Is Washington DC Trendy?

Posted August 5, 2011 by in Traveling/ Washington DC

With D.C. being the US capital, it’s always been looked at as a headquarters for the political arena — never a major fashion city. But by virtue of being a city, innovative trends are born everyday!

Designers and big time labels such as Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, & DASH first aim for New York, Los Angeles and Miami, leaving D.C. to use a lot of creativity and resourceful tactics to recreate these glamorous looks. What’s hot off the runway has now become hits in the Nation’s Capital. This includes head wraps, inexpensive Hawaiian (or other nicely printed) shirts and vintage jerseys.

Prada (Fall 2007)


Stella McCartney (Spring 2011)

Prada (Spring 2011)

Head Wraps: Why are they trendy? Because they’re perfect for the hot and humid weather the summer brings. You’re able to get that frizzy summer hair out of the way in a trendy second!

Hawaiian Shirts: “Fruit” shirts have been all over the runway in recent months, giving Hawaiian shirts a come-back!

Vintage Jerseys: Anything vintage has been labeled trendy in the past few years. They’re also great for the summer months since they’re usually short-sleeved or sleeveless!

Where to Buy: Vintage, thrift, & consignment stores! All three are extremely hot markets right now for the fashionista on a budget.

Location: Washington, DC

  • Shirt: $10 Gap
  • Head Wrap: $5 Thrift Store
  • Harem Pants: $18 Forever 21
  • Reason For Wearing Outfit: “I’m addicted to wearing head wraps. I got this trend at my school (Spelman College) when I saw random “afro-centric” individuals walking around in them. It caught my eye because it concealed their hair and portrayed the beauty of their face. Now I wear it because it’s like an accessory. It adds my own swag to an outfit, it protects my hair from the heat and it’s easier to wrap my hair up instead of having to do it.”

Location: Baltimore, MD

  • Shirt: $5 Thrift Store
  • Hat: $3 Thrift Store
  • Jeans: $20 Forever 21
  • Reason For Wearing Outfit: “I like them because they remind me of vacation on an island and the patterns and colors are always bright and summer themed.”

Location: Washington, DC

  • Blouse: $7 Local DC Thrift Store
  • Jewelry: $5 Thrift Store
  • Head Scarf: $10 Forever 21
  • Reason For Wearing Outfit: “It’s my favorite top…but yet very classy.”

Location: Rockville, MD

  • Jacket: $8 Thrift Store
  • Jewelry: $7 Thrift Store
  • Skirt: $10 TJ Maxx
  • Reason For Wearing Outfit: “I love colorful patterns and African or tribal inspired prints. I thought this top paired with a simple black skirt and my favorite grey heels would be perfect for a night out!”

Location: Bowie, MD

  • Tank Top (1996 Olympics): $3 Thrift Store
  • Jewelry: $5 Thrift Store
  • Shorts: (Retro Green Trunks): $4 Thrift Store
  • Reason For Wearing Outfit: “I love being comfortable, fashionable, and bright all at the same time.”

No matter where you’re from, if you think you’re rocking one of these trends e-mail your photo to [email protected]!