Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

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Style isn’t for everyone. Many girls like playing it safe with the usual “jeans and t-shirt look,” especially during the college years. It’s quick, easy and…lacks style. If you’re that girl but want to start entering the world of fashion, style and trends, then read this guide on how to appear more fashionable.

The Three Don’ts

1. Flip Flops

They are lame, sorry just lame. They work when you are in need of a pedicure in the winter, are lounging at the pool or beach all day in the summer and if you have to shower in a communal bathroom…aka “dorm life.” Other than those three things, stay away from them. Why wear something that’s unfashionable AND bad for your feet?

Opt for a pair of sandals instead! They’re a much better alternative, and are just as easy to put on as flip flops.

gladspants Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Gladiators will still be hot for Summer 2012!

Blog.Celebrity.T Strap.Sandals.2010 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

1a44774bc0c5985e Reese Witherspoon.preview Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Try out a sexy pair of T-strap or Thong sandals.

f212 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More FashionableIf you must wear flip flops, get a pair like these ($14.80 at F21). They still have style & appeal to them!

2. Uggs

Yes, they are comfortable, but so are lots of other boots. In the fashion world, Ugg stands for Ugly. Unless you live in Greenland, don’t wear them. Opt for a cute pair of lace up or moto boots instead!

082509 harness boots 400 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More FashionableMotorcycle boots have a tough yet classy look to them.

e6658df99c5ace91 Ashley Tisdale 2.preview Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Unlike Uggs, moto and lace-up boots work in the summer too!

Rachel+Bilson+Boots+Lace+Up+Boots+OO I NOxByWl Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

Rachel’s lace-up boots would look adorable with a dress.

3.  Denim Skirts

Let’s put it this way: if you wore it when you were in middle school, don’t wear it now. Instead, try a cute maxi or bodycon skirt! They are trendy, fashionable and just as easy to put on as your 12 season old denim skirt from Old Navy.

skirt 640x816 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

lauren conrad hl1 Fashion Advice: How to Appear More Fashionable

The Three Do’s

1. Accessorize

Accessories are such an easy way to make any outfit more trendy. Rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces…they all work. Just stay away from the bling.

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2. Red Lipstick

It’s a quick way to look fashionable and sophisticated. Red will never go out of style. Go to your local e.l.f. retailer and get a striking red for only $3!

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3. Vintage

Worried about what’s in this season? Not sure if your outfit will work for the event you’re going to? When in doubt, wear vintage! Not all vintage has to be expensive, and sometimes you can even find a vintage treasure at a thrift store for under $10!

Read More: How to Vintage Clothing + Accessories at a Thrift Store & Off Season Shopping

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What’s an outfit that would deem somebody “unfashionable?” Leave your comments below. We would love to hear from you!


Off-Season Shopping

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What’s off-season shopping? It’s buying a coat in the summer, or buying a bathing suit in the fall. Why would you do such a thing? To be broke and chic of course (and you’ll save tons of money)! No, you won’t be able to wear your items until the weather calls for it again, but if you’re buying a pair of $100 boots at 75% off, why complain? Off-Season shopping can be an amazing thing.

Off-season shopping is when you buy something on sale because it’s no longer in season. Really focus on the staple pieces, such as coats, pants, black or brown boots, white button up shirts…etc. Below are tips on how to get the most out of off-season shopping:


Winter is the time to buy cute and trendy fall coats, like a trench! Just put it in your closet for those rainy days that Spring and Fall bring us every year.

Remember: A classic tan, beige or black trench is great for fall and spring, while a red, pink or yellow trench is typically best for Spring. Try H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, Zara and Nordstrom for a quality trench!

Prime Time: Late November/December

tumblr ma0kkzfzzo1rbfqvxo1 500 large Off Season Shopping Spring

Spring is the time to buy heavy winter coats! Think winter while every store under the sun is dying to make room for light jackets, short sleeve shirts and cardigans. It’s always great when you can buy quality items that will last for years, instead of buying cheap coats that’ll only get you through one season. Buy a hat and scarf while you’re at it!

Remember: A peacoat is a winter classic for both men and women! Try Zara, dELia*s, Nordstrom, Macy’s and H&M.

Prime Time: March/April

tumblr mdvz0jMTvo1qae13mo1 500 large Off Season Shopping


Summer is the time to buy boots, jeans and cardigans! Every store will be making room for sundresses, shorts, bathing suits, sandals and tanks.

Prime Time: Early May/June

tumblr mkkixjlGSO1rzsk2go1 1280 large Off Season ShoppingFall

Fall is a great time to buy swim suits, shorts, tanks, sundresses, and sandals at an amazing price. Think 50%-75% off! Store racks will be filled with cardigans, jeans, sweaters, long sleeved shirts and light jackets, so all the summer stuff will be on sale.

Prime Time: Late August/September

tumblr mk4i2jaNSp1s4xi0ao1 500 large Off Season Shopping

Want to learn more about Off-Season Shopping? Just check out these past Broke & Chic posts!