4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

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With winter officially upon us, you may think your array of sundresses needs to be retired for a bit. But luckily, that’s so far from the truth. With floral prints still trending, you won’t look out-of-place at all! Don’t believe us? The trick is layers. Sometimes, it’s hard envisioning a new look for a sundress when you’ve only worn it over a bathing suit and with sandals.

To help you think out of the box when it comes to your collection of pretty sundresses, Alex and I gave you some examples. Below are four different ways to wear your favorite sundress when the temps drop.

1. Add Tights

Tights will be your new best friend until April, so stock up!

2. Add a Sweater

Layering your favorite sundress with an oversized sweater will make you look ultra-cozy and stylish. To not overwhelm your frame, stick with neutrals. For even more warmth, add a hat and riding boots!

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

  • Sundress: $14.80 via Forever 21
  • Sweater: $2 thrift find
  • Tights: $9.95 via H&M
  • Boots: $10 thrift find
  • Necklace: $14.90 via Forever 21

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

3. Add Tall Boots

To give your friends some serious style envy, add a pair of tall heeled boots to your winter sundress look. For even more style (and warmth) add a cardigan and a floppy hat. This look is perfect for that upcoming first date you’re excited about!

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

  • Cardigan: $29.30 via Forever 21 (similar)
  • Boots: $40.00 via Forever 21 (similar)
  • Necklace: $7.90 via Forever 21 (similar)
  • Hat: $19.95 via H&M

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

4. Layer with a T-Shirt

If you’re anything like us, your wardrobe is filled with random t-shirts from events and concerts. If so, give them a job by layering them over your sundress. This is a really relaxed look — perfect for an early morning class or coffee run.

This outfit would also look great with a pair of rain boots.

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

4 Different Ways to Wear a Sundress This Winter

Do you still wear sundresses in the winter? Let us know in the comments below!


3 Perfect Outfits for the Fourth of July

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It’s almost July 4th! Now, what are you going to wear? First, you need to figure out what you’re doing and go from there. Family cookout? Beach day with friends? Fireworks date with that hot guy you just met?

We recommend you don’t go too overboard on the red, white and blue. The more subtle you are with the famous color trio, the more fashionable you’ll look.

Below are different outfits perfect for all of your July 4th festivities:

Family Cookout

Think cute dresses, maxi skirts and simple-yet-well-done makeup. Save your sexy cut-off shorts for later when you meet up with your gal pals!


Party with Friends

Okay, now you can wear your favorite short shorts!



Hot Date

Have you finally scored a date with the guy you’ve been eyeing? Or maybe, your longtime boyfriend has invited you to enjoy the fireworks with him. Either way…get a tad fancy! We recommend crop tops, long skirts and pretty headbands.


What are you going to wear this 4th of July?


This New Yorker Knows How to Look Fab on a Dime

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Last fall we featured Jaz, a New Yorker who knows how to look fab on a dime. This fall, she’s back! Below are three of Jaz’s fall friendly outfits that are both affordable and beyond stylish:

Sporty Chic

This trend has been going on for a few months and Jaz does it so well. It’s both sexy and relaxed, and would be the perfect outfit for Sunday brunch with the girls.

If you’re interested in trying this trend out, add a varsity jacket to your LBD!


Downtown Cool

The light wash jeans paired with an over-sized white button-down gives Jaz a trendy yet relaxed look, while her structured navy jacket and red lips add that sophisticated edge.

This look is perfect for a day full or errands or a cup of coffee with a friend on a rainy day.


Fall Whites

I think everyone can agree that the whole “no white after Labor Day” rule has got to go…it just doesn’t make sense anymore. We love how Jaz paired her white blazer with an outfit that that’s both work and date friendly.

Loved Jaz’s outfits? Give her a follow on Instagram to see what other fashionable things she wears!


  • White Blazer: $34.95 via H&M
  • Trousers: $34 via H&M
  • Blouse: $24 via H&M
  • Shoes: $50 via Zara

Think you’re a broke fashionista? Submit your outfits to hey@brokeandchic.com for a possible feature!


