1 Girl, 2 Outfits: Primary Colors Vs. Black Mini Skirts

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Our first 1 Girl, 2 Outfits features B&C fashionistas in primaries and black mini skirts! Check out the details below:


  • Cardigan: $15 J. Crew Outlet
  • Lace Top: $12 Forever 21
  • Red Jeans: $58 Urban Outfitters
  • Boots: $230 Steve Madden


  • Top: $20 Forever 21
  • Levi’s Made & Crafted Jeans: $20 Brooklyn Denim Co. (employee discount)
  • Shoes: $90 Aldo


  • Sweater: $40 American Apparel
  • Skirt: $10 Rainbow
  • Tights: $14 American Apparel
  • Boots: $100 Aldo


  • Top: $29 Zara
  • Skirt: $20 h&m
  • Tights: $14 American Apparel
  • Boots: $70 Steve Madden


Don’t Waste Your Money On Moroccan Oil

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If your hair is dry, damaged, curly or just unruly in general, you’ve probably already heard of Moroccan Oil. In fact, you’ve probably used it, loved it, and then got bummed out once you saw the price tag.

Their 3.4 oz bottle of oil goes for a whopping $40. Their sulfate, phosphate and paraben free shampoo and conditioner go for about $20 a bottle. Once you add up the prices for shampoo, conditioner and oil, you’re looking at a grand total of nearly $80. What a bummer.

  • The Original Moroccanoil® Oil Treatment 3.4.oz ($40)
  • Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Shampoo 8.5 oz ($20)
  • Moroccanoil® Moisture Repair Conditioner 8.5 oz ($20)
  • Moroccanoil® Intense Hydrating Mask 8.5 oz ($40)
  • Moroccanoil® Restorative Hair Mask 8.5 oz ($40)

But wait, there’s a well kept secret in the hair world: an identical product, made in the exact same laboratory as Moroccan Oil, but it’s 60% cheaper! The product: One ‘n Only Argan Oil.

One ‘n Only Argan Oil is the same Moroccan Oil you love, just without the pretty packaging. They’re actually owned and distributed by the same company. They smell the same, feel the same, and work the same to revive and nourish your dry hair.

The price difference will amaze you!

  • One ‘n Only Argan Oil Treatment 3.4 oz ($10)
  • One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Shampoo 12 oz ($10)
  • One ‘n Only Argan Oil Moisture Repair Conditioner 12 oz ($10)
  • One ‘n Only Argan Oil Hydrating Mask 8 oz ($10)
  • One ‘n Only Restorative Mask 8.5 oz ($10) 

Now head over to Ricky’s NYC or Sally Beauty Supply stat, or buy it online.


A Broke & Chic Halloween

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Have you already been a victim of overly priced Halloween costumes this year? Don’t be, spending $50+ on a cheaply made outfit you’re only going to wear once, it isn’t very Broke & Chic!

Here are a few costume ideas that are cheap, fun and probably already in your closet!

  1. $9.95 h&m
  2. $17.95 h&m
  3. $6.99 Spirit Halloween Stores
  4. $22.80 Forever 21
  1. $14.95 h&m
  2. $3.99 Spirit Halloween Stores
  3. $22.80 Forever 21 
  1. $22.99 Charlotte Russe
  2. $27.98 Target
  3. $18.99 Ami Clubwear 
  1. $12.88 Walmart
  2. $29.80 Forever 21 
  3. $19.95 Buckle
  4. $32.80 Forever 21 


Is Your Hair Thirsty?

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Hair is no doubt a women’s favorite accessory, so why don’t we take better care of it? If your hair has been feeling dry, brittle and frizzy due to countless hours of blow drying and straightening, it’s time to give your hair a few hours of pampering.

Instead of rushing to the beauty section of Target for a hair mask, or to your favorite salon for a pricy deep conditioning treatment, go into your kitchen instead! Cooking oil can do wonders for your hair!

