Sam Brocato’s Supersilk Treatment Has Changed My Life

Posted December 17, 2013 by in Beauty

I have curly hair that’s extremely frizzy. In order to combat the frizz, I have to layer on the hair products as well as blow-dry and flat iron. The whole process takes me over an hour and that doesn’t include a shower, makeup application, and of course, getting dressed.

To shorten my morning routine, I started getting keratin treatments (also known as Brazilian Blowouts). They cut my morning routine in half! But at what cost?

The first time I received a Brazilian Blowout, my eyes and scalp burned so badly during the application that my makeup ran down my face. But after six months of smooth, straight hair, I forgot how awful the experience really was. Then I got another one.

The second time I received the Brazilian Blowout, it wasn’t as bad. Most likely because the company was forced to lower their formaldehyde levels. It wasn’t until later that night that I felt sick to the point it was difficult to breath. I actually went to the doctor due to my symptoms, and was told that due to the treatment I had formaldehyde poisoning! The treatment didn’t work either — I still had frizzy hair.

After that experience, I vowed to never again get another smoothing treatment. It’s not worth exposing yourself, your stylist and everyone you live with to that deadly chemical.

Then, at a recent event, I found the perfect replacement.


I was introduced to Sam Brocato’s new Supersilk Plus treatment, and found that it was 100%  formaldehyde free. I told them about my past keratin woes and they offered to have me test out his new treatment, free of cost.

I agreed, and yes, it changed my life — for the better!


I sat down with Sam Brocato himself for the application process, which was very similar to my past keratin treatments: two shampoos, blow dry, product application, 45-minute processing time, blow dry and flat iron. About 3-hours in total.

The whole process went as easily as a standard highlight treatment; my eyes didn’t water, my scalp didn’t burn and I breathed easily.

Now the real test: would it work? Sam told me I could wash my hair right away if I wanted to, but out of habit, I decided to wait for three days.


It’s been over a month and my hair is still smooth and straight! I no longer need to use my flat iron in the morning, and my blow dry can be rushed; I don’t need to separate my hair into sections and use a round brush.

Below is a photo of my hair immediately before the treatment. The texture is the result of flat ironing the day before and then sleeping on it.


Below is my hair immediately after the treatment. Sam actually took the picture!


Below is the true test. This is what my hair looks like immediately after blow drying my hair now. No round brush or flat iron was used!


Below are some more important facts about the treatment!

  • -Safe for all hair types, color treated hair included
  • -Last for up to 8 – 12 weeks, depending on hair type
  • -Everyone receives home maintenance products with the treatment, which includes shampoo, leave-in conditioner and protein spray

This treatment costs $250+. To find a salon that offers this treatment near you, go here.

We definitely think this would be a great way to treat yourself for the New Year! Plus, it’ll save you time every morning — and time is money. If you want more info about my personal experience, feel free to comment below or email [email protected].