3 Unexpected Ways to Use Dry Shampoo

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Most people use dry shampoo to absorb oil and to keep their blow-out fresh for one more day, but dry shampoo does way more than that. It’s a miracle product that knows how to multi-task!

Don’t feel you have to follow the directions on the back of the can. Be daring! Rules were made to be broken. Below are three unexpected ways to use dry shampoo:

1. Add Texture

Most girls don’t want their hair to be flat, limp and lifeless. If your hair is looking a bit blah, spray your favorite dry shampoo on your length instead of your roots. After a minute, bend over and shake your hair out with your hands. Your result will be piece-y locks with lots of movement!


2. Add Volume

Spray your favorite dry shampoo at the roots around your crown. Spray in layers until you’re almost to the nape of your neck. Wait about five minutes and then bend your head forward and massage the product out with your fingers. BAM! Tons of volume. Spraying it around your hairline as well will amplify the effect.


3. To Prevent Oil Production

Most people use dry shampoo to get rid of existing oil, but we highly recommend you use it to prevent it altogether. Right after your shampoo, condition, and blow dry, add dry shampoo to the roots of your part and crown. Wait about two minutes and then massage it out with your fingers.

By doing this, any oil that’s produced will be quickly absorbed. To really prevent oil, keep a can in your bag and give your fresh, clean hair touch-ups throughout the day.


Do you use dry shampoo? Let us know in the comments below!


30 Amazing Beauty Tips from Blogger Sarah Stevenson

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*This post originally appeared on SLStevo

Even though I still feel 24 years old, I’m officially 30 and have been using makeup and other beauty products for over 16 years. Along the way, I have picked up great tips and advice that are now apart of my everyday routine and thought I’d share.

Below are my top 30 beauty tips!


1. Unsure whether your skin tone is cool or warm? Simply look at the veins on your wrist. If they are blueish, you are cool-toned; if they are greenish you are warm-toned.

2. If you want your teeth to look whiter, choose a gloss with blue tones. This isn’t as scary as it sounds! Try the blue lipgloss from NYX.

3. For days when you look super tired and concealer just isn’t doing the job, apply a pink-toned highlighter under the outer corners of your eyes, under your eyebrows and high on the cheekbones.

4. Another tip for tired eyes which works every time, is to use a skin colored eyeliner in the inners of your eyes. The MAC Chromagraphic Pencil NC15/NW20 is just perfect!

5. A tip for lasting nail polish is to dip your nails in vinegar before applying the polish! (buff nails after the vinegar so they aren’t wet).

6. Staying on nail tips…to avoid strong colors such as navy or red staining your nail bed, always apply a clear coat of polish before the color.

7. Hygiene is key in keeping skin clear…it’s okay to wear lots of make-up if you suffer from spots and breakouts, so long as you clean your pillowcases, mobile phone, work phone and make-up brushes once a week.

8. If you are out and about and have forgotten your blush…simply rub a couple of spots of lipstick to your cheeks.

9. Exfoliate your lips each week with a dry toothbrush and Vaseline…it works wonders!

10. Always wash your hair twice in one session; once to remove products used, rinse and wash again to actually clean your hair. You will get super shiny hair!

11. Struggling to avoid clumps with mascara? Wipe/dab the end of the mascara wand to a tissue before applying and use it on your lower lashes first which are shorter and will remove the majority of thick mascara on the wand first.

In addition, I find that more than one coat makes your lashes look fake, messy and un-natural rather than full and long! Just apply one coat but do it really slowly, wiggling your mascara wand from root to tip.

12. Curling your lashes only truly lasts the day if the curlers are heated. Think of your lashes as you do your hair which only sets once heated (rollers, hairdryers, straightners etc) then cooled down. If you don’t have heated eyelash curlers, just buy some cheap standard ones and heat up with your hairdryer before using; then once released hold your lashes with your finger for a few seconds. Voila!

