Broke Fashion: Meet Jasmin — A New Yorker with Style

Posted November 6, 2012 by in Fashion

Meet Jasmin, a New Yorker who knows how to dress to impress on a dime! According to Jasmin: “I do not have one specific style of dressing . Sometimes I feel really girly and sexy and other days I feel like dressing in menswear. So it all depends on how I wake up that day. I like to try different things.”

  • Dress: $39.99 Asos (similar)
  • Heels: $19.90 h&m
  • Shirt: $9.95 h&m
  • Jeans: $24.80 Forever 21
  • Bag: $24.99 h&m

  • Shirt: $9.00 Thrifted
  • Wide Leg Pants: $24.95 h&m

Jasmin has great taste in shoes! Our personal favorite were her neon strap heels. They made her already fashionable outfit pop even more! Class, meet sass. What do you think of Jasmin’s style? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to stay in touch with Jasmin? Follow her on Instagram: @ilovejazzz

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