Better Together: Yoga and Herbal Tea are a Powerful Duo

Posted May 6, 2014 by in Health + Fitness

We’re constantly rediscovering old traditions when it comes to living a healthy life — the most popular being yoga and tea. Both have been used for thousands of years to improve and restore health all around the world. If you’re constantly suffering from fatigue, back pain, headaches and stress, your body is trying to tell you something . It’s telling you to step back, relax, and start over.

If you want to give your life and body a hard reset without spending a fortune, consider adding herbal tea and a form of yoga to your life. By combining the two into your everyday routine, you’ll bring balance, energy, and longevity to your life in just a few short weeks!



The traditional theory of yin and yang and the scientific term homeostasis speak to the same concept: our health is the result of the balance within our bodies. If your brain isn’t balanced, then your body won’t be balanced.

Yoga: With a concentration on introspective deep breathing, yoga calms our body, inducing a sense of balance and union between the mind, body, and spirit.

Tea: Herbal teas also help to maintain balance within our bodies by regulating the major body systems that keep us healthy (our immune system, endocrine system, and digestive system).


Energy is the life force that enables us to keep up with the mental and physical demands of modern life.

Yoga: One type of energy we need is used to fight fatigue. Yoga is particularly good at energizing us with this form of energy by clearing blockages in the energy channels of our bodies, which is especially important to stimulate blood flow to counter long periods of sitting.

Tea: Another type of energy, called adaptive energy, helps condition our responses to stressors, whether they be social, emotional, or environmental stresses in our lives, or physical, chemical, or biotic stresses in our body.

Special types of herbs in herbal tea, called adaptogens, build up our adaptive energy enabling our body to adapt and more effectively maintain balance under stress.

How they work together: Yoga and herbal tea allow our bodies to better handle the stressors of our fast-paced, modern-day lives and live more fully.


Longevity is living unrestrained by our bodies. More than ever, the environments we live in and the foods we eat are contaminated with pollution, pesticides, and other undesirables that increase the risk of cancers and diseases as we age.

Yoga: Yoga poses coupled with deep breathing increases circulation and oxygenation of blood. This helps detox and rejuvenate the body.

Tea: Herbal tea helps us obtain protective plant nutrients (phytonutrients) from herbs that the average American doesn’t get in their daily diet. The special herbs used in traditional herbal teas contain phytonutrients that have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that protect against and support disposal of harmful environmental contaminants.

How they work together: By contributing to an active lifestyle and nutritious diet, yoga and herbal tea help reduce the adverse effects of our toxic environment, allowing us to age with fewer worries.

End Note:

It is well worth your time to join in on a yoga class a couple times a week, or do a few minutes of yoga in the morning. If you’re worried about the cost, consider Groupon or Living Social. They always have deals on yoga!

Want to give herbal tea a try? We know that brewing your own herbal tea is challenging because you have to really understand herbs to select the right ones, and the type of herbs used in traditional herbal teas are much more time-consuming to prepare than regular tea.

Those of you who want a more convenient way to include herbs in your daily diet should look into Yújia, the first naturally-brewed, ready-to-drink herbal tea based on the concept of yoga (Yújia actually means yoga in mandarin).

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