Broke & Suave: 8 Things Your Girlfriend Wants for Valentine’s Day

Posted February 11, 2013 by in Lifestyle

Hey ladies, it’s almost Valentine’s Day and we both know, guys wait until the last minuet. Share this post with your significant other right now to get them thinking! 


Amanda Raye

Flowers, chocolate and teddy bears are nice — we’re not complaining…I promise. But, maybe you should try changing it up this year. Don’t you agree? Here are 8 things your girlfriend would much rather have for Valentine’s Day.

1. A Heart Shaped Umbrella

She’ll use it all the time, it’s adorable, she’ll get compliments from strangers (girls love that), and she’ll think of you every time she uses it!


$35.50 at Unique Vintage 

2. A Pair of Warby Parker Sunglasses

They’re a bit steep in price, but you’ll make her look and feel like a star!  The light pink ones below have style, fashion and love written all over them..


$95 at Warby Parker

3. A GlossyBox Subscription

She’ll get luxury beauty samples shipped to her home every month! Give her three months worth for only $60! Still too steep? Go with BirchBox instead for only $30 for three months.


$60 for three months at GlossyBox

4. Lip Stain

Most of you hate lipstick. As a girl, I totally understand. It’s because you hate getting our lip print on your cheek…right? I also know you like how it looks. Well, lip stain will change the color of your girls lips to a pretty pink, red or burgundy color, but you can still have that make out session without it transferring to you. Double win!

I personally like the rose-tinted cheek and lip stain from Benefit Cosmetics. You can find it at your local Sephora.


5. A Wallet Wand

It’s a great accessorie that will turn her wallet into a small organized purse. Perfect for those nights out when she doesn’t want to carry around a big bag, but still needs her cash, credit card, license and phone.


 Purchase it for 19.99 here.

6. An Anchor Bracelet

Jewelry that involves anchors will be a hot trend this Spring! This mint one from The Happy Wardrobe will surely put a smile on her face!


$16 at The Happy Wardrobe

7. An Every Day Bag

It’s very difficult to find a bag that goes with everything. If you can gift her one that does…she’ll love you forever! This one from .H.C.B. is only $39.99!

I actually have this exact bag, so I promise it’ll go with everything!


$39.99 at .H.C.B.

8. A Cake Pop Maker

If your girl loves to bake, she’ll love a cake pop maker! They’re even trendier than cupcakes at the moment.


$29.99 at Kohl’s

Do you agree with these gifts ladies? Let us know in the comments below!