Trend Alert: Colored Tights

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This is a seasonal trend that’s been peeking its head out every fall since the first season of Gossip Girl. Now that you’ve had some time to adjust, what do you think of it? Are you tired of it? Do you loath it? Do you love it? Tell us, we want to know!

Unfortunately, colored tights aren’t the easiest things to pull off. Just follow our 3 simple rules and you’ll be good to go!

 1. Go simple up top if you go bold

If you’re dying to try hot pink, light blue, or even a metallic pair, make sure the rest of your outfit stays simple. Otherwise you might give your friends a migraine. Your little black dress or faux leather skirt would be the ideal.

2. Ease into it slowly

Start off with a burgundy, hunter green or navy pair if you’re still on the fence. These three colors go very well with neutral colors.

3. Stick with black textured tights if you’re not a fan of color

If you find that colored tights just aren’t your thing, but don’t want to stick with plain-old-black, give textured tights a whirl. They’re easy to pull off, they’ll go with everything and they’re extremely sexy!

Still need help? Follow this wonderful guide by Lucky Magazine!

Think you pull off colored tights well? Submit your outfit to for a possible feature!


Four Trends That Will Turn Heads This Summer

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Online boutique Necessary Clothing, is slowly, but surly taking over the internet! Necessary Clothing is perfect for the fashionista on a budget. All of their clothes are sexy, stylish and trendy, with most items not exceeding $30.

The older and busier I get, the more I value online shopping. Give this wonderful company a try on your next online shopping spree! If you happen to hate shopping online, don’t fret. They have tons of stores in downtown Manhattan.

Below are four trends that will take over summer 2012, all available at Necessary Clothing.

1. Fishtail Dresses

$30.99 at Necessary Clothing

$24.99 at Necessary Clothing

$29.99 at Necessary Clothing

2. Mint

$34.99 at Necessary Clothing

$27.99 at Necessary Clothing

$34.99 at Necessary Clothing

3. Bralets




4. Stripes




As you can see, Necessary Clothing is the perfect place to test out popular trends without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to check out their blog too! Where is your favorite place to go shopping online? Let us know in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Nude Pumps

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Have you always dreamed of a shoe that went with everything? From your sexy red dress, to your denim cut-offs and white v-neck? No more dreaming, the nude pump is here. Secret: the patent leather variety will turn heads!

This heel goes with everything — and I mean everything. They’re sexy and will help save time in the morning. We all know finding the perfect shoe is the hardest part during our morning “dress up” routine. Take Melissa: She rocked a pair of $40 Nine West nude pumps with her Calvin Klein dress in last week’s Office Style post!

Another great thing about these shoes is that they work year-round. They aren’t season sensitive like some of those other shoe trends out there. Think about those neon flats you just bought; they’re a hot addition to your wardrobe, but probably wont fly this winter.

The past few events I’ve gone too, I couldn’t help but notice those patent leather nude pumps on everyone. It’s almost as if I never got the memo. Well, now Broke & Chic has given you the memo! Check out Necessary Clothing, Chinese Laundry, Type-Z and Jessica Simpson for a fabulous pair that won’t damage your bank account.

These are only $29.99 at Necessary Clothing

P.S.: Prom season is here. If you haven’t found the perfect heel yet, this might be the answer to your search!


Trend Alert: Metallic Jeans

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I happend to walk by Rag & Bone earlier today and what did I see in the display window? Metallic jeans! At first I wasn’t 100% positive I liked them. But sure enough, a girl in Soho was rockin’ a pair in gold. Will this be the hot new thing this summer? They’re perfect for a night out, and will definitely make you stand out in a crowd!

Rag & Bone Metallic Jeans

Let the jeans do all the talking. Pair them with a simple black or white top and simple yet sexy heels. Add a black blazer for a more professional feel. If you don’t care for the jeans, try a pretty metallic skirt instead!


Just Cavalli S/S 2012


Marta of Dear Diary

Balmain Paris S/S 2011

Where to Buy

To find a Broke & Chic friendly pair you’re going to have to keep an eye out. H&M and Topshop would both be great places to start. If you’re okay with spending more than $40 try ASOS, Zara and Joe’s Jeans. Happy shopping!

What’s your honest opinion on this up and coming trend? Could you ever see yourself wearing a pair of metallic pants? Let us know in the comments below.


Trend Alert: Are Flare Jeans Coming Back?

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Victoria Beckham was recently spotted wearing dark wash bootcut jeans. Believe it or not, she rocked them!

Flare and bootcut jeans have been taking a vacation in our bottom drawer for about five years now — that’s a long time! Since then, skinny jeans have really stepped up to the plate, becoming our our go-to pair. Not only do skinnies flatter most figures, they actually highlight the awesome shoes we wear, while flares have always hidden our rockin’ heels and adorable flats.

So is it okay for them to come back? I think this resurge is all on us! Are we going to follow in Victoria Beckham and Katie Holmes’s footsteps? Or are we going to keep that pair of flares under our beds for a few more seasons?

Does age have anything to do with it?

Flare and bootcut jeans have never permanently left the closets of Katie Holmes (33), Jennifer Aniston (43) or Victoria (37). In the fashion world, this suggests that the 30+ crowd can rock them, while the 15-30 crowd can’t. That said, Disney star Vanessa Hudgens hasn’t really stopped wearing flare jeans either.

What do you Like More?

Katie in flare jeans or skinny jeans?

Vanessa in flare jeans or skinny jeans?

A guy friend of mine, who recently turned 21, told his mom she was wearing “out dated” jeans. An e-mail session began:

They are not waaay flared, just medium.   I just bought them from Banana Republic and love the way they fit.  Am I wearing OUTDATED jeans?

My response? No! It can take years to find that perfect pair that fits you in all the right places. If you love how your jeans fit, wear them!


In NY, the fashion capital of the world, I’ve made an effort to pay more attention to what people were wearing these past few days. So far, I haven’t noticed anyone wearing jeans other than the skinny variety…except for tourists. But the thing is, they didn’t just wear a cute outfit that happened to include flares. It was awful. Picture flare jeans, running sneakers, an “I ♥ NY” t-shirt and an LL Bean backpack.

To flare or not to flare is a messy question, and really doesn’t have one solid answer; it just has rules. If you never really gave up your flare/bootcut jeans, then it’s time. Stop at your local Forever 21 or Old Navy and snag a pair of affordable skinnies. If you’ve been wearing skinnies, then don’t be afraid to play around with other types of jeans: bootcut, flares, boyfriend, wide leg, high waisted. Just have fun and mix it up like Katie and Vanessa! Keep in mind that fashion is always repeating itself.


1. Stick to the dark wash variety.

2. Wear bootcut jeans — avoid the flare’s for a little while longer.

3. Always wear some sort of heel with them. Flats and sneakers will give you a 1999 look.

4. Try and wear a dressier top. If you’re in a t-shirt mood just accessorize with a statement necklace and a blazer.

What do you think? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Burgundy Jeans

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Red jeans might need to take the season off, because burgundy jeans are taking over! This trend has already been seen on it-girls Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian.

Red jeans can seem a bit out of place in the dreary winter weather. Burgundy adds just the right amount of color to your winter wardrobe without being too bright.

Pair them with a casual black v-neck and brown oxfords. If you want something a bit more dressy, wear a black blazer over a white lace top! Don’t forget to wear your favorite pumps!

Check out Necessary Clothing and Old Navy for a pair under $40!