Retro Fashion Icon: October 15th is “I Love Lucy” Day

Posted October 12, 2013 by in Shopping

On October 15th 1951, the first episode of I Love Lucy aired. On the anniversary of this iconic show there’s plenty to celebrate — the impact Lucille Ball had on women in the arts, her influences on comedy as an art form, and on women’s role in society — the list goes on…

And when we celebrate all these things about Lucy, we cannot forget that Lucy did it all in a fashionable way (and with a funny face of course)!


Although, she might not immediately come to mind when you think “fashion icon,” think about where your love of the 1950’s and polka dots comes from!


So to pay tribute to this often overlooked fashion icon, why not emulate her this Tuesday? Below are 4 dresses that are just so Lucy!


What was your favorite I Love Lucy inspired dress? Let us know in the comments below!