Street Style: Fashionable Duos at NYFW

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Today is the last day of New York Fashion Week. To finish it off right, we did some street style photos outside of Lincoln Center. Just take a look at these fashionable duos!


Those Barbie pink lips and mint shoes…love it!


These two ladies look super classy, but to give some edge to their outfits they each added something special…a torn t-shirt and a studded clutch!


I think this is an actual couple. How cute are they?!


Those legs, those shoes, those pants…so jealous!


Pink hair and neon clothes…these two girls really stood out. If you love that neon lace dress, find a similar one here.


Which was your favorite fashionable duo? Let us know in the comments below!


Broke Fashion: This Thrift Pro Has Some Great Advice for You!

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Meet Britt, a pro thrifter based in Dallas. She has an eye for style and can put a chic outfit together entirely out of thrift finds!

She enjoys thrifting so much that she can’t possibly keep all her treasures to herself, so with the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to open up her own shop. Now you can purchase all of her unique thrift finds!


  • Blouse: $4 via a thrift store in Atlanta
  • Shorts: $6 via Goodwill
  • Belt: $1 via Goodwill
  • Heels: $15 local shoe store
  • Purse: Free gift from a thrifting friend

Check out our interview with Britt to learn some of her thrift secrets, and check out her Instagram to see all of her thrifted outfits.

How did you become a thrift expert?

Britt: It really just happened over time. I frequently go to thrift stores and each time I go, I buy things that will challenge my style and creativity. I also have learned, in my area at least, which thrift stores are good for what and their sale days.

What inspired you to launch your online store?

Britt: Since I find great items, I wanted to share some of them with everyone that I could at an affordable price. Anyone can have style — you don’t have to spend tons of money to do so.


  • Floral Vintage Blazer: $5 via Thrift City
  • Peach DIY Shorts: $1 via Salvation Army
  • Heels: $10 at a local shoe store

How do you thrift without getting stressed or overwhelmed by the store size and the amount of clothing in front of you?

Britt: I guess because I’m the opposite. I LOVE walking in a thrift store and seeing all of what I will be exploring. I would suggest taking your time and going through it a section at a time. You will soon train your eyes to be able to just see things popping out at you as soon as you walk in the store.

You do have a method for thrifting?

Britt: Yes. I go to the women’s section first. As that is easiest for me. Then shoes/ purses/jewelry. Then men’s. Then I find myself going back to the same areas a few more times because sometimes I miss things or get inspired for an outfit idea that I hadn’t thought of the first time.

What are your favorite thrift stores?

Britt: Goodwill and Salvation Army. They have the best prices and some of my best finds have come from them.


  • Blouse: $10 via Norah’s Vintage Loft
  • Skirt: $6 via Salvation Army
  • Shoes: $20 via ebay
  • Necklace: $2 via Salvation Army

What has been your favorite summer trend so far?

Britt: Neon green! I love it for summer. Although I haven’t worn it much. I’m not one for wearing trends when it’s a trend, all the time. I wear what I like in the moment, trend or no trend.

What has been your all time favorite thrift find?

Britt: My Vintage Chanel Bomber Jacket. I’m keeping it for life and plan to be a stylish old lady in it!


  • Camo Jacket: $5 via Thrift City
  • Black Blouse: $2 via Salvation Army
  • DIY American Flag Levi Shorts: $3 minus materials to make
  • Dog tags: $1 via Salvation Army
  • Litas: $20 via ebay

Did any of Britt’s thrifted looks catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below and be sure to check out her shop, vintyFresh clothing!


Street Style in Manhattan’s Union Square (it was 90 degrees!)

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New York City is hot in the summer, but yesterday was beyond hot…it was miserable. Most people dont’ give a hoot about their clothes on extremely hot days, but believe it or not, we found fashionistas killing it in Manhattan’s Union Square.

