3 Perfect Outfits for the Fourth of July

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It’s almost July 4th! Now, what are you going to wear? First, you need to figure out what you’re doing and go from there. Family cookout? Beach day with friends? Fireworks date with that hot guy you just met?

We recommend you don’t go too overboard on the red, white and blue. The more subtle you are with the famous color trio, the more fashionable you’ll look.

Below are different outfits perfect for all of your July 4th festivities:

Family Cookout

Think cute dresses, maxi skirts and simple-yet-well-done makeup. Save your sexy cut-off shorts for later when you meet up with your gal pals!


Party with Friends

Okay, now you can wear your favorite short shorts!



Hot Date

Have you finally scored a date with the guy you’ve been eyeing? Or maybe, your longtime boyfriend has invited you to enjoy the fireworks with him. Either way…get a tad fancy! We recommend crop tops, long skirts and pretty headbands.


What are you going to wear this 4th of July?


University Trends: Frostburg State University

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By Imani-Kai

Fall is officially here, college students all around the globe are pulling out their favorite outfits to rock around campus. Students at Frostburg State University told Broke & Chic their favorite looks and trends for fall, and how they got them on the cheap!

For Kristen it’s all about FRINGE! Fringe is definitely a trendy must-have. Whether it’s a bag, jacket or shirt, fringe can make an outfit! Try a black fringe bag; they go with just about everything. And for the bolder fashionista, try one with a hint of color.

♥Kristen’s studded fringe bag was found at Honeycomb Hideout for $50!

♥ Grab this bag for$59.99 at Urban Outfitters

Aleecia brings a little boho to campus with her oh-so chic MAXI SKIRT! These skirts have become a major must-have for fall 2011. They’re great for class and those nights out on the town! Pair your maxi with a cute jacket or blazer. Need some pizazz? Try a maxi in a bold color!

♥ Aleecia’s extra chic maxi was found for $40 at Zara!

♥ Get this black maxi skirt at Target for $15.

Maxi skirt’s not your thing? Try a MINI SKIRT! Pair it with tights or thigh-high socks. A mini skirt can give you that effortlessly cute look every girl on campus wants. Kate pairs her skirt with an adorable pair of tights and flats. She’s ready to rock the campus!

♥ Kate’s mini was found at Charlotte Russe for only $5 on sale. The tights were only $15 at Nordstroms!

Pleated Minis are another great look for fall!

For guys, the ever popular VINTAGE PREP look is back for yet another season, and don’t forget OXFORD BUTTON-UP’S! These classic shirts never go out of style. Try a bright color to give an unexpected twist! Hamid and Mark were more than happy to bring this classic trend back to campus.

♥ Mark’s red button up was found at H&M for only $20. He paired it with khaki jeans and Bass loafers!

♥ Hamid found his Ralph Lauren oxford button-up at a local thrift store for only $10!

As if every girl didn’t already know, LEATHER JACKETS are back! Fall is the perfect season to take out your fitted leather. It’s warm, trendy, and believe it or not, classy. Miranda strolls around campus in her moto-style leather jacket paired with a simple white tee and jeans.

It doesn’t have be real leather…but you already knew that right?!

♥ Miranda found her jacket for only $14 at a local thrift store!

Only $32 at Forever 21.

Think you have great campus style? E-mail your pictures to hey@brokeandchic.com


Broke Fashion #32

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  •  Shirt: $10 Department store in Malaysia
  • Pants: $40 Macy’s
  • Boots: $200 Department store in Hong Kong


Disposable Vs. Expensive

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There will always be a debate between disposable (you’ll only get a few wears before it starts to fall apart) and designer fashion: When is it ok to spend your money and when is it better to leave it in the bank?

When you’re a broke fashionista, you have to be very strategic. Buy designer because YOU actually want it and have been eyeing it for months! Not to mention it looks killer on you! Don’t buy designer if:

  • You’re only going to wear it once
  • Vogue told you to
  • To impress someone that doesn’t matter

Here’s how we look at it: If it’s not a staple piece don’t go all designer and expensive with it. For example, I loved the harem pant trend that took over the summer and found the most darling beige pair at Opening Ceremony for $100+. Of course I wanted them, but I came back to my senses, thought about my bank account and went to H&M instead. In that situation (being a trend and all), I was better off saving my money and spending only $25 on something that might not feel right in the fall.

