Four Affordable Etsy Shops That Need To Be On Your Radar

Posted January 2, 2013 by in Shopping

We at Broke & Chic are huge supporters of independent designers and artists. And with this in mind, here are four Etsy shops that have found a way to be both affordable and unique. In other words, these stores need to be on your radar (or birthday list).

1. Belle Costes

Belle Costes is a New York based jewelry designer who specializes in pure and simple designs for the minimalist fashionista. A good portion of her material is recycled vintage, and her stuff tends to range from $20-$45. B&C initially found this great shop on a fashion blog run by the shop owner’s 14-year-old daughter.

Browse this store if you need something unique to wear to an event or you’re trying to find that perfect gift for your best friend and don’t want to go down the cliche, “Forever 21” route.

2. Moorea Seal

This is an Etsy seller that we also found by accident. While browsing Jux, I found a photo of these earrings that I knew I wanted in my collection. Clicking on the image to find details, I learned they were homemade and available on Etsy for $28! Digging deeper I also learned that she was a blogger.

Her jewelry is perfect for the minimalist girl who loves to add edge to her outfit. My favorite pieces are the “Diana Bracelet” which sells for $25, the “Gold Chevron Dangles” for $28 and “The Hourglass” body harness for $40.

3. The Purple Petal

This Richmond Virginia-based Etsy shop sells adorable rose earrings that are only $7 a pair. With 23 different colors to choose from, you’re bound to find a set that works for you!  I happen to also be a  fan of her “Pink Rose Pendant,” which sells for $12 and her “Rose Bobby Pins” which run at $14/set.

This jewelry is perfect for the ultra feminine girl who likes anything pretty and sweet:

4. Adimaa

This Vancouver based Etsy Seller specializes in minimal and unique laptop, iPhone and iPad sleeves.

I first found this shop after being disappointed by the cases sold by Apple’s own store. None of them were “me,” and all the ones at Best Buy and Target were either too boring or too young. I knew I wanted something unique and under $60, so I headed to Etsy and searched “MacBook cases” and finally found Adimaa!

He mainly works with felt-like wool and high-end leather. When I finally received my case in the mail I was more then thrilled.

Are you an Etsy seller? If so, share your shop with us!