13. It’s gross but needs to be mentioned…if you have a spot or blackhead and can’t resist a squeeze, push down with your fingers at either side. Never squeeze togther, it upsets the skin and will more than likely scar – or at least take longer to disappear.

14. Nervous to apply liquid eyeliner? Don’t be! If you relax and use one big sweep starting from the inner corner to the outer, fast, you will succeed. Practice, practice, practice too!

15. Unsure of the order to do your make-up? Follow these steps for a no-fail look: moisturizer, primer, foundation, concealer, powder, eyes, lips, blush.

16. To achieve the best fake tan at home; have a warm shower and use a gentle body scrub with some exfoliating gloves. Afterwards, pat yourself dry (don’t rub) and apply a plain moisturizer to knees, elbows and all over your feet.

After the prep, put on some gloves to save your hands and nails from getting stained, then start with your face as you won’t have product covered hands at that point. Apply to your face as you would foundation, adding another layer to your cheeks, forehead and nose (as you would a bronzing powder).

Then apply to your chest, tummy, sides, back, bum, thighs, legs, feet (mix half tan with half moisturizer), arms then hands last.

The way I do my hands is to apply tan right up to the wrist where your gloves start, then roll your gloves up on each hand so you are only covering your fingers and apply to the back of your hand; then mix half tan with half moisturizer on your fingers, roll the gloves up so you have your knuckles on show and rub, rub, rub; finally, remove your gloves and get a little moisturizer and apply all over your hands to finish.

17. If you want body and volume to your hair, apply hairspray to dry hair before you put in your rollers or other styling appliance.

18. One of my old faves which I share with every girl I meet: To avoid lipstick on your teeth, put your index finger in your mouth and draw it out slowly with your mouth closed. What you see on your finger is what would have ended up on your teeth!

19. Unsure where to apply blush? This may sound odd, but tip your head upside down for 30 seconds or so and slowly bring it up. Wherever your cheeks are flushed is where you need to apply blush.

20. Want longer lashes, but don’t want to pay lots for the fancy serums on the market? Then don’t! I’m always complimented on the length of my natural lashes. My secret? Applying Vaseline every single night.

21. I’m sure you’ve all heard this one…but I have to add it to my list because it works! Drink 1-2 liters of water every day; it clears the toxins in your skin making you look clearer, healthier and rosy.

22. Throw away cosmetics after their best before date. Foundation, blush, powder, eyeshadow and lip products tend to last 1-2 years, but mascara and eyeliners really should be used or thrown  away after 6 months.

23. How do you enhance your natural beauty? Well, start by listening to what people compliment you on the most (your eyes are gorgeous, you have kissable lips etc) and make sure you concentrate on them when applying make-up.

24. One of the biggest tips I can give is told daily worldwide, yet girls still make the mistake. If you apply lots of eye make-up, keep the lips basic and vice versa.

25. If your favorite nail polish is getting a bit clumpy and thick, add a few drops of nail polish remover and shake the bottle. Voila! Just like new.

26. Did you know that cinnamon has great skincare benefits? Mix some with your favorite lipgloss to turn it into a lip-plumper! Or, make a face mask with 3 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon cinnamon to help dry out acne and exfoliate dull, tired skin.

27. If you run out of Benefit’s High Beam or MAC’s strobe cream and can’t wait until pay day, just use Smith’s Rosebud Salve. Although it’s a lip balm, it appears to mimic these highlighting products exceptionally well.

28.Witch Hazel can help spots disappear, shrink bags under the eyes, heal bruisers, stop ingrown hairs (apply straight after waxing or shaving) and make for a great toner for clearer skin.

29. Use your bronzer just underneath each side of your jaw bone and under the chin if you want to accentuate your jaw line and minimize the appearance of a double chin.