See for yourself:


  • Shirt: $6 at a thrift store in Brooklyn
  • Shorts: $4 at a thrift store


  • Dress: $35 via Macy’s (similar)


  • Dress: $25 via Macy’s (similar)








  • Dress: $13 via h&m
  • Shoes: $40 via Journeys
  • Bag: $60 via Macy’s


  • Skirt: $18 via h&m
  • Shirt: $20 via Urban Outfitters
  • Watch: $30 via Karmaloop
  • Bag: $5 Thrifted


  • Romper: $20 Boom Babies
  • Shirt: Borrowed from a friend
  • Sandals: $15 via Payless



  • Dress: $5 Thrifted
  • Boots: $40 via Urban Outfitters



  • Dress: $22 via Forever 21
  • Shoes: $40 via Francesca’s
  • Bag: $35 via Francesa’s


  • Crop Top: $8 via Forever 21
  • Sandals: $20 via Traffic Shoes




  • Crop Top: $8 via Forever 21


  • Shirt: $2 via Salvation Army
  • Shorts: $15 via Forever 21
  • Shoes: $109 Clark’s


  • Sandals: $17 via Payless (similar)

We noticed a lot of dark blue, crop tops, mint and hi-low skirts. What’s your favorite look from this broke fashion session? Let us know in the comments below!


Broke Fashion: Bold Looks From London Based Blogger Agi

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Meet Agi, a fashionable Polish girl living in London. She’s currently working hard to land her dream job in the fashion industry, but decided to start her blog Lift Me Up Wardrobe in the meantime as a way to show off her style.

Being based in NYC, we love seeing what’s going on in the fashion scene over in Europe. After all…they are quite a few years ahead of us. We found that Agi’s style was both bold and colorful — I think we could all use some of her tips!

Agi says ” I started my blog as a way to feel complete. I needed to do something with my life other than work and home. I also happen to be a great style advisor, and after years of helping ‘just friends’ I decided I wanted to help others by sharing my personal fashion sense.”

Below are some of her super stylish photos as well as the fab interview we had with her:


Overalls: £39.99 via ZARA
Pointed Shoes: £7.00 via H&M
Shirt: £6.00 via Primark
Blazer: £10.00 via Principles

Broke & Chic: How do you stay fashionable on a budget? 

Agi: I’m a good researcher and will search online to find the best bargains and deals. I also use promo codes and vouchers if applicable. And since I love to shop and am often browsing stores, I usually get my hands on sales first.

I also re-sell my very best pieces of clothes to my girlfriends and on Ebay.

B&C: What have been your favorite 2013 trends so far? 

A: Monochrome, 90’s revival, ‘fake’ logo printed t-shirts and white.


Total Outfit Cost: £140


Sequin Mini Skirt:  £19.99 via ZARA (sale)
Tan Basket Bag: £29.99  via ZARA
Aztec Statement Necklace: £8.00 via ZARA (sale)
Cowboy Boots: £60.00 via River Island (similar)
Tank top:  £10.00 via Ebay
Glasses: £5.00 via Portobello Market


White Skort: £25.99 via ZARA
Celine T-shirt: £6.99 via Ebay
Studded Jacket: £40.00 via H&M
Silver Shoes: H&M
Fingerless Gloves: River Island


Bolier Jumpsuit: £55.00 via River Island
Fringed Boots: £19.99 via ZARA (sale)
Men’s Fossil Watch: £65.00 via Ebay

B&C: When it comes to fashion, what’s worth the splurge and what’s worth saving on?

A: I save for designer pieces such as bags, shoes, glasses and my fav…watches! I splurge on ‘hot right now’ and ‘must have’ fashion.

B&C: What’s a trend you can’t stand? 

A: It might sounds nuts but I have never consider animal prints as something I would ever wear. They should stay where they belong!


Printed Pants: £13.00 via Primark 
Neon T-shirt: £7.99 via H&M
White Oversized Bag: £45.00 via River Island (similar)
Straw Hat: £7.99 via H&M
Ankle Cuff Sandals: £30.00 via NEXT


Michael Kors Bag: $180 (similar)
T-shirt: £6.00 via Primark
Trainer Wedges: £15.00 via New Look
Mini Skirt: £5.00 via Ebay H&M
Trucker Cap: £3 via Primark

What’s your favorite look from Agi? Let us know in the comments below! If you want to see more of her fashion sense, make sure to check out her blog and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.


