DORMIFY’s Back to School 2012 Trends

Posted July 26, 2012 by in Home

Fashion isn’t the only thing that has trends, decor does too! Typically, decorating your dorm is the first time you are able to decorate a space entirely yourself. Most childhood bedrooms were originally designed by your mom. Well, in college, it’s all on you, it’s the place you’ll finally be able to discover your personal style.

Dormify, a company that specializes in bold interior design products meant to inspire college students, is here to tell you the secret of what’s trending in dorm decor for fall 2012!

1. Black & White

I think black and white will always be a classic when it comes to decorating and fashion. This contrast is a design statement that is inviting yet unapologetic. If you find yourself to be the type of girl who loves the classic look but is still bold, then this might be what your dorm room needs!

  • Houndstooth Quilt: $89.00 at Dormify
  • Black Sequin Pillow: $65.00 Dormify

2. Girly

The girly girl look will never be out of style! In order to really embrace your girly personality decorate your dorm with soft and elegant tones. This type of decor will take your sophistication and femininity up a notch…think Gossip Girls! Floral appliques, lace and a splash of shine will all add to the dreamy vibe you’re going for.

  • Believe You Can Fly Duvet: $79.00 Dormify
  • Flower Pillow: $75.00 Dormify

3. Tribal

This is actually how I decorated my dorm room! I’ve always been attracted to the vibrant colors of India. So I found a way to portray that in my little space. The vibrant and spirited energy of these bright colors recharged, rejuvenated and made me look forward to each and every day. You could also go for the soft yet colorful looks from Morocco!


  • Moroccan Sheet Set: $59.00 Dormify
  • Reversible Oval Duvet: $70.00 Dormify

4. Haute Chocolate

This trend is meant for the girl who like warm tones. Let sequins bring out your inner diva and black and brown combinations show your modern side. The intertwined patterns and textures allow you to express yourself in the most luxurious ways. Just think of a cafe in Paris!

  • See You ‘Round Duvet: $79.00 Dormify
  • Cheetah Throw: $45.00 Dormify

How do you think you’re going to decorate your dorm this year? Let us know if you use one of these dorm trends!