Here’s a different situation: I’ve been on a trench hunt for months, and find them oh so classy. I went to the usual, trendy-yet-disposable retailers and found a few that I loved. However, I knew a cheap trench would only survive one season until it had a rip, a snag, a hole or a lost button. Since the trench coat is a staple for fall and spring (not to mention the “it” coat for years), I knew it would be okay to spend more than $40. With all this in mind, I decided to go for it! I ended up visiting Annie Sez and spending $175 on a beautiful, black Michael Kors trench. It’ll last me for years and years. Bring on the rain!

When we think it’s okay to spend the dough

1. Shoes

Living in New York City I walk two to six miles a day. When I wear cheap shoes, my feet hate me. If you walk a lot, it’s okay to spend the money. Just make sure it’s a shoe you’ll wear time and time again; not a pair that will only have your feet in them once. Just stay under $200! Check out Jeffrey Campbell if you’d love some height.

2. Coats

Lets be honest. Depending on your location, you’re probably in a coat or jacket for a good six months out of the year, so it’s okay to spend your money. Splurging on a coat that will last season after season actually saves you money in the long-run.


Annie Sez Got a Makeover!

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The label loving Annie Sez just got a makeover, and now she’s better than ever! I recently got invited to a Blogger Preview Party at the new Annie Sez in New Brunswick, New Jersey: it was love at first sight. I was throughly impressed with their new store. It has become highly classy and super sophisticated, with in season merchandise by designers such as Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors, Calvin Kline, Steve Madden and Carla Mancini. I recommend this store for the post grad who needs to revamp her style with chic and sophisticated clothing (for those longs days at the office). Love labels? Crave savings? Shop Annie Sez!

Click here for a location near you.


Beware of the Sale

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Just because it’s on sale doesn’t mean you should buy it. If you wouldn’t have bought it at full price, then stay away. It’s another impulse buy that would just sit in your closet until you gave it away, donated it to charity, or sold it to a buy/sell/trade store. Be Broke & Chic, save your money for something you really want!

Sales can be absolutely amazing! However, sometimes what’s on sale is just the left over stuff no one wanted, the trends that never caught on, and of course the ugly and the damaged. Know the difference!

The Best Sales

1. Semi-Annuel Sales

Express, Victoria’s Secret, and Bath & Body Works are great examples! Beware, if you’re only getting $10 off a $40 shirt…it’s not worth it. If you’re a broke fashionista you shouldn’t be spending over $40 on a sale item (unless it’s for a pair of shoes or a quality coat.)

2. End of Season Sales

Off-Season Shopping paradise! Read more here!

3. Black Friday

This infamous day happens once a year. It’s a total novelty, but the sales are amazing. I’m guilty of Black Friday shopping! Are you?

4. Buy one Get one Free

BOGO deals are best for beauty products and jewelry, but beware: if you don’t need one pair of earrings, you definitely don’t need two.

5. Urban Outfitters

This is one store that always has a sale section. Urban Outfitters gets a huge shipment daily, meaning items have two weeks or less to make it to your closet at full price. If it doesn’t, it’s booted to the sale section. I have never once bought anything full price at Urban before. I find spending $68 on a sundress a little too expensive. If I just wait a few weeks I can get it half off, if not more! Their sale section always rocks my world and my closet, with little stress to my wallet!


These Guys Know How to Dress

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These guys know how to be Broke & Chic!

  • V-Neck- $6.99 (Hanes Pack of 3)
  • Button Up- $15 H&M
  • Jeans- $50 Levi’s
  • Shoes- $56 Sperry Top-Sider (30% off)

  • Shirt- $15 H&M
  • Jeans- $40 H&M
  • Shoes- $78 Aldo

  • Shirt- $15 H&M
  • Pants- $50 United Colors of Benetton


Trend Alert: Punk Goes Classy

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Every season I see more and more studded apparel, mainly bags and shoes! Instead of it looking punk, it looks more on the classy side! What do you think of this up and coming trend?


Jeffrey Campbell Litas $189.95

Burberry Studded Rain Boots $395

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel $850

Christian Louboutins $995

Burberry Studded Heels $940

The Broke & Chic Way

Walmart Studded Rain Boot $28.00

Target Studded Booties $39.99

Jimmy Choo for H&M $40.00

KMart $5.59

KMart $34.99

Mandee $27.50

Urban Outfitters $29.99


Off-Season Shopping

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What’s off-season shopping? It’s buying a coat in the summer, or buying a bathing suit in the fall. Why would you do such a thing? To be broke and chic of course (and you’ll save tons of money)! No, you won’t be able to wear your items until the weather calls for it again, but if you’re buying a pair of $100 boots at 75% off, why complain? Off-Season shopping can be an amazing thing.

