and your group want to traverse different parts of the beach. Once you get out from swimming, just slip on your flipflops, tie your kimono coverup, and you can leave in an instant. And when you get to the next piece of paradise you want to stop at, just kick off your flipflops and untie your coverup with 1 pull!

  1. Boyfriend Shirt Coverup

If you want to go for a casual look that says, “I don’t really care about fashion, but I do in a way,” then the boyfriend shirt coverup is perfect for you.

There’s already been a trend of women wearing larger shirts made for men, as this adds a touch to their feminity. Plus, it gives them something to wear and remind them of their significant other.

Clothing brands have taken note of this trend and now make boyfriend shirt coverups for the beach.

But while there are specific swimsuit coverups made by major clothing brands, you don’t have to shell out a ton of money to get this casual coverup. If you have a boyfriend who’s larger than you, simply just steal one of his shirts from his drawer! Or if you’re single, nab one from your brother or dad!

  1. Lace Tunic Coverup

For those of you who love frilly things, you’ll love wearing a lace tunic coverup. It’s a very simple piece of clothing but the lace makes it look absolutely stunning!

Whether you’re lying down on your towel and soaking in the rays or walking around on the boardwalk, you’ll look beautiful in a lace tunic coverup. If you’re planning on going to a beachside bar or club after, all you need is a cute pair of heels, as you’ve already got the perfect outfit on!

  1. Hoodie Coverup

Maybe you’re not a fan of anything that’s super-feminine. That’s ok, as there’s something for you still!

A hoodie coverup is one of the most comfortable things you can wear after your swim. And if the weather is a bit chillier than normal, this type of coverup offers you more coverage and warmth.

While hoodie coverups have a simple design, that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to look boring. They can come in solid colors, stripes, and a variety of other designs such as plaid, flower print, and more. All you have to do is search around for the print that speaks to your style!

  1. Kaftan Coverup Dress

Have you always admired the style of Stevie Nicks? Do you want to look ethereal while walking around on the beach? Then get yourself a kaftan coverup dress.

This type of coverup covers you from head to toe and often to your wrists as well. But it’s made with lightweight materials so you’ll feel like you’re floating on a cloud.

Pair your kaftan with cute sandals, large floppy hat, and some designer sunglasses to look like a fashionista who knows what she’s doing.

  1. Swimsuit Coverup Pants

If you’re not a fan of wearing long, flowy coverups that are akin to dresses, then you might want to consider swimsuit coverup pants. These are super-comfy and will cover your legs completely, which makes them great for lying around on the beach.

They’re also fantastic for pairing with a nice top if you have to go to drinks and/or dinner afterward with your group. If you go somewhere more upscale, you won’t have to worry about your coverup being too simple and making you feel out of place.

Like with many of the other coverups available, you’ll find an assortment of styles for coverup pants. For example, you can get pants ranging from palazzos to full-length crochet bottoms. This means you’re sure to find a pair of swimsuit coverup pants or two that’ll find in with your personal style.

After reading this article, you should now have a good idea of what the best swimsuit coverups are available. Whether you grab them online or go try them on in stores, it’s always smart to give it some time to see which ones are right for you. After all, you can’t rush fashion, so give yourself plenty of time before your beach trip to purchase the best beach coverups for your body!

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