4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

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Hate being low on money? Below are four easy ways to make some money when your funds are dwindling and you need cash…fast!

1. Sell your clothes

If you have clothing, shoes or accessories in your closet that are rarely worn or used, consider selling them at a buy/sell/trade store.

We highly recommend Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet and Crossroads Trading Co. Each of those companies will give you cash or store credit for the items they choose to take from you.

Don’t want to carry a heavy bag around? Sell your stuff on Thread Flip instead!

buffalo exchangehh 640x295 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

2. Sell your old CD’s, DVD’s and Games

Moving or trying to make room on the book shelf? Instead of throwing away your unused music, movies and games, sell them! Music Magpie makes it easy. Simply enter the barcodes from each of the DVDs, CDs and Games that you want to sell and get an instant price.

You then ship the items to them and they’ll send you a check!

apt15 copy 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

3. Become a TaskRabbit

TaskRabbit is a company that allows you to hire people for tasks. An example of some tasks include doing grocery shopping for someone, putting together Ikea furniture, or even answering the door during someone’s dinner party.

As a Task Rabbit you can do short/quick jobs or even longer-term office assignments. It’s up to you. You have to go through a background check, but once you’re approved by the company you can make as much money as you want, when you want.

task11 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

4. Sell something on Craigslist

Craigslist is a great way to get rid of an unwanted bike or an an old piece of furniture you no longer use. If you sell for a good/fair price, your item will most likely be gone by the end of the day.

 4 Quick and Easy Ways to Make Money

When you need cash fast, what do you do? Let us know in the comments below!


How to Follow Trends when You’re on a Tight Budget

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It’s fun to follow trends every now and then. Especially in the summer when we get more daring — we’re showing more skin and we’re usually not afraid of color. But what do you do when you can’t afford to follow trends?

Below are six tips on how to follow trends without going broke.

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1. Know what looks good on you

Not all trends are going to look good on you, so don’t get in the habit of following every trend that’s thrown your way by the fashion industry. There’s nothing worse than buying into a trend and looking at pictures months later and realizing it looked terrible on you.

Once you know what shapes and colors look good on your body type and skin tone, shopping will become easier.

2. Pin the trend instead

Pin photos of the trend instead! According to Alden Wicker, the founder of forthcoming EcoCult:

Repetitively pinning a trend helps me get it out of my system. If I still want the trend after a month or two, I’ll give in.

mac1 How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

3. Go for jewlery

Use jewelry to explore the latest trends; it can be a lot cheaper than purchasing clothing. Here’s a few examples to get you started:

Pastels: Pastel tones are still going strong in the fashion world. If you want to give into this trend, consider wearing a statement pastel necklace with your LBD.

20651103 04 How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

Mint Necklace: $8.80 at Forever 21

Pyramid Studs: Studs have been everywhere the past two seasons. On our shirt collars, shorts, boots, heels and even bras! To join this funky trend, consider adding earrings or a studded bracelet to your outfit. Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe would be a good starting point.

f211 How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

Stud Necklace: $6.80 at Forever 21

Neon: Participate in this trend by wearing a neon headband in your hair, or you can try out a bold set of neon bangles.

f212 How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

Neon Bangles: $6.80 at Forever 21 

4. Trade with friends

Did you recently buy a galaxy skirt or a neon peplum shirt? You can only wear something that bold so many times before you get sick of it. Instead of leaving it in the back of your closet for months, trade it with a friend who bought into a popular trend as well. Say a studded bag or a colorful pair of sneaker wedges!

5. Thrift the trend

Most trends are just trends from the past that have received a makeover. Go to your local thrift store and see what you can find! Neon was popular in the 80’s, floral babydoll dresses were all the rage in the 90’s and Converse hi-tops never really left.

