5 Things We’re Coveting from Bow & Drape

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Bow & Drape is a young, US manufactured fashion brand that allows you to customize your items. You can change the neckline or color of a dress, add appliqués, or an inside joke to a sweatshirt or even your name to the back of a bikini. Pretty rad, huh?!

Their “design studio” even lets you see what your garment will look like before you commit to purchasing.

Everything has a preppy meets vintage feel that has a minimalist touch. Zooey Deschanel + Jackie O = Bow & Drape!

Below are five things from Bow & Drape we customized that we want in our closets. Right. Now.

Billie Sweatshirt

Perfect for a casual Saturday, these sweatshirts can say whatever you want them too. Here’s a few ideas:

bowanddrape2 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


Hangry Front ProductImage 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


Serena Mixed Media Dress

This is our variation of the Serena mixed media dress. Wear it to the office or a casual spring wedding! You can even make it sleeveless and shorter for summer events.

Screen Shot 2014 03 19 at 12.39.26 PM 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


Basic Tee

How cute is this? We chose two flower appliqués but there’s over a dozen different options: flamingos, lady bugs, swans, lipstick… Your tee can also be black, grey or white. We’re fancy so we went with stripes!

bowanddrape3 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


The Perfect Clutch

Ours says Broke. What would yours say?

Screen Shot 2014 03 20 at 7.15.12 PM 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


Resort Hepburn A-line Skirt

Below are two variations we made, one more casual than the other. Which one do you like better?

Screen Shot 2014 03 20 at 7.23.52 PM 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape


Screen Shot 2014 03 20 at 7.24.57 PM 5 Things Were Coveting from Bow & Drape

Which creation of ours is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


How To Get The Most Out Of Your Craigslist Post & Garage Sale

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‘Tis the season for spring cleaning and garage sales! It’s time to part with what’s getting in the way (i.e. your unused snowboard or record collection) so you can buy what you really want (i.e. a pair of Warby Parker’s or a Marc Jacobs bag).

tumblr m04v8xvWDP1qewczgo1 500 large How To Get The Most Out Of Your Craigslist Post & Garage Sale

Here’s how to get the most out of your Craigslist post and your weekend garage sale:

1. Write a clear headline

Most people on Craigslist are looking for something specific. Write a detailed headline for what you’re offering, and don’t YELL AT YOUR AUDIENCE or use annoying characters (*#$$+@&*&*).

2. Balance creativity with clarity in your post

Write a clear, descriptive post about what you are selling. Include all item details and dimensions.

3. Use lists

When posting a garage sale, list all of the items for sale in the post. Lists are also good for including details about one particular item for sale.

4. Include images

Use your own pictures instead of linking to similar items on websites. People prefer seeing photos of the exact item for sale.

5. Price your item(s) right

Do a bit of research to see what the market rate is for each item you are selling, and be open to negotiation and bartering.

6. Have your garage sale outdoors with family & friends

Don’t invite strangers over when you’re alone, or invite anyone into your home. Keep your doors locked as you will likely be distracted during the sale.

7. Accept cash only

Don’t use a cash box; keep the cash on you.

8. Be open to meeting new friends.

We have heard countless stories about people meeting friends and significant others while buying/selling items via craigslist. Be friendly!

*It’s very important to take the same common sense precautions online as you would offline. Read all of the Craigslist safety tips and familiarize yourself with common online scams.

Happy selling!


6 Ways to Get Healthy and Sexy for Summer

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Swimsuit season is right around the corner! Even though we’re sure you look perfect now, re-evaluating your current diet and making small changes won’t hurt you. Especially if you want to lose a few pounds, tone-up, or clear up your skin before your first beach outing.

Jessica Cooper3 copy 6 Ways to Get Healthy and Sexy for Summer

Below are a few things you should start doing now to ensure a you look  your best this Summer!

1. Commit to a Skincare Regime

Not 100% happy with your skin a the moment? Now’s a good time to commit to a skincare regime. Start each day with a light cleanser, a hydrating toner, and a moisturizer that contains at least SPF 15.  At night, consider adding a serum and a night cream that’s meant for your skin type.

If you’re suffering from acne or eczema, now’s a good time to make a dermatologist appointment.

