Eyeshadow Base

Posted March 11, 2011 by in Beauty

Eyeshadow base is a heaven sent cosmetic that I can no longer live without. It makes even the cheapest makeup look vibrant and expensive. Bases can cost between $15 and $30 but it’s so worth it. It goes on before your eyeshadow so it shows up bright and everlastingly vibrant with no crease.

Urban Decay’s eyeshadow base is my absolute favorite and it’s called Eyeshadow Primer Potion. You can find it at Ulta, Sephora, and the Official Website for $18.00.

Look at the results!


DSC 0298 Eyeshadow Base


DSC 02921 Eyeshadow Base

DSC 02621 Eyeshadow Base

DSC 0241 Eyeshadow Base

DSC 0261 Eyeshadow Base

urban Eyeshadow Base