From Energy Gels to Pumpkin Seeds: 5 Ways to Fuel Your Next Workout

Posted April 24, 2013 by in Health + Fitness

Do you sometimes feel run down and exhausted before, during or after your workout? You’re possibly not giving your body enough electrolytes, protein, vitamins and minerals.

In order for your body to perform at its best, you must listen to your internal cues (fatigue, aching muscles…). Try adding one of these pick-me-ups to your diet and see if it improves your performance.

Protein Powders

Protein powder for sports nutrition is used by many fitness buffs out there as a way of enhancing their workout. It’s a great way for wannabe bodybuilders, athletes or anyone else who wants to up their dose of protein each day, especially if you aren’t a meat eater and have issues with nuts, beans or spinach.

You can choose from whey, milk, egg and soy protein formulas; it’s worth trying them all out to see which suits you best. There are hundreds of recipes out there for tasty protein shakes, so it’s simply a matter of finding out what tickles your taste buds!


Energy Gels

They’re supposedly great for helping with endurance, and if you’re embarking on a long distance run, bike ride or another big cardio session, then maybe you should give these a go.

Because most energy gels have no protein, fat or fiber, they’re quite easily digested. Take one 15 minutes before starting your session and then again, 45 minutes into your workout.



The yolks you find in eggs are naturally high in B-vitamins, but contain saturated fat. The whites, on the other hand, are a great sources of protein and low in fat. Try 1 whole egg and 2 egg whites for a lean pre-workout snack.

egg1 Water

Never underestimate the power of H20. Your hydration status can determine your energy levels, and water transports nutrients in the blood that you use for energy. Without it, your body can’t metabolise the food you eat.

water1 Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds, a good source of protein and healthy fats, also contain magnesium, phosphorus, zinc and manganese. They can give you that little extra boost and keep you on the treadmill a bit longer.


What’s your ultimate fuel to help you get to the finish line?