Flaunt Your Shape: A Dress for Every Body Type

Posted March 9, 2013 by in Shopping

When you’re going out for a night on the town, the least of your worries should be what to wear. Women all have different shapes and sizes, so sometimes your favorite outfit of all time isn’t exactly the right fit for YOU. Dressing for your body type is simple with these easy tips: All you have to know is what type of shape you are then dress accordingly.

Pear Shape

Shake what your momma gave you! The traits of a pear-shaped woman include wider hips and thighs, narrow shoulders, wider bottoms and a smaller bust. Women who have pear shapes might find it difficult to dress, but don’t shake your head filled with frustration. Men are very attracted to curvy, vivacious women and some of the most famous celebrities happen to be pear shape: Marilyn Monroe, Kim Kardashian, Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez.

When choosing a dress, pay special attention to the fit. Avoid dresses that are too tight and clingy and instead look for a more subtle ballerina-inspired dress that skims your hips and won’t show any visible panty lines. Just be sure when trying on any dress to check out the back as well as the front. The back might look too tight around your waist area and too loose and baggy around your rear end.

Small-Busted Shape

Bigger isn’t always better. Women who have a smaller chest generally have an easier time finding clothing that fits, which can make any woman envious. When selecting the perfect dress for your shape, you can’t go wrong with a simple strapless dress. Or opt for a bold printed tube dress. Anything with pleating and ruffles around the bust can help create layers, which brings volume to the area.

Tall and Slender Shape

You’ve been blessed with height but are now finding it difficult to dress up your shape. If you are nearing 6-feet, find a dress that’s just above the knee — this will prevent you from looking lanky while showing off your best assets — your legs of course. Draw eyes toward your legs by finding a dress with ruffles or embellishments toward the bottom. Just be sure to avoid mid-calf-length dresses, which can visually shorten your legs.

Top-Heavy Shape

The key for flattering a busty body shape is to wear a supportive bra. There are ways to make your boobs look smaller if you want to.  Then, choose dresses with thick straps that will accommodate every bra style. Elongate your neck with v-necks and button-up blouses that are open around your neck. Avoid smock-style dresses that hang directly from the bust, which can hide your curves and make you look large where you aren’t.

Boxy-Boyish Shape

With a lean and athletic body type, you are really straight up and down. Finding the right dress for you might have to include some curvy illusion tricks. Use clothing — such as flowing dresses with ruffles and ruching — to create curves where they don’t exist naturally. Show off your toned arms in sleeveless dresses or a high-waisted skirt and ruffle blouse.

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