We’re Judging the Thrift Store Runway This Month: Win Up to $500!

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Awesome news. I’m the judge for Thrift Store Runway this month! Thrift Store Runway is an online fashion contest with five cash prizes given away every month for the best submissions. Just submit a photo of yourself wearing an awesome outfit you happened to get at a thrift or buy/sell/trade store.

This contest is a part of the movement to Bring Back National Thrift Week, which used to be a vibrant celebration of the virtue of thrift in America. From the early part of the twentieth century on up through the 1960s, Thrift Week events flourished from coast to coast . Somewhere along the way, though, the idea of thrift seems to have fallen out fashion.

Here’s some of your competition at the moment!

With the exeption of the purple cardigan (worn buttoned up as a shirt), each item in this outfit is thrifted.

  • Earrings: $.50
  • Belt: $.99
  • Vintage skirt: $3.99
  • Heels (Steve Madden): $2.50
  • Cardigan (Target): $9.99

A Collected Gentleman

  • Light Blue Striped Button Down Shirt by Van Huesen(Consignment Store $2.50)
  • Blue Bandana use as Pocket Square(Salvation Army $1.00)
  • Red Tie with Blue Polka Dots(Consignment Store $4.00)
  • Gray Wool Blazer by Stafford(Salvation Army $1.00)

Thrift Your Heart Out

  • Polka dot secretary blouse from Roseville Hospice Thrift Store $4
  • Black dress from Roseville Hospice Thrift Store $1
  • Outfit total: $5

Just go here to submit. It’s super easy. Contest ends on Thursday, 2/28/2013.

Good Luck!


Amanda Raye


7 Street Style Trends at New York Fashion Week F/W 13

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The first few days of New York Fashion Week were brutal. It was either snowing, hailing, raining, sleeting and at one time, there was a full-on blizzard outside.

Weather drama aside, we at Broke & Chic still managed to find super stylish peeps who picked fashion over warmth right outside of the tents at Lincoln Center. Below are the top 7 trends we spotted at NYFW!

1. Cobalt Blue

Blue is such a striking color, especially against the snow. These five ladies really rocked it.

2. Bold Prints

Asymmetrical, floral, stripes, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s bold! These three fashionistas really nailed the bold pattern look.

Get a similar pair of floral pants from Forever 21 here.

3. Evening Jackets

Evening jackets are an up-and-coming trend here in NYC. They usually have a bold print and aren’t meant for warmth.

If you love the evening jacket look, definitely stay tuned for Christian Siriano’s collection for HSN. It’ll be out this Spring! If you can’t wait that long, check this one out.

4. Metallic Shoes

Get ready, metallic shoes are going to be a must with every outfit this Spring!

 5. Hot Pink Accessories

If your outfit feels a tad boring, a bright colored accessory will make it pop! Whether you make that statement piece your hat or clutch, you’re bound to turn a few heads.

6. White

When I think of Winter, the color white always comes to mind. It’s a shame when people think we should shun it after Labor Day. These three ladies decided to ignore the silly rule, and we’re happy they did. They look awesome!

Get a similar pair of black and white pants at Charlotte Russe for only $25.00!

Get a similar pair of white platform shoes from Ami Clubwear for under $50 here.

7. Charcoal Dress Pants

We think Coco Chanel would approve. These ladies look fierce!

What’s your favorite NYFW street style trend so far? Let us know in the comments below!


Broke Fashion: Meet Mimi, a Blogger Who’s Aiming to Make a Dent in the Fashion World

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Mimi is a 20 year old student and blogger from Orlando Florida. Her main goal in life is to work in the fashion PR industry in either New York or Los Angelas! According to Mimi:

I believe that anyone and everyone can be stylish! It doesn’t matter what the budget is, if a person can look at an item at a store and can come up with at least two outfits with the clothes they already have, then it’s a good buy. It’s all about being a smart shopper.

Since we admired Mimi’s style, we had to learn more about her!

B&C: What was your least favorite trend of 2012? 

Mimi: The wedge sneaker. I don’t like sneakers in general, so adding a wedge to them doesn’t make them cuter to me.

