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Posted April 16, 2011 by in Lifestyle/ NYC/ Traveling

I think everyone out there wants to live the “good” life. Movies, wine tastings, clothes, shoes, makeup, food, dessert, and of course  theater. Unfortunately we don’t have the money, but…wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy all of these things for…FREE! Of course it would. That is why this site is so amazing! tells you about all these free/discounted things going on in and around New York City, like when Starbucks is giving out free coffee or when Baskin-Robbins is having a 31 cent scoop night. How about a free screening of Hanna? Maybe you could get free tickets to the 2011 NFL Draft for your boyfriend(or you) for free. That is what this site is all about. And if you don’t live in NYC it would be great to plan your trip around a free event you’re interested in going to. Definitely check this website out. I’m about to go and get an 8 cent slice of pizza!