To avoid getting overwhelmed, know what you’re looking for when you arrive. If you don’t want the hassle of searching through racks and racks of clothes, a buy/sell/trade store might be better for you. Check to see if you’re near a Crossroads, Buffalo Exchange or Plato’s Closet.

ny1 in lg How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

6. Paint your nails

It’ll save you a ton of money if you just paint your nails in the “it” color instead of emptying your wallet on clothes. Below are the trendy colors of the season: emerald, mint green, coral, neon yellow, neon pink, neon orange, lavender, metallic silver and cobalt blue.

We really like this $2 polish from eyes.lips.face. If you prefer quick dry polish, Sally Hansen Insta-Dry can’t be beat!

twist. Nail art neon nails How to Follow Trends when Youre on a Tight Budget

How do you stay on top of trends when your shopping budget is low?


10 Mood Boosters Under $10.00

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1. Paint Your Nails

♥ Kick back, play some music, and paint your nails a fun trendy color!

2. Wear a Bright Colored Lipstick

♥ You’ll instantly feel sexy!

3. Make a Cup of Tea or Hot Chocolate

♥ Summer or Winter, it’s comforting anytime.

4. Re-Organize Your Bedroom

♥ For some reason it’s always refreshing to add a little change to your space.

5. Sell Old Clothes to a Buy/Sell/Trade Store and Buy More with the Credit

♥ Free new wardrobe!

6. Wear a Pair of your Favorite High Heels

♥ Even if it’s just for a morning coffee run.

7. Put your Bedding in the Dryer for 10 Minuets

♥ It feels so amazing to fall asleep in a nice warm bed.

8. Go for a 30 Minute Walk in the Morning

♥ It’ll get you nice and energized for the long day ahead.

9. Buy the Latest Issue of your Favorite Magazine

♥ Nylon anyone?

10. Call an old Friend

♥ It’s always nice to have a nice long chat with an old friend.

tumblr lszghjoU521qd5k8xo1 500 large 10 Mood Boosters Under $10.00


Bored? Reinvent Yourself by Changing Your Hair & Wardrobe!

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Just graduate from high school or college? Just move to a new city? No matter the stage you are in life, it’s never too late to reinvent yourself!

How do you know if you need to? If your haircut/color  is the same as it was when you were 13, it’s time for a change. The word “reinvent” sounds kind of pricey, but no worries, there’s a Broke & Chic way!

tumblr m5oefskeAG1rqlumto1 500 large Bored? Reinvent Yourself by Changing Your Hair & Wardrobe!

Take all your clothes and head over to your local buy/sell/trade store and keep the credit, don’t take the cash. They’ll give you about 55% on what ever they decide to take, meaning…brand new wardrobe! Try to go for clothes that look amazing on you but aren’t in your comfort zone (ex: If you have always worn boot cut jeans go for skinny jeans instead). Invite a friend to join you for advice!

Once you’re done getting a fabulous new wardrobe, it’ll be time to get a new hair-do! If you’ve always had long hair, go short. Scared of losing length? Play around with color instead. Go light, go dark, dip dye your ends. Have fun! Go to Salon Apprentice to find a free or discounted salon service in your city.

tumblr margg8DAaL1r1d02xo1 1280 large Bored? Reinvent Yourself by Changing Your Hair & Wardrobe!

Miley is a good example of someone who got bored and wanted a change. In our opinion, she looks great! You don’t have to chop off all your hair and go platinum, but changing things up for yourself will be fun and healthy.

Submit your transformation to hey@brokeandchic.com for a possible feature.


How to Live Like a Local for a Day in New York City

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New York City may be one of the greatest travel destinations on the planet, but you’re not going to see the REAL New York if you simply stick to the tourist areas. Yes, Times Square is fun the first few times, but once you’re ready to move on, we have the guide for you.

 How to Live Like a Local for a Day in New York City

Broke & Chic teamed up with MTV Travel Co to show you exactly where to go and what to do to get the perfect NY experience on a budget! Here’s an excerpt:

As a New Yorker living in Midtown, I usually have an empty wallet and a constant urge for shopping. On the few days I can hit the town, I start my day with a $4 cup of motivation. A medium latte from Stumptown Coffee Roasters located at the entrance of the Ace Hotel on 18 W 29th St. Beautiful foam art included. I’m then going to start shopping at Buffalo Exchange on 114. W 26th St. in Chelsea. Buy/Sell/Trade stores are an amazing take on thirfting and they’re popping up all over the USA. No two are alike, so always stop in to see what they have.

