Blonde to Brown: How to Turn Sexy Summer Hair into Sultry Fall Hair

Posted October 31, 2013 by in Beauty

It’s very common to go blonde in the summer and darker in the winter, but let’s get real — getting your hair done is pricey! Instead of spending your entire paycheck on a dye job, why not do it yourself?

Below is how to darken up for the pending cold weather ahead:



1. Don’t go too dark

If you’re currently blonde, either naturally or artificially, don’t go too dark at home. Only go a shade or two darker. If you want a dramatic change; definitely go to the salon.

Coloring your hair at home only works out if you’re going two shades lighter or darker. Anything more than that could turn into a pricey disaster.

2. Pick out the right box

Stay away from anything ashy and cool toned. If you put something too ashy on your blonde hair, you risk it turning greenish grey. Yuck! Instead, use a color with neutral or warm undertones.

Madison’s (our hair model above) blonde look is extremely light, so instead of changing her color to a true brown, we went with a dark blonde instead. To be exact, we used the 7N from L’Oreal.


3. Fill it

Chemically-treated blonde hair lacks the necessary pigments and proteins that hair color needs to stick to. To prevent a flat or uneven color, you’re going to need to fill it. Filler equalizes hair porosity for even color absorption and development, and repairs previously damaged protein bonds.

This filler will do. Like I said before, if you want to dye your hair dramatically darker, go to the salon.

*If you want to go red instead, you’re going to need a gold filler. Otherwise your hair will have pink undertones.

4. Follow directions

Now it’s time to follow the directions on the box. For Madison’s hair, we left her ends out until the last five minuets to give her a slight ombre effect.


5. Wash out the color

Wash your hair to remove all the dye and apply a deep conditioner.

6. Blow dry and style

Here’s the fun part! Now that you’re a bit darker, experiment with dark lipstick and fun fall fashion. We love the wine lip color Madison is wearing!


To see Madison as a blonde, go here!