Olive, canola, vegetable, almond, whatever it may be can just be added to your conditioner to make your hair happy, healthy and moisturized!

Here’s how!


  1. Add 3 tbs of oil to 1/4 cup of conditioner 
  2. Apply mixture to clean wet hair
  3. Clip hair into a bun or twist
  4. Cover hair with a shower cap (Don’t own one? Just wrap hair with saran wrap.)
  5. Wrap covered hair with a towel to keep in warmth
  6. Leave on hair for at least 30 minuets and up to 8 hours
  7. Rinse hair, and style as usual

Do this treatment about twice a month!


Necessary Clothing

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Necessary Clothing practically owns the Soho shopping district, there are at least four in a one mile radius. If you’re on Broadway between Canal and Houston you’re bound to find one.

Everything here is definitely on the cheap side, however, if you love testing the waters with new trends, then this is your place! It’s filled with everything hip, cool and trendy. Studded leather jackets, oxfords, pumps, lace-up boots, club dresses, formal dresses, indie chic dresses; you name it! I recently bought a faux brown leather jacket for only $19.99! My only complaint is the crazy long lines, weird dressing room rules and the not always friendly staff. But I guess those are the “joys” of shopping on the cheap in one of New York’s most expensive shopping districts. Don’t live in New York City? Just order on-line, you won’t regret it!


  • 676, 501, 404, 443, 442 Broadway, New York, NY 10013



Steal Her Look: Maggie Gyllenhaal’s Got Milk Ad

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Adorable indie chic actress Maggie Gyllenhaal recently wowed us with her ultra sexy Got Milk Ad! I fell in love with her skin tight leopard mind dress and had to find one that looked just like it…on a budget! Lucky for me, H&M saved the day for only $17.95! It looks the exact same. I think I need a latte now!



Only $17.95 at H&M


Trend Alert: Slipper Loafers

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Over the past few weeks I have seen the fashionista’s of Soho rocking the infamous slipper loafer. What was typically only in the closet of your business minded father and the late Michael Jackson have now entered yours!

Have these shoes become the new ballet flat? And are you okay with that? I am; they are like walking on pillows, but still look cute with my LBD! Double win!


Where to Buy: If you’re looking for a good quality shoe that’ll last you for seasons, I recommend the Madee shoe at Steve Madden. They’re between $60-$120.

Want to be nicer to your bank account? This is an old trend that is making a comeback, so thrift stores will be filled with them! You might find a great pair under $10!


Get The Look For Less: Weekender Bag

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This weekender bag from Treasure & Bond in Soho looks just like the one I got from Urban Outfitters. What’s the difference? Well, the one from Treasure & Bond was a whooping $595.00 while the one from Urban Outfitters was a mere $39.00. That’s $556 LESS! It’s crazy what you can find if you just keep on the look out!




♥ The great thing about Treasure & Bond is it’s a non-profit store. All proceeds go to local charities. If you have the extra money and want to splurge on something designer definitely check out Treasure & Bond!

♥ Love the bag but hate the size? Check out this one at Urban Outfitters for $69. It’s half the size and perfect for everyday use!

Click Here


Broke Fashion #33

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  • Coat: $30 Urban Outfitters Sale
  • Pants: $20 Urban Outfitters Sale
  • Shirt: $30 Marc by Marc Jacobs
  • Shoes: $40 Macy’s


Save Money by Ditching Those Makeup Removing Wipes

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Want to save yourself some money? Ditch those makeup removing wipes! Why? Because they’re usually between $5 and $8 and only come with 25 to 30 wipes. Can anybody say EXPENSIVE?! Are they convenient for those nights when you are too lazy to do your nightly face washing routine? Of course, BUT there’s a cheaper way.

Why not buy baby wipes instead? They are the same exact thing, just read the ingredients label yourself! You’ll get about 75 wipes for only $4, if not less! That’s two months worth instead of the usual one! Just remember to buy the unscented ones.


Not That

Hate the baby picture on the container? Decorate it and just buy the refills!