7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Posted May 10, 2019 by in Lifestyle

Being in a relationship isn’t easy; there can be ups and downs, but it can also be really rewarding to have someone who you love, and who loves you return, and to have someone to share your life with. It is natural for your relationship to go through difficult phases, especially if you have other challenges in your life that are getting in the way. Often, you can find that once the “honeymoon stage” of your relationship is over, things change between you.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that your relationship must come to an end, it simply means that you both need to make more of an effort to reignite that spark that made you both get together in the first place. But you don’t have to be struggling or having problems in order to want to improve your relationship. So, we have put together a list of ways that you can improve your relationship and maintain that strong bond between you and your partner:

7 Ways to Improve Your Relationship

Be Understanding

After a stressful day, it can be easy to come home and take your bad mood out on your other half, but this isn’t how you maintain a loving and healthy relationship. Be conscious of how your mood is affecting your relationship and make sure that you aren’t using your partner as a sounding board. Instead, you should take some time for yourself to de-stress before spending time with your partner the next day.

Although, if you and your partner spend time discussing and communicating how you feel after a long day, you can learn to support each other through stressful days instead of using them as an excuse to have an argument.

Don’t Go to Bed on an Argument

All couples argue, and this is a natural part of being in close proximity to someone you care about. But no matter how normal it is to find yourself arguing with your partner about the most mundane of things, it is important that you don’t let arguments spiral into unnecessary situations.

Many couples therapists suggest that it is unhealthy to go to sleep on an argument and that you should always say goodnight before bed. The chances are that if you do this, then you will both go to bed feeling better, and all will be forgotten about by the morning. Whereas, if you harbor the argument during the night, then you will still wake up feeling annoyed in the morning.

Be Intimate

Back in the honeymoon period of your relationship, you were probably all over each other and being intimate on a regular basis. However, as you become more comfortable around your partner, you may find that you are neglecting the intimate aspect of your relationship. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing as it means that you have developed your relationship and taken it to the next level, but it can sometimes mean that you neglect each other’s needs. Physical intimacy is a natural and healthy aspect of a relationship, so make sure that you are making time for each other.

You may want to spice things up a little bit in the bedroom by setting the mood with sensual music and lighting a few candles. Now that you are both comfortable with each other, you can explore different things together.

Say Thank You

To find another human being that you love who loves you in return isn’t the easiest thing in the world to do, so you should make sure that you show your partner how grateful you are to have them in your life. You can also start to become complacent in your relationship after you have been together for a while, so you should be sure to say thank you to your partner for all the gestures they do for you, no matter how small. Many married couples consider saying thank you as one of the most important ingredients to improving a relationship.

Have Regular Date Nights  

Research has found that married couples were 3.5 times more likely to say they were “very happy” in their relationship when they spent regular couple time together. In can be easy to swap your date nights at a fancy restaurant for a pizza and film on the couch, and while staying in and spending time together is still a great way to improve your relationship, you should still be making the effort of getting dressed up for your other half and going out for a proper date night.

However, planning a date with your partner doesn’t have to involve a fancy meal in an expensive restaurant. Instead, you could go on a walk at the local seaside or have a picnic in your local park. For more of these date ideas, check out this article!

Take Care of Yourself

While it is important that you fully commit and invest yourself in your relationship, it is also essential that you take care of yourself as much as you are taking care of your partner. It can be easy to sacrifice a lot of your own needs for the good of your relationship, but you shouldn’t be doing this too much. While compromise is important, so is self-care, so make sure that you are taking care of yourself. Be kind to yourself and give yourself the time and effort you need to make you happy. How can you be in a good and happy relationship if you aren’t happy yourself?

Let Your Partner Miss You

When you are in a relationship, it can be easy to spend every waking minute with your other half, but it is important that you maintain the relationship you have with others in your life, such as your friends and family. Spending time away from your partner gives them the chance to miss you and can make you appreciate each other more.

You should seek out ways to improve your relationship whenever possible, as it is important to always go that extra mile whatever stage you are at, not just during the difficult times.