Mother’s Day: Best Ways to Celebrate in a Fun and Healthy Way

Posted April 25, 2013 by in Lifestyle

Getting your mom a great gift for Mother’s Day is always a nice way to show your love and appreciation for her on this special day. However, giving the gift of spending quality time together in a fun and healthy way will be more meaningful to her than any bouquet of flowers, cards or jewelry could ever be.

This Mother’s Day, Sunday May 12th, start a new tradition of honoring your mom with health-minded activities — one’s that can introduce new healthy habits, which the both of you can incorporate into your lives. Renowned expert trainers and co-founders of The Prime Method , Jennifer Devillers and Jolie Kobrinsky, have listed below the best Mother’s Day activities to plan for your mom, based on their 3-tier health based philosophy – Move, Mind, and Munch.


• Take her to a restorative yoga class

• Purchase vegetable seeds for her late spring garden and plant them together

• Go for a side-by-side foot massage or pedicure

• Plan a special wildflower hike in your area – picnic and new hiking shoes included

• Take her dancing (country western, ballroom, folk, or other)

• Do a pantry/refrigerator overhaul with her. Bring new shelf liners and storage containers.


• Send a Resistance Band with door anchor and a printed workout.

• Mix a CD with music from the year she turned 18

• Send her a subscription to a healthy magazine

• Sign her up for an online membership to a fitness website

• Send her a yoga mat, stainless steel water bottle and kettle bell



• Make a healthy brunch from scratch using super foods and surprise her with an unexpected location outside. Include recipe cards in a basket with some key ingredients.

• Have a Smoothie Making Party and leave her with your favorite protein powder, smoothie recipes and a supply of ball jars with plastic lids.

• Gift her a new Vitamix and a recipe book or recipes printed out nicely on card stocks and make one together.

• Make a “locavore” dinner together. Go shop together at your local farmer’s market for the ingredients then cook the meal together, using a meal plan she can refer to later.

Out-of towners

• Mail a basket of Super Foods: Chia Seeds, Ground Flax Seeds, Gogi Berries, Coconut oil, Sea Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar and organic lemons, along with a printed description of how to use and the benefits of each.

• Send a high-speed blender and Green Smoothie recipes

• Sign her up for an online membership to a fitness website

• Arrange mail delivery from a local CSA every week for the season



• Schedule a photo shoot with the two of you and family – and give her a frame

• Bring over a “Basket of Mellow” – Epsom salts, Calm (magnesium powder), Herbal tea, Local Organic Honey, a book of poetry

• Take a walk down memory lane with all of the family photo albums/movies/slideshows


•  Send a sleep and dream journal with guidelines and a sunrise alarm clock

•  Send an eco-friendly pillow

•  Send a lavender candle, bath salts and silk sleep mask

•  Send a book on aging gracefully. We really like 7 Years Younger.


Have another idea? Share it with us in the comments below!