How To Make Your Lipstick Last All Day

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There is nothing sexier than sporting sultry red lips all day, but it can get very annoying having to constantly re-apply. Below are a few tips and a few products that have made my red lipstick habit less complicated.

1. Get The Right Lipstick

This is the root of the problem. Some lipsticks are better than others, and price has nothing to do with it. My favorite lipsticks have actually been more on the affordable side than not. My all time favorite classic red lipstick has been the $3 e.l.f  matte lipstick in Rich Red. Usually I don’t expect much when using cheap cosmetics but e.lf. has blown me away countless times. I applied it in the morning and didn’t have to re-apply until my subway ride home after my nine to five.

I’ve also had a lot of luck with the $3 e.l.f. Studio lip stain in Red Carpet and the $10 Mattese Elite in Swinger from Ricky’s NYC. Another thing I have discovered over the years is matte lipstick lasts a lot longer than those meant to make lips shine.

 2. Prep The Lips

We usually use eyelid primer to make our eyeshadow last longer, why not do the same for lips? I only recently heard of lip primer. In the past, I would put my liquid foundation on my lips and set them with powder before applying my lipstick. I typically recommend priming the lips when using an off-beat lipstick color such as those from Lime Crime. Red and pink lipsticks don’t necessarily need it.

Lip Primer and Plumer: $3 e.l.f.

 3. Eat and Drink Carefully

This is what usually fades our lipstick throughout the day. When drinking from a glass, press your tongue against the glass first. That way your bottom lip will touch your tongue instead of wiping and smudging on the glass.

While eating, avoid touching the utensil with your lips at all costs. Instead, graze your teeth on the fork or spoon instead of grazing your lips.

Hopefully these tips will help your favorite lipstick last all day and night. Have you found a dream product that makes your lipstick last all day? Let us know in the comments below!

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Money Saving Makeup Advice

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Out of the house? College? Young Professional? Lost job? Too many bills? What ever it may be your wallet isn’t as full as it used to be ,or you no longer have that monthly allowance.

I know when I was in high school, all the money I made from working was my “whatever” money! I was able to spend it on clothes, shoes, haircuts, and of course MAKEUP. I became overly addicted to the expensive makeup brands such as M.A.C, Urban Decay, Benefit, Clinique and Stila. But when I went away for school and “grew up” I had to spend all my money on necessities such as rent, bills, and food. I had to find new makeup brands to love that gave me the looks I wanted for less. Some I like even more than the expensive designer versions!


I went from Clinique’s $22 liquid foundation to the $8 L’Oreal True Match liquid foundation!


I went from Clinique’s $20 pressed powder to the $8 L’Oreal True Match pressed powder!


I went from Benefit’s $19 Bad Gal Lash to the $8 Rimmel Sexy Curves, and I have to say it’s the best mascara I have ever used!


I went from the $20 a tube M.A.C. to the $1 a tube Sally Girl Lipstick from Sally Beauty Supply!


I went from Benefit’s $28 CORALisa to my $1 Sally Girl Lipstick. (Click here for instructions)

Liquid Eyeliner

I went from Benefit’s $20 Magic Ink liquid eyeliner to Eyes Lips Face $1 waterproof eyeliner pen!

Eyelid Primer

I went from Urban Decay’s $18 Eyeshadow Primer Potion to Eyes Lips Face $1 eyelid primer!


I still use the waterproof retractable eyeliner from the Sephora Collection for $12 since it glides on nice and smooth! There are of course cheaper options, but they don’t last all day.

Do you have any budget makeup brands you love? Share them with us in the comments below!


New to Makeup?

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Makeup can be a scary thing if you haven’t had much experience. It doesn’t matter if you’re 13 or 50. It’s never to late to learn the ropes. Just remember, makeup isn’t beauty. It’s just another way to express yourself!

Below are my beginner’s recommendations (that are low cost) to get you started on your first makeup kit. Once you know what you like, you can invest in something more expensive. The more money you spend the longer it lasts. So if you decide you don’t like bronzer, “throwing” away $2 sounds better than say $30.

Urban Decay: Is an American cosmetics company from California. It’s primarily sold in mid to high-end beauty stores, such as Ulta and Sephora. I love them for their highly pigmented eye shadows and eyelid primers. It’s definitely rock star makeup! Unfortunately, it’s $18 per individual eyeshadow, so I recommend going with one of their palettes. The Naked Palette for $48 has every neutral color you’ll ever need. If you want the bright colors go with the Sustainable Shadow Box for $36. They are also 100% “cruelty-free!”

Eyes Lips Face: Also known as e.l.f. Cosmetics,  is an international cosmetics brand based in New York City. All of their products are under $5, making them my favorite cosmetics company out there. I’m in love with their $5 eyeshadow palettes, $1 eyeliner pens, $1 mascaras, $1 bronzers, and their $1 eyelid primers. They are also 100% “cruelty-free.” You can find e.l.f. at Target, Kmart, Walmart, Dollar General, and of course on-line.

Rimmel London: Is a British based Cosmetic company that has some of the best mascaras I have ever used. My favorite is the Sexy Curves Mascara in Extreme Black ($7). I’m also in love with their 60 Second Nail Polish($3). It really does dry in about a minuet. Find Rimmel at Target, CVS and Walmart.

Sally Girl: Is a cosmetics brand sold within Sally Beauty Supply stores. I’ve become a huge fan of their eye shadows and mini lipsticks ($1.) You can find these products only at Sally Beauty Supply stores. Click Here to find the location nearest you.

New York Color: Also known as N.Y.C, has many different types of cosmetics: eyeshadow, foundation, bronzer, blush, eyeliner, nail polish, mascara… I’m personally in love with their lipsticks, which are never over $2. Go to their website to find locations.

Wet ‘n’ Wild: Is another low-cost cosmetic brand found in many locations. Their products are usually under $8. I love the Mega Eyes Defining Marker ($4.99.) Go to their website to find a location nearest you.

Take about an hour and just apply and remove until you learn what you like! It helps to rip a few pages out of a magazine of a model/celeb sporting a look you love so you’ll have something to follow.

Looking for Coverage?

The first step to finding the perfect shade of foundation, concealer, or powder is to see a professional. There’s no way to try on cheaper brands (Almay, L’Oreal, Cover Girl), so splurging at a makeup counter your first time will help you find the right match — plus you’ll learn the skill of applying it! I highly recommend M.A.C, Clinique and Bobbi Brown. Trust me, it’s definitely worth the upfront cost! As a makeup artist, I constantly see girls wearing the wrong shade of foundation. After learning the tone and shade your skin needs, it’ll be easy to pick out a cheaper alternative of your own! My favorite being L’Oreal True Match. They make it very easy to find your shade!

Need more help?

I highly recommend Bobbi Brown’s Makeup Manual: For Everyone from Beginner to Pro ($32). Her book is easy to understand and follow, plus It’s filled with step by step instructions and great tips. Also check out MAKEUP.COM and Allure Magazine.


Here’s Why e.l.f. Makeup is Amazing

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There’s no way around it. e.l.f. (eyes lips face) makeup is my number one cheap makeup company so far. Most of the items are only $5.00 or less, and I’m madly in love with e.l.f.’s Waterproof Eyeliner Pen.

Why? It’s so much better than the usual kohl liner, and it dries immediately, unlike liquid eyeliner. Plus, it’s only $1.00 and easily draws a straight line!

I have found it at target, the dollar store, and the official website.  Wet and Wild has something similar, but it’s $4.99 and it doesn’t last as long. Best of all: e.l.f. makeup is 100% cruelty free.