Broke Fashion: This Thrift Pro Has Some Great Advice for You!

Posted August 8, 2013 by in Fashion

Meet Britt, a pro thrifter based in Dallas. She has an eye for style and can put a chic outfit together entirely out of thrift finds!

She enjoys thrifting so much that she can’t possibly keep all her treasures to herself, so with the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to open up her own shop. Now you can purchase all of her unique thrift finds!


  • Blouse: $4 via a thrift store in Atlanta
  • Shorts: $6 via Goodwill
  • Belt: $1 via Goodwill
  • Heels: $15 local shoe store
  • Purse: Free gift from a thrifting friend

Check out our interview with Britt to learn some of her thrift secrets, and check out her Instagram to see all of her thrifted outfits.

How did you become a thrift expert?

Britt: It really just happened over time. I frequently go to thrift stores and each time I go, I buy things that will challenge my style and creativity. I also have learned, in my area at least, which thrift stores are good for what and their sale days.

What inspired you to launch your online store?

Britt: Since I find great items, I wanted to share some of them with everyone that I could at an affordable price. Anyone can have style — you don’t have to spend tons of money to do so.


  • Floral Vintage Blazer: $5 via Thrift City
  • Peach DIY Shorts: $1 via Salvation Army
  • Heels: $10 at a local shoe store

How do you thrift without getting stressed or overwhelmed by the store size and the amount of clothing in front of you?

Britt: I guess because I’m the opposite. I LOVE walking in a thrift store and seeing all of what I will be exploring. I would suggest taking your time and going through it a section at a time. You will soon train your eyes to be able to just see things popping out at you as soon as you walk in the store.

You do have a method for thrifting?

Britt: Yes. I go to the women’s section first. As that is easiest for me. Then shoes/ purses/jewelry. Then men’s. Then I find myself going back to the same areas a few more times because sometimes I miss things or get inspired for an outfit idea that I hadn’t thought of the first time.

What are your favorite thrift stores?

Britt: Goodwill and Salvation Army. They have the best prices and some of my best finds have come from them.


  • Blouse: $10 via Norah’s Vintage Loft
  • Skirt: $6 via Salvation Army
  • Shoes: $20 via ebay
  • Necklace: $2 via Salvation Army

What has been your favorite summer trend so far?

Britt: Neon green! I love it for summer. Although I haven’t worn it much. I’m not one for wearing trends when it’s a trend, all the time. I wear what I like in the moment, trend or no trend.

What has been your all time favorite thrift find?

Britt: My Vintage Chanel Bomber Jacket. I’m keeping it for life and plan to be a stylish old lady in it!


  • Camo Jacket: $5 via Thrift City
  • Black Blouse: $2 via Salvation Army
  • DIY American Flag Levi Shorts: $3 minus materials to make
  • Dog tags: $1 via Salvation Army
  • Litas: $20 via ebay

Did any of Britt’s thrifted looks catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out her shop, vintyFresh clothing!