7 Ways to Look like a Trust-Fund Kid Without Going Broke

Posted February 25, 2014 by in Lifestyle

Have you ever met someone who actually wants to look poor? Most likely not. No matter your income or budget, we all strive to look as rich as we can.

We’ve grown up envying the likes of Amanda Hearst, the Hilton Sister’s, Charlotte of Monaco, Ivanka Trump and Georgina Bloomberg. Wouldn’t you just love to raid their closets?

Unfortunately, we can’t all be trust-fund kids, but we can definitely fake it! Below are a few ways to look like a privileged trust-fund kid from the Upper East Side of Manhattan — or the gated communities of Beverly Hills — without going into debt.

1. Wear White

Wear white head-to-toe and you’ll definitely get a few looks.


2. Wear a Hat

For some reason, the rich love hats!


3. Carry Around a Yoga Mat

Yup! You don’t actually have to attend a yoga class; just carry around a mat! The perfect “Heiress on a Saturday Morning” outfit should consist of Lululemon yoga pants, a fitted v-neck, flip-flops or Uggs, aviator sunglasses, and hair pulled back in a low pony. Or…whatever Drew Barrymore does!


4. Have a Signature Pose

Whether you’re at a wedding with family or at a club with your bestie, you must have a signature pose for all the photos.


5. Wear a Signature Scent

This is the only step on the list that requires a bit of dough. Wear one of these scents and every trust-fund boy will be all over you!

  • 1. Narciso Rodriguez ($95)
  • 2. Central Park West by Bond No. 9 ($200)
  • 3. Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford ($520)


6. One Word: Boyfriend Jeans!

Want to look fancy? Wear ripped boyfriend jeans, heels, and a blazer all day, everyday. Leandra Medine is a repeat offender.


7. Become a DJ

Or, at least do it on the side! Examples include the amazing Steve Aoki (his father founded Benihana, the famous Japanese steakhouse) and Jane Aldridge, the voice behind Sea of Shoes. Aldridge DJ’s under the name Paris Vidal every now and then.


If you follow these tips, you’ll start looking like Blair Waldorf’s BFF in no time!