How To Dry Out A Wet Cell Phone.

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Uh-oh, did you happen to drop your beloved iPhone in water? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. Asurion – America’s most popular technology protection company, has teamed up with Broke & Chic to tell you that “there’s still hope” if you happen to get your phone soaked.

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Note: These tips are not guaranteed to restore a wet or damp phone to its normal functionality. The best insurance programs cover water damage, which will provide a (DRY) replacement phone!

♥ Remove the battery and SIM card immediately to prevent moisture from moving through the circuit board and causing short circuits in your mobile phone.

♥ Dry off excess moisture by hand.

♥ Remove any covers, cases or external connectors to open up as many gaps and crevices as possible for the water to escape.

♥ Place your phone, battery and SIM card in a bowl or bag of uncooked rice for 24-48 hours. The rice will act as a desiccant, which will pull moisture out of your phone.

♥ Do not dry out your cell phone with a blow dryer. The heat, even on the lowest setting, could fry your phone. Try using a vacuum instead to remove excess water from inside your phone without causing any further damage. Also, refrain from pushing buttons on your phone before it has dried out. Doing so will allow water to seep deeper into your phone and cause further damage.

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Hopefully you won’t ever need to do this but if you do, know there is still a chance to revive your phone.

Don’t forget to enter the Asurion/Broke and Chic giveaway going on until August 1, 2012! Just tell us your mobil phone mishap for a chance to win a $40 iTunes gift card.

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Giveaway: Win A $40 iTunes Giftcard By Telling Us Your Cell Phone Mishap

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Have you ever lost your sacred smartphone along with all your contacts and appointments? Mobile phones are critical to our lives, seamlessly keeping us connected to work, family and friends. Even more crucial is the fact that our phones now serve as digital cameras and photo albums. How can you quantify the loss of memories?

712 Giveaway: Win A $40 iTunes Giftcard By Telling Us Your Cell Phone Mishap

Broke & Chic has teamed up with Asurion, one of America’s most popular technology protection companies. The complete Asurion protection package, available through most wireless companies, empowers you with the apps and services that put you in the driver’s seat – everything you need for complete peace of mind so you can enjoy using your smartphone.

You’ll rest easy knowing you’re protected with Asurion, whether you need technology to secure your data privacy against growing mobile threats, need a device expert who’s just a call or click away, or coverage to replace your phone as quickly as the next day.

 Giveaway: Win A $40 iTunes Giftcard By Telling Us Your Cell Phone Mishap

We have all had cell phone mishaps (in fact, 1 in 4 people will lose, damage or have their phone stolen this year) and I’d love to hear your mobile mishap story.


In the comments, tell us your mobile mishap story. Did your screen shatter? Did you drop it in your coffee? Did the dog attack it? We’ve all had them. Here’s mine:

Early last year, when I was living in Midtown my boyfriend and I had a nice dinner in the East Village. Since it was a cold night, we decided to take a cab back instead of taking the subway. Right before I went to bed, I was going through my purse so I could set the alarm on my phone. I COULDN’T FIND IT ANYWHERE. Turns out, I left it in the cab. Adios iPhone 3.

The contest ends August 1, 2012. All may enter. Good luck!


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