9 Boot Trends You Need to Try This Fall

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It’s finally boot time! Boots are a necessity for every fall and winter outfit, but what style fits your personality? Below are nine boot trends that have already emerged on the streets of NYC and what to wear them with:

boot trends1

1. Pointy-Toe Stiletto Boots

There’s no way of denying it, these are by far the sexiest boots out there! These boots will glamorize your simple weekend outfit and will give your 9 to 5 look some edge.


2. Chelsea Boots

These horse riding boots from the Victorian era became a fashion staple during the mod scene back in the 1960’s. They are more on the chill side and look best in relaxed outfits. Due to their elastic siding, these boots are easy to put on and are super comfortable.


3. Lace-Up Boots

These are a more classy version of the Chelsea boot. Also originally used for horseback riding, these boots look great paired with tights and a cute dress. They’d also look great paired with your favorite pair of high-waisted skinny jeans.


 4. Moto Boots

There’s so many different looks when it comes to these boots; buckles, studs, zippers…the options are endless. They’ll also make any outfit look tough!


5. Cut-Out Boots

If you want to look extremely trendy, these boots are for you. There also isn’t just one style — you can go modern, feminine, western and everything in between! To learn more about cut-out boots, click here.


If you don’t think you’re ready for this bold look, try a peep-toe-boot instead.

6. Over-the-Knee Boots

These boots are extremely easy to pull off and look good on everyone. Just make sure you stay simple and sophisticated with the rest of your outfit. Try pairing them with  jeans and a flannel or striped shirt.


7. Riding Boots

These are a classic and also look good on everyone. Pair a brown pair with black leggings and a comfy white sweater for a stylish yet comfy look.


8. Statement Boots

Statements shoes are fun to wear, but they’re definitely not for the faint of heart. In the fall and winter, your main outfit is likely hidden by a heavy jacket — to still look fashion-forward, consider wearing a white, blush or peach pair that’s covered in gold details!


9. Combat Boots

The 90’s revival we’ve seen this year have brought these boots back. Although they have a “tough” feel, these are staples everyone should have in their closet.  They’re also the perfect cold-weather boot.


Don’t feel you have to go black: combat boots look great in metallic and pastel too!

If you’re loving these nine boot trends, shop the looks below:

What’s your boot personality?


What They Wore: Coachella Fashion 2012

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California’s famed music festival Coachella just finished weekend one and is just a few days shy of the finale weekend!  Every year, Coachella has 100+ performers from all genres play for three days under the hot desert sun.

With on-site camping and star studded events one can never be over or under dressed. Take a sneak peek at some of the wonderful fashion that plagues this music festival every year! Hint: There was a cowboy meets hippie vibe this year.

 Keep Coachella alive all year round by wearing high-waisted shorts, minidresses, floral prints, feathers, cropped tanks, floppy hats, unique footwear, fringe, maxi skirts and of course, cowboy boots!

What do you think of this famous music festivals “desert” style? Let Broke & Chic know in the comments below.  


Top 5 Winter 2012 Trends

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1. Faux-fur

Whether it’s a coat or vest, it’s hot. Just make sure it’s faux. Unfortunately, the biggest fashion victims are animals.

Try Forever 21 or your local Buffalo Exchange for chic faux-fur under $50.

2. Green Parkas

It’s the new black pea coat, and twice as warm. Pair it with a white circle scarf and brown lace up boots!

Stop into your local h&m, or shop online at Necessary Clothing for an affordable parka that’s warm and cozy. Want to spend a little more for extra warmth? Check out Aritzia and Madewell!

3. Leather

Jackets, pants, leggings…everything has been faux-leather this season. Try Target, h&m, American Apparel and Express for a new chic “leather” wardrobe.

4. Chelsea Boots

Easy on, easy off. Need I say more? Check out Aldo and Steve Madden for a quality pair that will last for years!

5. Circle Scarves

Circle scarves are the perfect winter accessory . It’s warm and…you’ll never loose it! It stays put all day. Try Old Navy and Forever21 for a circle scarf under $12.

Hurry, there’s still time

Since many of these are temperature sensitive trends, head to your favorite stores now. Believe it or not, spring is right around the corner! Want to be a bit daring? Wear all these trends together like the girl below, you’ll be the life of the party…or the sidewalk!


Advice from a Seasoned Thrifter

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Natalie Garza–the savvy fashionista from The Closet de Natalie, is here to teach you how to thrift. With her one-of-a-kind thrift finds mixed with her one-of-a-kind outfits, we felt there was no one better for the job.

How it all got started: I started thrifting back in high school, because I was obsessed with finding and wearing cool vintage t-shirts. When I first moved to Austin for college, I was so inspired by all the great style around me that I became confident enough to experiment with my own style.

I started thrifting regularly, because it was the only way I could afford to shop as much as I wanted without going broke. I quickly learned that thrift stores were the best places to find truly unique items that no one else had. I received so many compliments on my thrifted and unique outfits that I started my own personal style blog, The Closet de Natalie, to show everyone that it’s entirely possible to look chic for cheap. I’ve become such a huge advocate of buying thrifted and secondhand clothing whenever possible.

♥ Natalie recently started another blog promoting, buying and wearing secondhand clothing in Austin, Texas–Recycled & Reworn.

Thrifted leather boots ($12)

Some of the things I’ve learned during my experience as a determined thrifter:

1. Check Your Closet: Before you even leave your home to go shopping, look into your closet just to get a refresher of what you already have. Most of us have so much stuff, we often forget what we have and don’t have. It will also remind you of what you’ve been wanting to add to your wardrobe so you can look for it at the thrift store.

2. Know You Will Have to Dig: In a thrift store, you have to literally look through entire rows of clothing to find those hidden treasures. It’s not like walking into a retail clothing store where your eye is automatically drawn to the well-merchandised display showing you exactly what’s in style.

3. Don’t Go Thrifting Tired: You’ll need energy to make it through the many racks or bins. I usually drink a small coffee or latte on the way for a little energy boost!

4. Know Your Size: Measure your favorite items of clothing that fit really well to have a visual idea of what sizes to look for. Sizing can be a little weird in thrift stores, so it helps if you can eyeball your approximate size.

Remember: Many thrift stores don’t have dressing rooms.

Thrifted top

Nine items, only $25.98.

5. Have an Open Mind: Go into a thrift store with an open mind and without any expectations. One of the most exciting things about thrifting is that you never know what you are going to find.

6. Don’t Impulse Buy: Don’t let the luring low prices cause you to make bad choices. Try imagining everything you’re about to buy as already a part of your wardrobe. What outfits can you create with a thrift find, using what’s already in your closet? If you have to buy something else just to wear it… put it down.

7. Do an Item Check: Check over everything before you buy it. Look for stains and tears, check zippers and buttons, and even sniff for weird smells. Don’t forget to wash everything before you wear it!

8. Have Fun: Any sort of shopping can be fun! Bring a friend and make a day of it. Try stopping by every single thrift store your town or city has. Not only will you find amazing one-of-a-kind items, you’ll be surprised by all the money you’ll save!

♥ The next time you go shopping, I hope you’ll consider stopping by a thrift store before the mall. I promise it will be worth it!

“Goodwill is one of my favorite thrift stores. Wearing thrifted shoes ($5), thrifted blouse ($2), Zara jeans ($50), thrifted purse ($8), and Ray-Ban sunglasses I’ve had for four years ($125).”

Still need help?  Check out one of my posts “How I Thrift” on Recycled & Reworn, or feel free to e-mail me specific questions. I’ll try to offer suggestions on how to have a more successful thrift store experience. T: @nataliebgarza, E: nataliebgarza@gmail.com