2. Lose the Sugar

Sugar is literally the devil. It’s terrible for you! Stop drinking soda, avoid adding sugar to your coffee, and cut back on the candy. Whenever you start craving something sweet or unhealthy, have a piece of fruit or drink a cup of tea. We love the Extra Strength Slim Me tea from Zhena’s!

IMG 8017 6 Ways to Get Healthy and Sexy for Summer

This green tea is formulated with ingredients to help aid your weight loss.

- African Mango Seed and Green Coffee Extract provide energy for your workout, while simultaneously jump starting your metabolism.

- Senna Extract, Dandelion, Juniper, Burdock and Milk Thistle can help cleanse your system and reduce excess water weight.

- Garcinia and Raspberry Ketones are natural fat-burning and appetite suppressing ingredients that can give your diet that extra push.

IMG 8012 6 Ways to Get Healthy and Sexy for Summer

I love drinking the Cranberry Ginger right after breakfast and the Raspberry Mint right before a workout or as a dessert replacement.

3. Workout and Eat Right

If you want to lose weight or get fit, there’s no shortcut. You need to be honest with yourself about what you’re eating and start working out.

Do some kind of cardio three times a week for 30 minutes, lift weights, and eat clean. If you don’t know where to start, follow these six accounts on Instagram for inspiration:

4. Get into Yoga

Yoga has the ability to change your life if you give the right kind a chance. It can relieve stress, give you muscle definition, and make you lean. Try Vinyasa or Hot yoga at your local studio or gym!

IMG 4509 6 Ways to Get Healthy and Sexy for Summer

5. Drink Enough Water

Constantly being dehydrated could be the root of all your problems: dry skin, fine lines, bloating, headaches, weight gain, fatigue…

Drink two liters of H2o a day and you’ll be glowing by the time June hits!

6. Be Consistent

Eating right, drinking tea, working out, and drinking water won’t solve all your problems and transform your body over night. You must be consistent!

If you follow these six tips for the next three months you’ll not only get healthier, you’ll gain confidence too!


5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

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Back in January, JCPenney introduced us to celebrity nutritionist and chef, Melissa Petitto at their New Year, New You event hosted by Karina Smirnoff from Dancing with the Stars.

Melissa was onsite creating delicious and healthy juices and smoothies using budget friendly juicers and blenders including Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer and the Magic Bullet Blender.

veggies juice 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

Fresh juice has grown in popularity over the past two years, and it can easily turn into an expensive habit if you’re not doing it yourself. Below are Melissa’s favorite juice recipes that taste just as good as the bottles you can find at your grocery store:

Xersion Sweet Green Boost

The combination of ingredients in this juice is so packed with benefits, it’s hard to name just one. Blood sugar control, anti-inflammatory, digestion aid, vitamins and fiber all make this juice a wonderful way to rid the body of toxins and replenish it with amazing vitamins.


  • 2 white swiss chard stalks with stem and leaves
  • 2 kale stalks with steam and leaves
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 bunch of parsley
  • 1 Fuji apple, cored

photo4 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

Antioxidant Supreme Bullet Blast

The combination of the antioxidants in this juice help boost the potent phytochemicals that help fight the aging process. The recipe can be made in a blender or a juicer.


  • 1 cup blueberries, washed
  • 1 cup strawberries, washed and de-stemmed
  • 1 cup mango, peeled and cut into chunks
  • 1 cup of filtered water

juice2 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

JCP Post-Workout Juice

This juice helps keep you hydrated, while providing essential nutrients to support exercise, muscle development, and helps reduce inflammation and oxidation.


  • 4 ounces red cabbage
  • 1/4 fennel bulb
  • 1/2 English cucumber
  • 1 celery stalk
  • 1 small Fuji apple, cored
  • 1 orange, peeled and quartered
  • 2 ounces watermelon meat

juice3 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

Karina’s Double D

Karina Smirnoff even got in on the fun and collaborated with Melissa to create Karina’s Double D, a refreshing mixture of carrots, ginger, fennel, apple, and mint.

Screen Shot 2014 03 18 at 6.26.23 PM 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto


  • 1 inch ginger, peeled
  • 1 medium beet
  • 2 medium carrots
  • 1 medium apple, cored
  • 1/2 English Cucumber
  • 1/2 Fennel bulb
  • 1 handful of mint
  • 2 celery stalks

 City Streets Refreshing Juice

This detoxifying juice helps fire up digestive juices, improves the absorption of essential nutrients and rids the body of unwanted toxins.


