Trend Alert: Southwestern Designs

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I’m not quite sure what to call this trend/style yet. It reminds me of the Navajo and Cherokee Indian fashions of the Southwestern United States. I personally like them! What do you think?

$24 at Urban Outfitters

$39 at Urban Outfitters

$29 at Urban Outfitters

$12.80 Forever 21

$14.80 Forever 21

$15.80 Forever 21

This past week, every time I saw a shirt/accessory with these designs I took a picture! They are all from different stores, meaning– this trend is going to take over Fall 2011, so get ready!

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Trend Alert: Red Jeans

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Like their blue cousin, they go with everything. It’s a great trend that should be on your back-to-school shopping list! Try H&M, Zara, Old Navy and Forever 21 for a pair under $30!


Carolina Engman of Fashion Squad.

Anni of Fashion Hippie Loves.

Iris of Fashion Zen.


Ashley Greene

Hayden Panettiere

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Khloe Kardashian