Budget Decor: Allie’s DIY Wonderland

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Meet Allie, a high school sophomore living in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. She moved here over a year ago with her mom from a small southern town.

Moving to New York was a big change for me. Not only did I have to say “good bye” to lifelong friends, but I had to learn an entirely different lifestyle. New York has really helped me figure out who I am. I think it’s giving me a head start on my future!

Allie is in a positon where she can’t paint, and as a teenage girl, her room means everything to her! Broke & Chic got an inside look as to how she made it all her own.

I really had to use my brain to make it all my own. I love spending my weekends doing d.i.y projects to make my room more represent me. I’ve gotten quite a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and my stylish older sister. I love being true to myself, so after we moved we had a popular artist, Eliza B. Askin, draw a picture of our old house so I could always remember my southern roots.

B&C: What’s your favorite thing in your room?

Allie: My favorite thing in my room is the a canvas I made!


How To Purchase A Camera Bag For Less

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When I finally received my first Nikon, I was so excited that I rushed to Target to look for the cutest camera bag. I walked right over to the electronics, and was unfortunately surprised to see that all the camera bags were around $50. I sadly walked away, and noticed the “lunch bag” aisle.

These bags were perfect! They were the same size, padded with compartments and had a strap, just like the $50 ones. I ended up buying the cutest lunch bag for my camera. It’s even temperature controlled!

Check out Target, Walmart, Kmart, or even your local pharmacy!