  • 1 inch ginger, peeled
  • 1 medium beet
  • 4 medium carrots
  • 1 medium apple,cored

juice5 5 Juice Recipes from Celebrity Nutritionist and Chef, Melissa Petitto

Want to try one of these recipes? Definitely consider purchasing a juicer. Melissa recommends the Jack LaLanne Power JuiceJuice Bullet and the Bella High Power Juice Extractor. Each juicer costing less money than a 3-day cleanse from Blueprint.


Pastel Power: Sweeten up with These Candy Hued Accessories

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Love pastels? Now that spring is about to roll in, it’s time to start rockin’ candy hued everything!

tumblr ml6vf5Nwsv1ro7xypo1 500 large Pastel Power: Sweeten up with These Candy Hued Accessories

A great way to indulge in the pastel trend this March and April is to wear accessories. Buying a few pieces of jewelry is way more budget friendly than buying a new wardrobe.

Pair a pastel statement necklace with your favorite chambray blouse to dress up a casual outfit, wear blush pink shades to prevent sunny day squinting, or wear lavender earrings on your next date! You really can’t go wrong since these pale colors look good on all skin tones. So what are you waiting for?

Below are 14 pastel accessories that remind us of cotton candy and strawberry ice cream.

Will you be wearing any pastel accessories this Spring? Let us know in the comments below!


The Lacoste x Urban Outfitters Collaboration Is Pretty Darn Rad

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White sneakers are a springtime must. They go with everything! Pair them with your favorite jeans for a playful look, or with your sundress to give your outfit an edge. Either way, you’ll be on-trend.

white shoe The Lacoste x Urban Outfitters Collaboration Is Pretty Darn Rad

That being said, aren’t you so over white Converse? They’re a classic and will never go out of style, but come on, everyone has a pair these days!

Change things up this season with a pair of sleek white sneaks from the Lacoste x Urban Outfitters collab that launched yesterday.

The collab features two women’s sneaker styles that take inspiration from Lacoste’s tennis roots and the preppy trends for Spring/Summer 2014.

 The Lacoste x Urban Outfitters Collaboration Is Pretty Darn Rad

If white sneakers have never been your thing, you can also get them in navy. The red, white, and blue trio are a nod to the brand’s French lineage with the French flag on the heel, webbing, and tongue.

 The Lacoste x Urban Outfitters Collaboration Is Pretty Darn Rad

You can find both pairs in stores and online for $85! Will you be wearing white sneakers this Spring? Let us know in the comments below!


Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

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I’m a lip color junkie and feel completely naked if I leave the house without it. From red and pink to more unique colors such as tangerine and purple, it’s a must for me.

The nail polishes from LAQA & Co. are already a March favorite, but I’ve been given a chance to try out their fat lip pencils and it was love at first application.

IMG 7642 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

These lip pencils apply like a lip balm — they have a minty taste and smell — but, unlike a lip balm, they’ll give you a pretty pop of color. These lip colors are also extremely moisturizing and perfect for dry, chapped lips. I tried two colors: Bossy Boots and Fairyblood.

IMG 7646 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

IMG 7663 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

Fairyblood is a shimmery pink and perfect for everyday wear since it’ll pair well with most makeup and outfits. If you’re afraid of shimmer, don’t worry; it’s very subtle!

IMG 7895 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

Bossy Boots adds way more color than Fairyblood, and is a great alternative to red lipstick if your lips are too dry to handle anything matte.

IMG 7983 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

IMG 7921 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

For lip color fans, the fat lip pencils from LAQA & Co. would be a great addition to your purse. Use them to add pops of moisturizing color to your lips all day long!

More about LAQA & Co.

LAQA & Co. is a New York based cosmetic brand that’s about more than just beauty. They’re pieces of art too! They cover their packaging in unique artwork by young artists looking to get their work seen by lots and lots of people. The artists also get a cut of the profit from every product purchased.

Find LAQA & Co. lip pencils on their website for $18.00 a piece.

IMG 7648 Review: The LAQA & Co. Fat Lip Pencil is Awesome!

What are your favorite lip colors? Let us know in the comments below!


Project Runway’s Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

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As the first day of spring is only a few weeks away, many women are looking for practical ways to incorporate new trends into what they already own for the upcoming season. However, trying to figure out which styles are still “on-trend” vs. what should be packed away can seem exasperating without a little guidance or inspiration.

