Gucci Down to the Socks: Designer Baby Clothes Every Kid Should Wear at Least Once

Posted April 25, 2019 by in Fashion

It’s 2019 and our toddlers look cuter than we do. And we’re completely okay with it. You might not think it’s worth it for you to spend big bucks to dress your kids in name brands. But, these days we celebrate our little ones who rock the world of micro fashion. Every kid deserves to sport a trendy fit at least once. In fact, you can even get them a custom t-shirt design to try out.

Think about some of your favorite clothes: the ones you love to splurge on or even the ones that fill your closet. Your favorite designers are coming through for your baby. If you’re wondering why on earth you should invest in designer baby clothes, we’ll tell you. 

High-end baby clothes are adorable and keep your kids at the highest level of cuteness. There’s a lot of options that can meet all of your needs. If you’re looking for the trusted luxury brands, look no further. Keep reading to figure out where to shop first:

Fashion Choices at a Young Age

Luxury baby clothes make a statement. These brands show the world your kid takes after you.

Dressing up your little babes is mainly fun for you. But, if you teach your baby to take pride in their clothes, you’ll help them develop self-expression. How they present themselves will impact how other’s view them and their future relationships.

Designer Baby Clothes 

There are countless brands creating high-end baby clothes. Yes, baby clothes can be expensive. But, quality is an investment.

Designer baby clothes are made of more durable fabrics and with more care. They use high-end materials like authentic silk and rhinestones. Compared to brands like Walmart and Target, high-end baby clothes win in quality.

Their styles and prices vary leaving you with plenty of options for your shopping cart. Let your babies embrace their inner fashionistas with the help of these designers. 

These are some of the best brands on the market to find an outfit your baby will rock. Once you know these cornerstone options, there are even more brands to explore.


Gucci was founded in Florence, Italy in 1921. This brand has made a fashionable splash all around the world. Any Gucci product shows creativity and attention to detail. 

The price label on this brand is on the high side, but the styles are also too good to pass on. Their apparel and accessories highlight the colors, green, red, gold, and black. In these colors, your baby struts their luxurious fashion taste.

Petit Bateau

These baby clothes don’t sacrifice comfort for style. Petit Bateau is known for making high-quality clothes for the last 120 years. Using top quality cotton, their baby clothes are not only breathable but comfortable. 

Your baby’s clothes will scream chic and function. You can find wardrobe options from the basics to specialty items. Pro tip their baby raincoats will transform your child into a mini icon. 


Founded in Britain, Burberry has been dressing people in a tartan pattern for ages. This brand is known for its simple yet stylish design. Their kids’ collection and baby collection, invites all little ones to the party. 

Burberry, as all good designers should, pays attention to the seasons. For winter, you can find the perfect little sweater. And once summer rolls around, you can break out a perfect silky bodysuit for a walk in the park. 

Little Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’ “Little” line is irresistible with its spontaneous and relaxed spirit. This brand offers fashionable outfits from 2 to 12 years old. You’ll find the same Marc Jacobs daisies you love in a wearable style for your toddler and your middle schooler. 

Dolce & Gabbana for Babies

Since 1985, Dolce & Gabbana has been showing the world what luxury looks like. They offer elegant options for your newborn baby until they reach their preteens.   

Once your little ones are making big moves in the walking game, you have to think about movement. Their clothes have to fit their lifestyle. With Dolce & Gabbana, you can easily slide on floral bloomers or a onesie to let them crawl in style. 

Kate Spade

The same modern energy you adore in Kate Spade’s adult clothing is present in their baby collection. The designs are aesthetically pleasing and trendy. In this line, you’ll find ruffles, adorable prints, and fun colors. 

Polo for Babies

Sometimes expensive clothing can be confused for showy or even gaudy. 

But since 1967, Ralph Lauren has been creating classy and timeless clothing. Their line, Polo for Babies, has become one of the most desired brands for young children. If you’re looking for a preppy look that doesn’t break the bank, Ralph Lauren will be a perfect choice. 

Armani Junior

Armani is another brand known for clothing the most luxurious individuals. Giorgio Armani created this line in 1975 and it’s still keeping people well dressed today. You can find chic clothes for your little boys and girls. 

Young Versace 

The Versace brand was founded in 1987 in Milan. This Italian brand had kept its lively spirit alive. The tiniest members of your family will show off playfulness and fun when they wear these designs.

You can find their classic styles such as Medusa and Greek Key prints in baby version. You don’t have to match with your little ones, but the cute meter would be off the charts if you did. 

Let Your Baby Enjoy Microfashion

It’s not insane to want to invest in designer baby clothes. If you love fashion, it’s only right to share it with your own little nugget. Thanks to a variety of outstanding designers, you can find the brand you love.

It’s not hard to imagine your kid loving fashion if you’re dressing them for success since pampers. The one high-end outfit you buy them when they are two could be the reason they fall into the fashion industry.

Which designers do you love for your kids? Leave a comment below and let us know! For more guidance in all things style related, check out our fashion section