30. I always harp on about Vaseline but it is an under rated beauty product and is something I always keep in my bag! It has so many uses; I won’t list them all here so here are my top  five:

  • Remove make-up, including waterproof eyeliner & mascara, by applying to a dry face and removing with cotton wool.
  • Mix with sea salts for the perfect body scrub.
  • Rub a small amount into your hands and gently smooth over your hair to remove any fly-aways or frizz.
  • Smoother your feet in it after a hot bath and place socks on straight away to leave on overnight.
  • Make your perfume last longer by rubbing Vaseline on your pulse points before spraying on your scent.

I hope you find these useful.

Is there any particular tip you knew about already and use regularly? Or perhaps something you can’t wait to try?


Emergency At Home Remedies For Those Beauty Mishaps

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We all have little beauty mishaps every now and then, but not having the products to solve them can be the worst. Here are a few little tips that could save the day!

Help…I Have Green Hair

This is a common problem for blondes. The usual fix is a good clarifying shampoo, which rids the hair of chlorine and other impurities. But say you get the dreaded “swamp” hair before a hot date and you’re fresh out of clarifying shampoo. If that happens, head on over to the fridge, ketchup is going to save the day! (wait keep reading!)

The red ketchup will neutralize the green in your hair. Treat the ketchup as you would a shampoo, letting it sit on your hair for about five minuets. To prevent smelling like a cheeseburger after, shampoo twice with your regular shampoo. If you don’t have any ketchup, try dish soap mixed with vinegar.

Help…I Have a Dry Scalp

If your scalp has been feeling a little dry lately, bringing your sugar jar and olive oil into the bathroom might help. Just add a tablespoon of sugar and a few drops of oil into your hand before squeezing out your shampoo. The sugar will help exfoliate and the oil will help moisturize.

This same trick also works for skin. Just add a tablespoon of sugar and a drop or two of oil into your body wash.

Help…I Have Product Buildup

After daily use of serums, gels and hairsprays, our hair can get a bit dull and lifeless — this happens due to product buildup. To add some shine back into your life you’re going to need a good clarifying shampoo. We at Broke & Chic suggest the Paul Mitchell Clarifying Shampoo Two. If you’re fresh out, add a tablespoon of baking soda to your regular shampoo.


Help…My Face Is Dry

If your skin is feeling tight, add a dab of honey into your regular face wash. According to stylist Laurie Dimitriou:

Honey is a natural exfoliant.


Help…My Hair Is Dry and Coarse

If your hair is extremely dry and course, add some fabric softner into your conditioner. According to Manhattan based stylist James Joyce:

It’s honestly like crack for hair. I always keep fabric softener under the sink for emergencies.

Hopefully you won’t need to fret the next time you have a beauty mishap! Do have a tip to share? Let us know in the comments below!


How to Save Your Blowout from the Gym

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Whether you do your own blowouts or pay for it at the salon, you want it to last. Broke & Chic asked a few stylish ladies what makes them not want to go to the gym or take a nice long jog. The reason: They didn’t want to ruin their perfect hair.

When you’re a part of the curly/wavy/frizzy world, you want to maintain that smooth hair you spent hours in the bathroom trying to achieve. But sacrificing your health for your looks just isn’t practical. Here are a few ways to  salvage your hair after a nice run!

Use a blowdryer

The second you finish up at they gym, rough dry your hair using the cool setting. This will dry up all the sweat on your scalp, preventing the oils from traveling down your hair shaft. Most gyms have a hair dryer in the locker room. If not, bring one with you.

Use dry shampoo

This will be your new best friend if you use it properly. After that quick sweat drying blow dry, spray your roots with the dry shampoo of your choosing. I personally like the Beyond the Zone Dry Shampoo located at Sally Beauty Supply for $7. If you’re in the mood for a product splurge, look into the TIGI Catwalk Session Series Transforming Dry Shampoo for about $19 at your local Ricky’s store. Both dry shampoos will give you nice volume while absorbing your excess oils so you can rock that blowout for one more day…or two!

Have any tips of your own? Share your best advice in the comments below!