DIY: Makeup Case⁠—Utility style!

Posted June 27, 2011 by in Beauty
affordable makeup cases for makeup artists

I’m a makeup fanatic. Over the past few years I’ve built up quite a collection, so I had to find something to put all my non-everyday makeup up in. I went to Sephora, Ulta, Target, and then Walmart to find a large cosmetic case, but found them all to be expensive. I was hoping to spend no more than $20 but they were all about $30+.

I then lost focus, walked around the store aimlessly, and stumbled upon the hunting/fishing section. I found a large empty tackle box for $8. It was the exact size I needed, and had all these little compartments. No, it isn’t especially cute, but you could always paint it or add some stickers to “girl” it up a bit!

Way too expensive Cosmetic Cases:

makeup cases

DIY: Makeup Case⁠—Utility style!

Other Options = Half the Price:

These two are from Home Depot. Who would of thought a tool bag could be a great way to store excess makeup!

affordable makeup case option for makeup artists$9 – Husky Tool Bag

Affordable makeup case for makeup artistsOnly $5.99 – Workforce Tool Case

This has great compartments as well. Just like the $30 makeup case.

tool bag as makeup case

I finally settled on this tackle box from Walmart for only $8.

tackle box as makeup case

makeup case under ten dollars

P.S.  Buy a tackle box or tool case for your makeup, “girl” it up and send your results to [email protected].