Spring Fashion, Nautical Style

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When winter turns to spring, there comes a need for newness and change in every area of life, especially in fashion. For most people, spring comes as a huge relief after the cold and dreary winter. This relief plays out in fashion with the response of bright colors, light fabrics, flowery patterns and slim, crisp shapes.

One thing about changing seasons that can be difficult, is trying to keep a budget for a new wardrobe.  Tj Maxx and Marshall’s carry designer and fashionable clothes for low and affordable prices.  Also, make sure you check out sales, and clip your coupons for great deals at department stores.  Forever 21 is also a great place to find cute, inexpensive clothes for the spring.  Spring fashion is the most exciting, luxuriating in the sharp contrast of cold turning to warm and the subtle elegance of new growth.

With all of the impulses to change up the wardrobe, the best way to keep spring fashion classy is to turn to the casual, sophisticated styles inspired by the Hamptons. The atmosphere is full of freshness, laid back elegance and classic chic. The combination of the relaxed environment with tastes for high fashion brings forth the epitome of spring style.

Characteristic of relaxing in your Hamptons homes; nautical fashion is summed up with clear, crisp ensembles and pieces in natural materials such as cotton, linen and silk, colors with a flavor of sea breezes and classic, well defined feminine shapes. With timeless pieces that easily transition from day to night, from the beach to the city, it’s easy to create a personal style by combining certain wardrobe staples and accessorizing in a unique way. With a destination like the Hamptons in mind, a nautical flavored fashion emerges that is timeless, ageless, classy, unique and easy going.

Spring is also a time to bring out all of the lightness and fun. Don’t get caught up in trying to go all out. Let the focus of the wardrobe be practicality and relaxation, and the beauty and style will look effortless without getting in the way.


For daytime, have fun with light, simple outfits in crisp fabrics. Focus on clear shapes that have a great silhouette. Dressing in solid colors is always classy and timeless and makes accessorizing simple. Save money on clothes shopping by investing in classic pieces, like denim pencil skirts, great jeans, basic tees and cardigans, that can be paired with lots of other things. Just because simplicity is the goal doesn’t mean it has to be boring!

Pull out striking colors and dramatic shapes. Don’t forget stripes! Enjoy stripes in every area of fashion, from a nautical bag to a striking black and white top to a flirty skirt. Chambray is both trendy and timeless, so look for a flattering dress that works for at home, for errands and with a cardigan for a casual night out and use it as a centerpiece this spring.


The fun of evenings in spring comes with converting day looks to something a little more dressy. Exchange a cardigan for a blazer, cover up a light dress with a chic jacket, or take the sweater off to show off the pretty details of a cute frock. Change flats for heels and put hair up in an up-do, and the look is complete! The look of Hamptons fashion is effortless and graceful, so don’t try too hard.


Accessorize the simplicity of the spring look with favorite, personal details. Wear lots of heels and open sandals in natural leather, accentuating the breezy naturalness of the nautical feel. To bring out the nautical feel, choose jewelry in brass, from necklaces to bangles. Keep jewelry light, since spring at the Hamptons is relaxed and classy. Enjoy the fresh nautical fashions this spring, relaxing in effortless style.


Reinvent Your Thrifted Clothing with These Tips

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The options for reinventing thrifted clothing are endless. The less you spend on an item, the more willing you are to experiment with it.

One of the easiest ways to make thrifted, outdated clothing more modern is to update and tweak them. It’s a great way to get into some DIY and you’ll end up with some really awesome results.

1. Take the shoulder pads out of vintage blazers. Sometimes the pad is on the outside, which is easy to cut out, but sometimes it’s on the inside. It requires a little more deconstruction, but it’s totally worth it.

Here’s a great post for inspiration: Blazer Rehab

2. Get a maxi dress or skirt hemmed to make it more modern. Even better, hem it longer in the back and shorter in the front like many of the fishtail skirts on the runway this season. Alterations aren’t to expensive. You shouldn’t have to spend more than $10 an item. Try your local dry cleaners, just shop around for the best pricing.

This is a helpful tutorial for doing it yourself: DIY Fishtail Skirt

3. Turn mom jeans into cute high waisted cutoffs by cutting off the legs. Distress them and add studs for a really fun look.

Check out this post for tips: DIY Studded Denim

4. Dye or spray paint a piece of thrifted jewelry a different color.

There are so many options for this, but here’s a good tutorial to start with: DIY Neon Jewelry

Have you altered your thrifted clothing into something wonderful? Send your results to hey@brokeandchic.com for a possible feature!

About the author: Natalie Garza is Broke & Chic’s resident thrift & vintage expert, and the voice behind The Closet de Natalie. She loves to mix thrifted treasures with classic wardrobe staples to create a unique style that’s all her own. Click here for more of her articles.


Broke Fashion #36

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♥ Broke Fashion is a series by B&C that shows off stylish people on a budget!

  • Dress: $5 Charlotte Russe (sale)
  • Pants: $20 Necessary Clothing
  • Blazer: $24.80 Forever 21
  • Boots: $40 Marshalls


How to Transition Your Summer Clothes

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We only have a few more weeks of warmth upon us, it’s going to be chilly October before we know it! Unfortunately, not all of us have the luxury of buying a new wardrobe with every season, this is how to turn your Summer clothes into your Fall and Winter clothes!

1. Add Tights

2. Add a Scarf

3. Add a Blazer

4. Add a pair of Boots

5. Add a Cardigan

Layering is the key to turning your favorite summer outfits into your favorite fall/winter outfits!