Budget Decor: Katie’s Eclectic Bedroom

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Last week, Broke & Chic meet up with one of New York’s most stylish residents: Katie is a 25 year-old budget friendly fashionista living and working in Manhattan. She loves good design, organization and diy projects.

I’d rather make something myself than pay for it. I hate going into Urban Outfitters and West Elm and seeing things that are $250 dollars that I could easily make myself.

Katie has lived in this Washington Heights apartment for about 2.5 years. Her room reminded me of those cute boutiques in the East Village with artfully displayed vintage jewelry, accessories and even furniture. Each corner has it’s own personal touch. Nothing has been left unstyled. She even spent an afternoon putting up shelves to display her shoes instead of just throwing them into a corner or closet!

Learn how to make your own clothes line photo display here.


B&C: Where did you get all these vintage treasures?

K: Every time I go on vacation I always try and purchase a vintage scarf. The rest are either from my grandma or the small vintage store where I’m from.

B&C: What’s your favorite part of your bedroom?

K: I love the chalkboard wall. Chalkboard paint is really cheap and you can have endless fun with it.

B&C: What are your favorite accessories?

K: Head accessories such as hats, headbands, and flowers. They’re my new fashion obsession!

B&C: What DIY project are you most proud of?

K: The shoe shelf!

What’s your favorite part of Katie’s bedroom? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Budget Decor: Allie’s DIY Wonderland

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Meet Allie, a high school sophomore living in the Washington Heights neighborhood of Manhattan. She moved here over a year ago with her mom from a small southern town.

Moving to New York was a big change for me. Not only did I have to say “good bye” to lifelong friends, but I had to learn an entirely different lifestyle. New York has really helped me figure out who I am. I think it’s giving me a head start on my future!

Allie is in a positon where she can’t paint, and as a teenage girl, her room means everything to her! Broke & Chic got an inside look as to how she made it all her own.

I really had to use my brain to make it all my own. I love spending my weekends doing d.i.y projects to make my room more represent me. I’ve gotten quite a lot of my inspiration from Pinterest and my stylish older sister. I love being true to myself, so after we moved we had a popular artist, Eliza B. Askin, draw a picture of our old house so I could always remember my southern roots.

B&C: What’s your favorite thing in your room?

Allie: My favorite thing in my room is the a canvas I made!