Step into Spring with Knitwear: Here’s How to Style It for the S/S Season

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Most people believe that jumpers and knitwear sit alongside winter essentials such as heavy coats and wooly hats. Once the sun begins to shine and the evenings become longer and brighter, jumpers usually go back into your wardrobe and only come back out when the rain and snow appears once again. Yet, more and more fashion bloggers and celebrities are teaming thin jumpers with their favorite spring outfits to create a complex new look.


As British weather is not completely reliable, most women struggle to know what to wear in order to still look fashionable in spring. The latest S/S collections became the answer to the dilemma of what to wear when the weather is simply ‘mild’. These collections consisted of cropped jumpers, light knitwear and cardigans, all of which are perfect additions to be worn with floaty dresses and sandals.

Cropped jumpers are an ideal solution for those days when the weather is slightly cool but you want to wear a dress. A cropped jumper fits perfectly over colorful dresses as you can wear bare legs and still keep warm. The dress is still on show, your figure will not be swamped by a large jumper and you will not get chilly as the evening becomes cooler. If it does get warmer throughout the day, you can easily take off the jumper and show off your dress.


An alternative to the cropped jumper is an oversized thin jumper. If you are unsure whether the sun will come out that day, layering an oversized thin jumper over a crisp white shirt is the perfect alternative to wearing your winter coat. Wear the two with a pair of skinny jeans or leggings for a polished look. If the weather becomes warmer during the day or you want to change into an ‘evening look’, simply remove the jumper. Accessorize by adding an oversized necklace around the collar of the shirt.


Cardigans are another spring knitwear essential. Cardigans can be worn with a variety of outfits such as with day dresses, evening dresses and jeans and a t-shirt. Light cardigans can cover exposed shoulders which may catch a chill in unpredictable British weather, or simply add a different texture to an outfit. The contrast in textures will make the outfit really interesting.


Summer knitwear styling tips

♥ Do not wear jumpers which are too chunky over dresses. These will not flatter your figure and you will become too warm if the weather heats up.

♥ Look for cropped jumpers in pastel colors. Pastel colors look set to stay on the fashion radar for at least the next few months.

♥ Accessorize your look with oversized necklaces and rings. Look out for necklaces with large jewels and neon hues to really keep ahead of the fashion crowd.

♥ If you are wearing a woolen dress, do not add a woolen cardigan over the top. Mix textures!


What do you think of cropped jumpers over dresses? Let us know in the comments below!


Trend Alert: Burgundy Jeans

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Red jeans might need to take the season off, because burgundy jeans are taking over! This trend has already been seen on it-girls Alexa Chung, Kate Moss and Kim Kardashian.

Red jeans can seem a bit out of place in the dreary winter weather. Burgundy adds just the right amount of color to your winter wardrobe without being too bright.

Pair them with a casual black v-neck and brown oxfords. If you want something a bit more dressy, wear a black blazer over a white lace top! Don’t forget to wear your favorite pumps!

Check out Necessary Clothing and Old Navy for a pair under $40!


Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers

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Over the past few weeks I have seen the fashionista’s of Soho rocking the infamous slipper loafer. What was typically only in the closet of your business minded father and the late Michael Jackson have now entered yours!

Have these shoes become the new ballet flat? And are you okay with that? I am; they are like walking on pillows, but still look cute with my LBD! Double win!


Where to Buy: If you’re looking for a good quality shoe that’ll last you for seasons, I recommend the Madee shoe at Steve Madden. They’re between $60-$120.

Want to be nicer to your bank account? This is an old trend that is making a comeback, so thrift stores will be filled with them! You might find a great pair under $10!