Broke & Fit: Natural Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

Posted January 31, 2013 by in Health + Fitness

Your credit card is hooked up to your gym membership so that you can make bi-weekly payments without a second thought. You don’t even flinch when you purchase organic fruit and double the price of normal groceries. Every year, you schedule routine appointments with your primary care physician and your dentist. Why skip over your eye health as if it’s not as important as everything else?

Below are natural ways to keep your eyes healthy on a budget:

Prevent and Protect

• Diet can contribute to eye health. Make sure to get plenty of Vitamin A, which is found in carrots, as well as omega-3 fatty acids. Add spinach, kale and fish to your grocery list.

• Eye exercises can improve your eyesight, or at least protect it from getting worse. Focus on your fingertip and then shift your focus to something on the other side of the room. Do this for five minutes to help your range of focus.

• Contact wearers should never sleep without taking their lenses out and they should always follow care directions for their specific type of contacts.

• Wear UV-protective sunglasses whenever you’re outside during the daytime. Aside from protecting against cataracts and macular degeneration, it will also protect you from cancer of the eye or surrounding skin.

Regular Eye Exams

Eye professionals everywhere will tell you that you should never skip an eye exam. While these exams are important for everyone, they’re even more crucial for people with a personal or family history of bad vision or macular degeneration.

Most people only get their eyes checked once every three years, but you really should visit the eye doctor annually. Remember, good vision doesn’t always equal healthy eyes and eye diseases should be caught as early as possible. If you are a contact lens wearer, you should regularly visit to know your eye health and contact lens expiry.

Reading Glasses

Are your reading glasses still sitting in your drawer, unused? If you’re prescribed reading glasses, you should definitely wear them. You may not realize how much better you’ll see with them on until you try them out. Plus, reading without glasses means you’ll have to squint, which will cause fine lines and wrinkles in the skin around your eyes.

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How do you take care of your eyes? Let us know in the comments below!