B&C: What was your favorite trend of 2012? 

Mimi: High-Waisted anything. I have several pairs of high-waisted shorts and pants that I just can’t stop wearing. I have endless amount of outfits for each bottom.

B&C: What do you think 2013 has in store for fashion? 

Mimi: I believe that 2013 is going to continue this edgy punk style but incorporate brights such as the mint and coral colors that we just can’t get enough of. I’m excited to see how this year in fashion will play out but I know for a fact I’ll be right along with the trends putting my own twist on it with my own budget.

B&C: What’s one item you can’t leave the house without?

Mimi:  The item I can’t live without would have to be my satchel. I love satchels! They are comfortable and portable for me to carry out my everyday life. Most purses come with a long strap  so I just find a super cute purse that I like and add the strap to make it a satchel for myself.

  • Sweater & Pants: $10 bucks each! Cotton On
  • Necklace: $5 Wet Seal
  • Purse: $25 Styles for Less
  • Shoes: $15 Express
  • Bracelet & Earrings: $8 and $3 Forever 21

B&C: Why did you start your blog?

Mimi:  I started my blog because after college, I want to work in fashion PR. I figured the best way to learn is to try and make a name for myself on my own. I believe in style and fashion,  I just don’t make enough money to have a celebrity wardrobe, but that shouldn’t stop anyone from expressing themselves the way they want to.

Also, many of my friends would always ask me where I got my clothes, so I decided to make a blog with the price and location of each of my pieces as a tool for fellow fashionistas on a budget!

B&C: You seem to really like statement pieces! What’s your favorite way to make a statement?

Mimi: I usually like to have just one statement accessory at a time. I like mixing prints or bold colors and really making an outfit pop with that one piece. I believe that each piece of clothing is a note and you always need a solid harmony to let the melody shine.

B&C: What are your favorite places to shop on a budget?

Mimi: I love Styles For Less, they always have great deals! I also really enjoy thrifting, you can find some amazing deals and one of a kind pieces from Goodwill. Then I shop at Forever21 and Charlotte Russe because they both are always on the trends and usually have good deals going on. I go where the deals go.

Do you love Mimi’s style as much as we do? Then follow her blog, The Stylish Mimi. She’ll inspire you to be more adventurous with your own personal style!


Broke Fashion: Meet Jasmin — A New Yorker with Style

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Meet Jasmin, a New Yorker who knows how to dress to impress on a dime! According to Jasmin: “I do not have one specific style of dressing . Sometimes I feel really girly and sexy and other days I feel like dressing in menswear. So it all depends on how I wake up that day. I like to try different things.”

  • Dress: $39.99 Asos (similar)
  • Heels: $19.90 h&m
  • Shirt: $9.95 h&m
  • Jeans: $24.80 Forever 21
  • Bag: $24.99 h&m

  • Shirt: $9.00 Thrifted
  • Wide Leg Pants: $24.95 h&m

Jasmin has great taste in shoes! Our personal favorite were her neon strap heels. They made her already fashionable outfit pop even more! Class, meet sass. What do you think of Jasmin’s style? Let us know in the comments below!

Want to stay in touch with Jasmin? Follow her on Instagram: @ilovejazzz

Think you’re a broke fashionista? Submit your outfits to hey@brokeandchic.com for a possible feature!


Broke Fashion: Meet Michelle — A Blogger Who Knows How To Look Expensive on a Budget

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Meet Michelle Cabrera, a New York-based fashion blogger who knows how to look expensive on a budget. Love her style just as much as we do? Follow her adventures on her wonderful blog Mademoiselle Michelle!


  • Tank: $5.99 H&M
  • Faux Leather Shorts: $24.95 H&M
  • Sandals: $8.99 Forever 21
  • Jewelry: Thrift and ASOS

We loved how Michelle paired budget clothes (from both wallet-friendly retailers and thrift stores) with pricier shoes. In the end, shoes will always be one of your most important articles of clothing — plus she’s a New Yorker, and us New Yorkers need to spend a little extra dough on our shoes, considering how much we walk.

What was your favorite outfit of Michelle’s? Tell us in the comments below!

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