To show women how they can achieve trendy looks this spring, acclaimed Fashion Designer and Project Runway Alumnus, Althea Harper, has teamed up with Rowenta – the leading manufacturer in high-performance garment care, to offer spring style inspiration directly from the runway, as well as tips to keep clothing crisp and fresh all year long.

standard althea designer Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

Thigh High Split

Ever since Angelina Jolie showed off her black dress with the bold thigh-high split at the Academy Awards, fashion designers have been thinking of ways to incorporate this trend into “ready-to-wear” dresses.

This spring season, there are many successful attempts in all lengths and shapes; from the fitted mini with a small slit to the dramatic high-thigh split on a maxi dress.

altheaharper Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

Wide Leg Trousers

The skinny pant isn’t going away anytime soon, but there is a new pant silhouette in town; the wide leg. This look has a lot of versatility and it looks great in a print, solid, bright or neutral.  It also works with a fitted or loose top.

You will want your ensemble to appear polished, which can be obtained by keeping it wrinkle free. I normally use a Rowenta Master Valet Garment Steamer on oversized clothing.

wide leg trousers Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

Collarless Tops and Jackets

Another popular trend from the runway is collarless tops and jackets.  This trend is the new spin on the “menswear for women” that we have seen in the past few seasons.

The blouses are generally loose, which is similar to the oversized men’s button-up but gives it that sleek, feminine look.  The jackets will generally have a boxy fit, which is now refined with the absence of a collar – which leaves a great spot for a statement necklace!  

collarless2 Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

Bold, Large Scale Prints

Bold prints are here to stay! This season the scale of the prints is a lot larger, more abstract, and feminine.

When wearing these big, bold prints it is important to keep accessories to a minimum to complete a polished look.  Also, make sure to keep travel-sized garment care tools on hand because this look demands attention and you don’t want to be caught with wrinkles! One of my favorites is the Rowenta First Class Travel Iron that can fit into my purse when I’m on the go.

bold print Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

The Color Pink

The colors this season mirror the feminine trends. Pastels are once again popular (which is great because they friendly with every skin tone!), as well as every shade of pink, ranging from Blush to Magenta.

Blush is a favorite because it looks great with creams and tans that have been popular this winter. Keep hair and make up more natural to avoid looking too ‘girly’.

pink Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

Unique Pleating

One of the most exciting trends of the season is the range of pleating.  While there is still some of the traditional box pleat that we are more used to, new styles include draped, twisted and loose. Each pleating technique creates easy volume that looks great on an oversized blouse or loose dress.

I recommend the Rowenta Steam Station for this trend because it works as both a steamer and an iron, which is great when dealing with unconventional silhouettes.

pleats5 Project Runways Althea Harper on Spring Trends & Garment Care

What runway trends are you excited to try this Spring? Let us know in the comments below!


Deodorant Stop Working? 4 Ways to Prevent Body Odor

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Let’s talk about body odor…

Body odor is a small problem that can cause serious embarrassment. Not applying deodorant to your underarms in the morning could ruin your day as well as upset the people around you. But what do you do if your tried and true deodorant stops working?

body odor Deodorant Stop Working? 4 Ways to Prevent Body Odor

Here is how to put a halt to unwanted underarm wetness and odor once and for all:

1. Keep Dial Soap in your Shower

Body odor is created when sweat and bacteria meet. Since most body washes don’t have an anti-bacterial ingredient, your underarms still harbor bacteria after that nice long shower. An easy fix is to keep a bottle of Dial soap in your shower. Only use it on your underarms though!

dial Deodorant Stop Working? 4 Ways to Prevent Body Odor2. Change your Deodorant

Sometimes just changing your deodorant is all you need to stop that early afternoon wetness. Change types too, go from a solid to a roll-on, to a spray.

3. Apply your Deodorant at Night Too

Most people only apply their deodorant in the morning. By doing that, you’re not giving the product the time it needs to actually work. Instead, apply your deodorant at night AND in the morning.

4. Try an Over-the-Counter Prescription Strength Deodorant

Stay away from the brand name “prescription strength” such as Degree and Secret. Instead, try Certain Dri. It comes with two different deodorants; one for night and one for day. You apply the powerful roll-on at night and the solid Certain Dri A.M. during the day. This stuff really works!

certain dri Deodorant Stop Working? 4 Ways to Prevent Body OdorDon’t let your body odor prevent you from hanging out with your friends, or wearing your favorite dress. If none of these tips help you, contact your doctor. More extreme measures might need to be taken.