Interested? You can read the full piece on MTV Travel Co!

Also, if you have a killer NYC spot to share that we didn’t mention in the link above (there are so many places worth talking about), definitely tell us in the comments.


Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

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1. Faux-fur

fur Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

tumblr lx5gciKIc11qbwiabo1 500 large Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

Whether it’s a coat or vest, it’s hot. Just make sure it’s faux. Unfortunately, the biggest fashion victims are animals.

Try Forever 21 or your local Buffalo Exchange for chic faux-fur under $50.

2. Green Parkas

tumblr lkfup7t1uc1qe2l36o1 500 large1 Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

It’s the new black pea coat, and twice as warm. Pair it with a white circle scarf and brown lace up boots!

Stop into your local h&m, or shop online at Necessary Clothing for an affordable parka that’s warm and cozy. Want to spend a little more for extra warmth? Check out Aritzia and Madewell!

3. Leather

tumblr lvbvgzUD0z1qgx0tao1 1280 Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

pants 1 180362935 640x424 Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

Jackets, pants, leggings…everything has been faux-leather this season. Try Target, h&m, American Apparel and Express for a new chic “leather” wardrobe.

4. Chelsea Boots

chelsea1 640x640 Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

Easy on, easy off. Need I say more? Check out Aldo and Steve Madden for a quality pair that will last for years!

5. Circle Scarves

sscarf Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

Circle scarves are the perfect winter accessory . It’s warm and…you’ll never loose it! It stays put all day. Try Old Navy and Forever21 for a circle scarf under $12.

Hurry, there’s still time

Since many of these are temperature sensitive trends, head to your favorite stores now. Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! Want to be a bit daring? Wear all these trends together like the girl below, you’ll be the life of the party…or the sidewalk!

tumblr lldxy3feUJ1qdqwouo1 500 large Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends


Broke Fashion # 8

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new photo 31 Broke Fashion # 8

Location: Midtown, Manhattan

Cardigan: $22 at Buffalo Exchange (East Village)

Shirt: $17 at Buffalo Exchange (East Village)

Leggings: $13 at Uniqlo

Oxfords: $25 at Necessary Clothing NYC


Buffalo Exchange-NYC

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I walked into the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea today, and OMG, it was the best one I’ve been into. Everything was well organized and sectioned off by size, so no crazy hunting like at Plato’s Closet. The store was huge and had good finds for both men and women. Not to mention friendly staff. I asked when they opened and they said October, so it’s still brand new. If you live in NYC or are just visiting check it out!

114 W. 26th st.
New York, NY 10001

ny3 out lg 640x491 Buffalo Exchange NYC

photo 15 Buffalo Exchange NYC

photo 12 Buffalo Exchange NYC

photo 14 Buffalo Exchange NYC


Thrifting in Chelsea

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I bought a few cheap things at the Buffalo Exchange in Chelsea today, including a nice maroon J. Crew coat that’s perfect for spring for $6.50, a black blazer for $10, and a cute owl ring for $4. I also found a vintage LEATHER Members Only Jacket for $25.00. It just didn’t fit right so it wasn’t meant to be. If you live in NYC or are just visiting check it out!

114 W. 26th Street, Chelsea
New York, NY 10001
(212) 675-3535

photo 8 Thrifting in Chelsea

photo 9 Thrifting in Chelsea

I also found a pair of women’s Coach sneakers for $18 and a pair of mens Marc Jacobs oxfords for $75. Not necessarily cheap, but for a high end designer, it’s an exception. The Marc Jacobs shoes would normally cost you $510 brand new and about $350 on eBay.

photo 11 Thrifting in Chelsea

photo 10 Thrifting in Chelsea