Shopping Tip: How to Avoid the Impulse Buy

Posted September 9, 2011 by in Fashion

First, have a reason for shopping. If you’re in desperate need of pants, only go shopping for pants — as in only bring pants into the dressing room. Prevent your urge to buy everything in the store by just bringing in what you need. In the past, I’d bring everything under the sun into the dressing room with the mindset: “I’m only here to buy a pair of pants, but I just want to try these other things on to see if they’ll look good with these pants. I won’t buy them.” In the end, I do. Unfortunately, a good percentage of impulse buys are never even worn. Once you buy enough of what you actually need (and if feel your wallet can handle it), then buy those little extras!

Gossip Girl fashion

Second, only buy clothes that go with what you already own. If you find something you like but don’t have anything to wear it with (meaning you’ll have to buy another item)… Don’t buy it!

Below: Each one of these items separately is adorable. Together…not so much. Betty looks like an impulse buy addict.

Ugly Betty outfit