3 Unexpected Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

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Most people use dry shampoo to absorb oil and to keep their blow-out fresh for one more day, but dry shampoo does way more than that. It’s a miracle product that knows how to multi-task!

Don’t feel you have to follow the directions on the back of the can. Be daring! Rules were made to be broken. Below are three unexpected ways to use dry shampoo:

1. Add Texture

Most girls don’t want their hair to be flat, limp and lifeless. If your hair is looking a bit blah, spray your favorite dry shampoo on your length instead of your roots. After a minute, bend over and shake your hair out with your hands. Your result will be piece-y locks with lots of movement!

Texture Expert long hair 3 Unexpected Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

2. Add Volume

Spray your favorite dry shampoo at the roots around your crown. Spray in layers until you’re almost to the nape of your neck. Wait about five minutes and then bend your head forward and massage the product out with your fingers. BAM! Tons of volume. Spraying it around your hairline as well will amplify the effect.

volume hair 912x1024 3 Unexpected Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

3. To Prevent Oil Production

Most people use dry shampoo to get rid of existing oil, but we highly recommend you use it to prevent it altogether. Right after your shampoo, condition, and blow dry, add dry shampoo to the roots of your part and crown. Wait about two minutes and then massage it out with your fingers.

By doing this, any oil that’s produced will be quickly absorbed. To really prevent oil, keep a can in your bag and give your fresh, clean hair touch-ups throughout the day.

IMG 7181 3 Unexpected Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

Do you use dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments below!


Money Saving Tips from Wardrobe Stylist, Gen Bell

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With Tax season soon ending, many of us want to treat ourselves after a hardworking year and go shopping. Well, don’t blow your tax refund on clothes without reading these money-saving tips from wardrobe stylist, Gen Bell.

These tips are great for tax season and throughout the year!

image001 Money Saving Tips from Wardrobe Stylist, Gen Bell

1. Have a set budget!

Having a set budget on how much you’d like to spend is key. Everyone has different methods that work best for him or her. Some people prefer to use cash so that they can see exactly how much they’re spending and on what.

My personal method is to create a budget first, let’s say $100. Then I figure out how many outfits I’d like to have from the $100, let’s say 4 outfits. Then I start window-shopping and comparing prices from different stores. I always check both online and in actual stores. Often times you’ll find the best mark down prices online!

2. Hit the Discount Stores

You can find stylish bargains at stores like T.J. Maxx, Marshalls, and DSW. Designer duds for a fraction of the price!  But be careful, just because a store is inexpensive doesn’t mean you’ll save any money if you over spend. Learn control.

3. Learn to Do-it-Yourself

Learning how to make a few, simple alterations can save you lots of money down the line. Master the basics of sewing, replacing buttons, and hemming pants. If you’re a busy professional like most of us, then find a local seamstress in your neighborhood that can make the simple alterations for you.

The point is to have your clothes last you for a long time. So if you lose a couple of pounds and can’t fit those jeans anymore, make the necessary alterations so that you can re-incorporate those jeans back into your wardrobe.

4. Shop Out of Season

Seasoned shoppers shop for spring and summer items in the fall, and buy your fall and winter looks when spring rolls around. Clothing is always cheaper when they are out of season.

5. Avoid Impulse Shopping or Emotional Shopping

Many of us can’t fight the urge to impulse buy. Remind yourself when the urge arises, are these shoes worth it right at this moment? If you’re still on the fence, wait a few days. If you still want them at the end of the week, go back and make the purchase.

6. Think About What’s Already in Your Closet

Keep your current wardrobe in mind when you shop, and don’t buy anything that won’t go with at least two or three other items that you own.

7. Take Care of Your Clothing

Caring for your clothes will help them last longer. Use the right amount of detergent, avoid the dryer when possible and hang and fold clothes properly.

8. Shop Vintage and Consignment

Fashion is cyclical! Trends from the past always make a comeback so don’t shy away from vintage and consignment shops. It may take longer to find exactly what you are looking for at a used clothing store so you must have patience.

9.  Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize.

No outfit is complete without the right accessories. Take a simple dress and accessorize it in different ways to create completely different looks each time!  This will expand your wardrobe without having to buy a new outfit for every occasion.

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