Steal Her Look: Miranda Kerr’s Floral Pants

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The 29-year-old model was spotted wearing adorable floral trousers while running errands in New York City over the weekend. She’s also a repeat offender. She was spotted only days before wearing another pair! There is no denying it: floral pants are a hot item this summer. But how do you wear them?

Floral pants come in all different styles: trousers, leggings and even jeans. Once you know the style you want, just pair a simple shirt with it. It’s very easy to over do it. To be safe, a plain black, white or grey top is all you need…just like Miranda! The same goes for your shoes. On both days, Miranda paired her floral pants with either nude pumps or sandals.

If you’re short and/or petite, go for floral pants with a smaller print. If you’re tall and have long legs, you can go for the large and bold floral pairs.

Below are a few pants you might want to consider adding to your wardrobe.

Topshop: $72

Urban Outfitters: $39

Necessary Clothing: $27.99

Urban Outfitters: $49

Have you been sporting a pair of floral pants this summer? Send your photos to for a possible feature!


1 Girl, 2 Outfits: Eclectic & Stylish

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Yvette is a hair stylist living and working in the beautiful city of Manhattan. She loves experimenting with her style and finds herself changing it up everyday!


B&C: What would you call your style?

Yvette: It’s different every day. If I like it, I’ll wear it. I love being creative with my style.

B&C: Do you think your style has evolved over time?

Yvette: Yes! I’m much more sophisticated than I have been in the past. But I’ve always stayed true to myself.

B&C: If you could only shop at one store for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Yvette: h&m, they have good quality at a fair price.


  • Cardigan: $15 Target
  • Top: $10 Target
  • Belt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Necklace: $8 Target
  • Skirt: $19.80 Forever 21
  • Tights: $7 Asos
  • Shoes: $70 Steve Madden


  • Dress: $20 Target
  • Belt: $7.80 Forever 21
  • Tights: $7 Asos
  • Shoes: $70 Steve Madden


Broke Fashion: Chic Winter Style in Manhattan

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Winter can be a tough season for style. With slushy snow filled streets, below freezing temperatures and a gloomy overcast of grey, getting out of bed and putting effort into our outfits isn’t always first on our list’s.

Another factor to consider is that we’re all hidden by big warm coats! These things aside, Broke & Chic found a few girls who know how to look stylish — no matter what the weather is!

  • Top: $3.50 Forever 21
  • Cardigan: Vintage from her mom’s closet
  • Belt: $1 Thrift
  • Bag: $10 Thrift (in Los Angeles)
  • Pants: Free from American Apparel (employee)
  • Boots: $115 Dr. Martens

  • Zebra Top: $14.50 Strawberry
  • Skirt: $22.80 Forever 21
  • Leggings: $6.50 Forever 21
  • Boots: $40 Journey’s

  • Top: $30 H&M
  • Shorts: $19.95 H&M
  • Tights: $9.95 H&M
  • Belt: $20 Gap
  • Vince Camuto Boots: $150 Bloomingdale’s


Beacon’s Closet

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Beacon’s Closet  is a locally-owned buy/sell/trade company in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Being one of the city’s best buy/sell/trade stores, you won’t be disappointed. It’s filled with both modern AND vintage clothing, making it extra special.

Beacon’s Closet will be absolute heaven for all you broke fashionista’s, so go check it out if you’re people-watching in Union Square, roaming in Williamsburg or window shopping in Park Slope.

Come here for quality, uniqueness, and of course cheapness! They also have an “award-worthy” men’s section. Don’t forget to buy on-line if you aren’t making a NYC trip anytime soon!


Manhattan Store

10 w 13th street

new york, ny 10011

m-f 11am-8pm
s+s 11am-8pm

*Click here for the Brooklyn locations!


Annie Sez Got a Makeover!

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The label loving Annie Sez just got a makeover, and now she’s better than ever! I recently got invited to a Blogger Preview Party at the new Annie Sez in New Brunswick, New Jersey: it was love at first sight. I was throughly impressed with their new store. It has become highly classy and super sophisticated, with in season merchandise by designers such as Betsy Johnson, Michael Kors, Calvin Kline, Steve Madden and Carla Mancini. I recommend this store for the post grad who needs to revamp her style with chic and sophisticated clothing (for those longs days at the office). Love labels? Crave savings? Shop Annie Sez!

Click here for a location near you.


Trend Alert: Punk Goes Classy

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Every season I see more and more studded apparel, mainly bags and shoes! Instead of it looking punk, it looks more on the classy side! What do you think of this up and coming trend?


Jeffrey Campbell Litas $189.95

Burberry Studded Rain Boots $395

Alexander Wang Coco Duffel $850

Christian Louboutins $995

Burberry Studded Heels $940

The Broke & Chic Way

Walmart Studded Rain Boot $28.00

Target Studded Booties $39.99

Jimmy Choo for H&M $40.00

KMart $5.59

KMart $34.99

Mandee $27.50

Urban Outfitters $29.99


Broke Fashion #30

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  • Hat: $10 Forever 21
  • Dress: $12 Old Navy
  • Bag: $25 Prima Donna
  • Sandals: $11 Prima Donna


Get the Look for Less: July

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Jeffrey Campbell has easily become my favorite shoe company! Amazingly unique designs for a great price. Most of the shoes are between 100 and 200 dollars, which is quite reasonable for designer. Many of the designs are wedges, which in my opinion, are the most “comfortable” heel. But these wedges are an entirely different league of comfortable. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think an 8″ heel would be comfy, but they’re like walking on pillows. Regardless of their affordability, $200 is still a little much for my wallet. Living in the Big Apple equates to big bills. But luckily for me I have found some great alternatives!

Here’s a peek into the wonderful world of Jeffrey Campbell Shoes

“Revolver” $199.95The famous “Lita” $159.95

“99 Tie” $114.95

“Groovie” $184.95

“Bandit” $144.95

Cheaper Alternative Part I

This is the Jeffrey Campbell “Tick” shoe. $169.95


I found these wonderful “copycats” at Necessary Clothing on Broadway in Soho for only $29.99. I hope everyone gets the chance to stop at this wonderful store to get their own pair of Jeffrey Campbell “knock-offs.”

Cheaper Alternative Part II

“Pixie”  $179.95“Zoe Fur” $199.95


These are also from Necessary Clothing in Soho. Only $19.99! They’re just as comfortable too!

You never know when you’ll come across the bargain of a lifetime!

Want to buy the real thing? Click Here

*We’ve heard word that Necessary Clothing will release an on-line shop later this year!


Broke Fashion # 26

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Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan

  • Shirt: Beacon’s Closet (buy/sell/trade)
  • Shorts: Friends
  • Tights: $9 Urban Outfitters
  • Shoes: Converse


Broke Fashion #24

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Location: Greenwich Village, Manhattan


  • Shirt: $12.80 Forever 21
  • Jeans: $20 Forever 21
  • Shoes: Crocs


This girl is a talented thrifter!

  • Shirt: Goodwill
  • Shoes: Goodwill
  • Pants: Goodwill
  • Backpack: Flea Market


Get the Look for Less: June (Part II)

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These glittery oxfords were only $25 at Necessary Clothing in New York City. They had them in black, silver and gold, and they sure beat spending $80, or even $600.


$40 Durango Boots

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These boots were originally around $130, but I got them on sale for only $40 at a western store in Massachusetts (Double J Western Store) about 5 years ago. I wear these boots more than any other pair of shoes I own. If you want a pair of real cowboy boots, I recommend you go to your local equestrian/western store and look in the sale section. Nothing beats real leather.

Bag: $24 H&M