Off-season shopping is when you buy something on sale because it’s no longer in season. Really focus on the staple pieces, such as coats, pants, black or brown boots, white button up shirts…etc. Below are tips on how to get the most out of off-season shopping:


Winter is the time to buy cute and trendy fall coats, like a trench! Just put it in your closet for those rainy days that Spring and Fall bring us every year.

Remember: A classic tan, beige or black trench is great for fall and spring, while a red, pink or yellow trench is typically best for Spring. Try H&M, Gap, Banana Republic, Zara and Nordstrom for a quality trench!

Prime Time: Late November/December


Spring is the time to buy heavy winter coats! Think winter while every store under the sun is dying to make room for light jackets, short sleeve shirts and cardigans. It’s always great when you can buy quality items that will last for years, instead of buying cheap coats that’ll only get you through one season. Buy a hat and scarf while you’re at it!

Remember: A peacoat is a winter classic for both men and women! Try Zara, dELia*s, Nordstrom, Macy’s and H&M.

Prime Time: March/April


Summer is the time to buy boots, jeans and cardigans! Every store will be making room for sundresses, shorts, bathing suits, sandals and tanks.

Prime Time: Early May/June


Fall is a great time to buy swim suits, shorts, tanks, sundresses, and sandals at an amazing price. Think 50%-75% off! Store racks will be filled with cardigans, jeans, sweaters, long sleeved shirts and light jackets, so all the summer stuff will be on sale.

Prime Time: Late August/September

Want to learn more about Off-Season Shopping? Just check out these past Broke & Chic posts!


When is the Best Time to Buy a Bathing Suit?

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Right now! Fall is just a few short weeks away, meaning swimming season is just about over. Stores are trying to get rid of anything summer related to make room for fall attire. You can now buy a quality $80 dollar suit for next to nothing (50% to 75% off). The better the quality, the longer it’ll last. Check out Kohl’s, Macy’s, Everything But Water and Nordstrom’s.

If you’re to impatient and can’t wait the 8 months to wear your suit, try going to H&M, Target or Old Navy when it starts getting warm again. They have the cutest suits for a great price, but they’ll only last you one season.


Thrifting Vs. Full Retail

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By: Van Crawford

Thrift stores (aka: charity shops, hospice shops, re-sale shops or opportunity shops) are retail/clothing stores typically run by charities. The items are donated by the public and can include clothes, furniture, bikes, decor, electronics, etc.

About a year ago I went on a shopping spree that came up to about $700 (right before school started). The trip consisted of shoes, shirts, button up’s, polo’s and accessories. I, of course, liked all the clothes I got, but couldn’t help but feel I was spending too much for the look that I was going for. When I first got to college, I saw people who could dress a lot better than I could as my money began to dwindle. I was approached by some upperclassmen who thought my friends and I dressed nicely, and they invited us to go thrifting with them. We went and I became addicted! It’s crazy — the things that you can find in a thrift store for a reasonable price. Often times you will come across “big” designer clothes as well; like this Oscar de la Renta olive-green pullover sweater we found for only $4.98!

Mens H&M shirt only $1.98

Go with friends and make a day of it! Make it your goal to only shop in thrift stores for a full day. Make a list of all your town or cities thrift shops, hop in the car and go! Most of the time you can’t even tell the difference between someone wearing thrift and full retail!

Full Retail


Don’t forget that thrifting is also great for furniture, decor and electronics! Polaroid anyone?

Think you’re a pro thrifter? If so, e-mail your pictures to hey@brokeandchic.com.


Richmond Virginia’s Own It-Girl

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Alex is an English Major based in Richmond Virginia, she loves fashion, tattoos, cats, linguistics, and of course her city!

” I say my style is rough around the edges while maintaining feminine touches. One day I’m punk, another I’m girly or ridiculously casuel. I wear what I like, including a lot of vintage!” -Alex-


  • Tank: $6 Rumors Boutique
  • Jean Shirt: $15 Forever 21
  • Pants: $20 Levi’s Outlet
  • Bag: $24 H&M
  • Booties: $24 H&M

Stay tuned for more looks by this Southern fashionista!