Prom Season: Styling Tips for Plus-Size Teens

Posted March 28, 2013 by in Fashion
plus size prom dress options

Prom season is finally here! Unfortunately, it can be difficult for plus-size teens to find the perfect dress that fits their style. Here is a list of prom styling tips from Editorial Director, Nancy LeWinter.

1.  Stay true to your style.

The biggest mistake is trying to reinvent yourself for prom, when it really should be a fabulous take on your everyday style.

2.  Who’s your celeb inspiration?

Pick a celeb whose style you like and go online to check out her red carpet looks. Remember, size is irrelevant when looking at a celeb for inspiration, but shape does matter.  Are you curvy like Katy Perry or straighter like Kristen Stewart? You may love Keira Knightley’s style, but if you’re larger busted, those sweet babydoll dresses may not work.

Prom Season: Styling Tips for Plus-Size Teens

3.  Now the easy part – finding the dress.

Really. With the internet, you’re guaranteed of finding the right dress. Sydney’s Closet on OneStopPlus and PromGirl are amazing, with prom fashion for everybody”s taste: Strapless, one-shoulder, short and flirty, longer and dramatic…and with the right bras from FullBeauty you can dance all night with no slippage.

plus size prom styling tips

plus size prom dress

4.  Decide who you’re dressing for.

If you’re going with friends and want to make the boys jealous, go trendy with this year’s animal prints and some glitter and frill. If it’s all about your date, go pretty: Ice blue, pale pink, turquoise and sweetheart necklines. Two tones are especially flattering with a focus on the waistline.

Regardless of which way you go, just make sure you’re comfortable. Shapewear is great, but don’t go so tight that you can’t sit. Also, wear the shapewear a few times before the big night so it softens a little bit.

high school prom photo idea 5.  Finishing the look.

Real style is head to toe, so don’t forget to get lots of photos for hair and makeup and pin them up to your wall or mirror. You’re bound to find yourself  going back to one style more than the others.

We all watched Adele at the Grammy’s and were wowed by her porcelain skin, light pink lips and heavy false lashes. While it’s incredible on the red carpet, it doesn’t translate to prom.

With a dress, the best ones focus on one body part. With makeup, the best looks focus on one facial part. If you go strong on the lips, go softer on the eyes. If you go strong on the eyes, go softer on the lips. And while hair should look finished, don’t go too stiff. Sounds like common sense, but when everyone gets in prom mode, the over-the-top approach seems just so appealing that we forget what really looks right. Test run hair and makeup and see how it looks hours later.

prom makeup idea

Eye Focus

bold red lip idea for prom

Lip Focus

bad makeup look celebrity

Way too much makeup

We hope these tips help you make the most out of your high school prom! Just remember, you’re there to have fun! Have another tip? Share it in the comments below.